Since sales of the new iPhone xs max 256GB began. The condition of the apple store after the iPhone xs max release date, We haven’t been able to stop many people from taking the XS Max and sharing their first-day experiences. Friends of the store brought the device to the US. As usual and gave us the full version in the body, which contains 512 GB of memory.

Traditionally, we have had the first impression of the enviable device number on the streets of Moscow. Although many people will stick only if they can afford this smartphone. We already know about the new features and technology. He wants to – go to the store and get your smartphone first. And now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Is it able to replace the iPhone X?

The S generation of iPhone has never made significant changes to the iPhone’s to suggest a shift. In the device to the new one from last year. This time the changes turned out to be less than before. The only hand with which you should sell a smartphone last year is if the “tens” screen seems too small and you like it more and more. Valuable old device (iPhone 8 and earlier models) worthwhile. The user experience, the quality of the screen, the photography, the sound of the built-in speakers. All this performance will pay for a new device.

Are there design differences between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max?

If the differences in size are not taken into account. There is only one difference: the elements’ position at the point of the case. The iPhone XS cut 12 holes for the speaker and microphone proportionately on both sides of the power connector. And the right seven pieces to the right of the XS Max, and the entire three on the left and with them on the steel frame. They have a root. To ensure the signal from the wireless modules l.

What about ergonomics?

The dimensions and weight of the iPhone XS Max are the same as the iPhone 8 Plus. So owners of older models of previous years won’t need to get used to anything new in principle. A smartphone in hand and the pocket does not feel any change, but there are also differences at work. Due to the new proportions and increasing the height of the screen. It is no longer possible to operate at the top of the screen without the other hand’s help. If you open the big-handed information center or click away from the icons. You will no longer be able to do so.

Because of the gold color of the iPhone 8 Plus-like the iPhone XS Max housing?

No. Apple has never hit the same scale for its products. Gray ships often look different on different devices, and now it’s more and more dedicated and golden. A year ago, the shade was pink. Now it’s caramel. The iPhone XS Max is significantly darker in color, and the glass on the back of the bar is darker (or less transparent). The metal fixing halo with the logo no longer shines.

Has the image quality on the iPhone XS Max 256GB screen changed compared to the iPhone X?

A direct comparison between the two devices that connect the Torton color temperature adjustment function allows you to conclude that the iPhone XS Max has a different color in the warm heads. However, the difference can only be seen in some pictures. Overall, the iPhone XS Max screen is one of the best on the market for image quality, brightness, contrast, and high-resolution account detail. It Can’t Survive: Everything looks great on the iPhone XS Max.

Does it appear that there is a difference in the volume and quality of the main speakers?

The dynamics of the new generation of iPhone are significantly faster, and the older models look better. The difference is so noticeable that you can’t even compare directly: turn on any track and hear instant changes.

Does Face ID work faster?

The pace of release has increased, but it can only be seen compared to the iPhone X. In principle, the face detection works much faster than last year’s model, so speeding up the process can be said to be of little importance and not necessary for change.

Does iOS 12 have any tabs or configurations that are not for other devices?

We soon managed to observe new shooting opportunities from our smartphones. The front camera is software for mimicking different aperture values, including a critical Smart HDR mode. New opportunities for video capture have emerged: you can now enable stereo audio recording or enable the automatic lowering of the frame rate to 24 per second when recording in low light conditions. This option is only available when selecting image quality at a rate of 30 frames per second.

How much more content does the iPhone XS Max display on the screen than the iPhone XS?

Indeed, the difference is, but it’s hard to test the benefits of a larger screen reasonably. One wants to get the most out of watching games and movies. The other doesn’t want to lose out on ergonomics and spend as much money on a smartphone. Check out the differences between the examples in Safari on our website or in the open book of books on Safari and decide for yourself whether the iPhone XS Max is worth taking.

I- Guessing from the front camera lens hasn’t changed. Is it true?

Physically the gerontology module remains the same, but the result of the shot is different. We don’t like changes. Apple now uses a combination of selected immigration signal processors and neural databases, so more and more processing software is built on images. In right light conditions, the selfie looks the same as before, but the weird algorithm works with the skin under challenging situations. People like plastic masks. When it lightens the skin and changes its color, it resembles a partial, undercut Chinese smartphone. The difference is that if on Android, it is on or off in the settings, the iPhone quickly puts you in front of a fact and everything that it does on the machine. It is possible that when there are selfie allegations, Apple will fix the algorithm in the next firmware.

