Recently, Google Pixel Watch rumors have been circulating. We have heard about the possible release of the Google Pixel smartWatch. There is a lot of information, it appears from different sources and at different times. So we decided to gather all the rumors about this smartwatch in one place, and share your thoughts on it.

In addition, Google decided to rename the Android Wear operating system to Wear OS earlier this year. This decision is due to the desire, if not to start everything from a new sheet, then turn the page and create a more complete and competitive operating system.

It was a necessary step to note, in view of this, today, every third smartwatch (smartwatch) is connected to a smartphone running the iOS operating system, and the Android set-top box in the watch in favor of buying an Apple Watch. May scare the owner of the iPhone.

Quick Overview of Specifications

Unlike the 3XL and Pixel 3, there is currently no word on the design of the Pixel Watch. Because of this, the appearance of the clock is difficult to predict. Google Watch is expected to mimic the company’s simple Pixel phone design, which will have different colors of backlighting like the Pixel 2’s power button.

It is also possible that smartwatches will have a round shape because this is the trend of wearing Windows OS. It is assumed that the Pixel Watch does not have a rotating bezel like the Samsung Watch, as the Wear OS uses a touch-type screen for scrolling. As for the touch screen, it’s likely to have a 360-by-360 resolution and a 1.2-inch round display.

The Pixel Watch is expected to be powered by a state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon War 3100 processor called “Black Ghost”. The biggest advantage of this platform is the ability to manage power, which means long battery life.


Rebranding is one thing, but improving the operating system is a little different and more difficult. But to achieve that goal, Google has aspirations and funding and the backing of well-known fashion and tech brands. So, we think they will succeed. We have seen many steps ahead. These were updates related to Voice Assistant, a patent for new functions with artificial intelligence, etc.

But back to the Google Pixel Watch. Rumors about the development of smartwatches by Google have been going on for a long time, is there an OS, which is preventing Google from releasing watches right now? Perhaps one of the limitations is the lack of a smartwatch processor. Not a strip-down version of a mobile processor, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100, which, by the way, powers almost all smartwatches to run on Android, or instead, now wear the OS, but a chip that specifically Designed for smartwatches, keeping in mind all their features and needs.

As we already know, Qualcomm is going to release a similar processor, the Snapdragon 3100, this year. One would think that the Pixel would be the first smartwatch model to run on this processor, or it wouldn’t be one, but maybe I would have three models at once.

Rumors of three Google Pixel SmartWatch models

Rumors of three possible versions of Google Pixel have been circulating over the past few months. Perhaps, they are being developed under the code names “Ling”, “Triton” and “Sardine”. It is unbelievable that these three models will be so different. It can be a model in three different sizes or different versions in design and some functions. The exact address is not yet known.

According to the latest rumors, several Google partners are also working on a new smartwatch. South Korean company LG may release two models at once: the LG Watch Timepiece and a hybrid of the LG Watch Liber, Huawei may also show something new, and recent leaks have also revealed that the Samsung Gear S4 Galaxy Watch And running the Wear OS operating system.

New Features of Google Pixel Watch

With Pixel Watch, Google is potentially trying to show that the new and updated OS is able to compete with Watches and Tizen. And the best proof of this would be a “handmade” device.

Google Voice Assistant

Google has recently been actively enhancing the capabilities and enhancements of Google Assistant Voice Assistant. Therefore, one should expect that the new watch will make maximum use of its capabilities. However, it is much easier to ask a question on a watch and get an instant voice response than to have your finger size more than an inch on the screen.


Improving health and fitness

Apple and Samsung are planning to increase their health and fitness tracking functionality in the new version of the watch. Therefore, the pixel should also be maintained, and be able to measure the minimum heart rate, and possibly blood pressure. By the way, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + have proven that even a smartphone can measure blood pressure quite accurately. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the Samsung Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch) also gets such a monitoring system.

New Snapdragon 3100 Processor

All Pixel Watch will run the new Snapdragon 3100 processor in various variants, using ARM Cortex A7 architecture and Adreno 304 GPU. The new processor is not only more powerful than the previous iteration but also significantly more energy-efficient. Autonomy has never been a strong point in Android Wear watches, but maybe the new chip can change that and the Pixel will show us the standard of autonomy?

Google Pixel Price and Release Date

There is no word yet on the release date of the Pixel Watch, but we would like to speculate that this will happen in October. In addition, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones are expected to be launched at the same time.

As far as price is concerned, then, without knowing the characteristics and set of indicators, one can only guess. On the one hand, if a watch can offer something unique, it can be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, the competition between Apple and Samsung intensifies. Google may try to enter the market and set a lower price for the Pixel Watch. While this is all currently known information, we will try to keep you updated on the latest news about Google Pixel Watch. Keep up to date.