Amazon PPC Step By Step Guide

Amazon PPC Step By Step Guide

You’ve been seeing those Amazon PPC advertisements all over. Yet you don’t actually have a clue what is Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) promoting and how they work?

Then as a dealer new to Ads, it’s critical to realize the terms identified with Amazon PPC. At the grounds that they can without much of a stretch ruin your spending limit in the event that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Amazon Ranks your PPC ad based on 4 Major things:

    1. Bid
    2. Listing Quality (Retail Readiness)
    3. Relevancy of Keyword to your Product
    4. Conversion History on that Keyword

Bid: Your Bid must be competitive enough to win the ad placement, CPC and AMAZON PPC Suggestions helps you guess the highest bid for your keyword.

Amazon PPC Step By Step Guide


Listing Quality:

  • High-Quality images as per Amazon PPC listing standards
  • Title, Description and Bullet points should be enriched with relevant and reasonable search volume Keywords
  • You should be running the Buy box
  • Order return or refund rate must be low
  • Should have enough stock to fulfill the expected orders
  • Good Seller Feedback Rating
  • Reviews rating above 4

Relevancy: Make sure that the keyword you are bidding on is relevant to your product, Should not be like you are selling a plastic bowl and bidding on stainless steel bowl, Keywords you are bidding on must also be in your listing content or backend (as a phrase)


Amazon PPC Step By Step Guide


Conversion History on Keywords:

If you are bidding on a keyword for a long time and you are not getting sales. Thus you getting too low against the number of visitors, This will be a bad customer experience in the eyes of Amazon PPC. Amazon definition won’t prefer you showing on top than others.

How to improve Conversion history to win the Amazon PPC ad top placement?

For this kind of scenario PPC Experts recommend the “SFB” Search, Find and Buy.
In this process, your brand follower, a friend on anyone you chose will search the exact keyword on the amazon search box and will find your Sponsored ad & purchase your product by clicking on the Ad, in this way amazon will associate you harder with that keyword as Sponsored as well as Organically and you will start getting win the top ad placement as well as organic Ranking…

By the Top Amazon Seller: Asaad Mirza

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