And what about the aperture variations in portrait mode?

When the principal or front camera portrait on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, users can change the background blur depending on the program. At Apple, they’ve decided to make aperture values ​​understandable for photographers. By default, this is f / 4.5, and at the end of the capture, you can choose values ​​from f / 1.4 to f / 16.

All changes are made with algorithms only, so, with the difference in photography’s optical performance, it has very little work. For example, with increasing intensity of background blurring, the borders of the image become separated, and starts from the edge. However, with all its shortcomings, the portrait format, employed by Apple, is considered a great smartphone.

By the way, the sole manufacturer imposes a balance that the opening variable of the actual change is Samsung’s; in fact, everything between the two values. This technology is in its embryonic state and will not be considered as good in shot quality unless it is.

Let’s go to the main: As a camera?

The iPhone XS Max has received a new large-sized dual-pixel camera sensor. That has enabled it to capture more light in the image. It is pointless to compare photos in ideal conditions because even now. Smartphones between 20 and 30 thousand rubles are quite in front. Another thing is taking pictures in the dark and at night. Thanks to the improved physics and improved signal processing algorithms of the camera accessories with the iPhone XS Max Matrix. Also, the optics became a bit wider. A quick comparison of image quality in the “Take Out of Taking Off” mode of the iPhone X and iPhone XS Max. In which you change the viewing angle and image quality. Next – Other examples where the new smartphone comes with a camera.

Technical features of Apple iphone xs max 256gb

Screen6.5 ” (16.51 cm) Super Retina HD, OLED Multi-Touch, HDR, True Tone, 3D Touch
Internal memory256 GB
Screen size (“)6.5 “
iPhone xs max ram4 GB
ResolutionRear 12 + 12 MP. Front: 7 MP. 2,688 by 1,242 px at 458 p / p
Front camera resolution7 megapixels
Rear camera resolution12 megapixels
Dual cameraYes
Safety devicesFingerprint sensor, facial recognition
Wireless interfaceLTE, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
ConnectivityPower connector
SensorFace ID, barometer, three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor
iphone xs max waterproofIP68. Maximum 2 meters for 30 minutes. * Eligible according to IEC 60529 standard
Number of SIM slotsDual SIM (Nano and ESIM)
DrumBuilt-in rechargeable lithium-ion
The ColorSilver
Dimensions (width x depth x height)7.74 x 0.77 x 15.75 cm (iphone xs max size)
GPSSupported GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
Negotiation time (iphone xs battery life)25 hours
Processor typeA12 Bionic neural engine

With the Apple iphone xs max 256GB, you’ll be able to carry all the power of a high-performance terminal. And a high-resolution camera in one pocket.

Iphone xs max 256gb specs QuickView

It has a high-performance rear camera of 12 Mpx with aperture f / 1.8 and 4K (3840×2160) pixel resolution for video with f / 1.8. It also has a 7 Mpx front camera, Full HD (1920×1080) pixels for video, and an f / 2.2 aperture to capture your most captivating self. With a small screen of just 6.5 inches (16.51 cm), the low-end mobile has a resolution of (iPhone xs max size 2688×1242), which is ideal for running a terminal with one hand. At its heart is a powerful 6-core Apple-made microprocessor that achieves good performance.

You can enhance its capabilities with audio connectors (Bluetooth and Lighting). And Bluetooth v5.0 interface to work with a wide range of products you can find in the market. You have equipped with the new 5G network to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity and pre-connected connection speeds. It has space for two SIM cards (dual SIM).

It’s a lightweight device, the proof of which is only 208 grams, measuring 15.75 cm high, 7.74 cm wide, and 0.77 cm thick. Apple iPhone xs max 256GB includes more capabilities, such as biometric face type sensors to maximize your privacy. NFC connector, A-GPS, GPS, Quasi-Zenith (QZSS), GLONASS, and GALILEO positioning systems so that you don’t get lost and resist thanks IP68 certificate. Accidental spray and fall into the water.