*699*4*1# Jazz Package Details – Unlimited Voice Calls and Facebook Data

Are you looking for the perfect package to meet your communication and internet needs? Look no further than the *699*4*1## Jazz package! In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this incredible package, which offers unlimited on-net minutes and exclusive Facebook data. Join us as we explore the subscription process and answer common queries about this exciting Jazz package.

How to Subscribe to the *699*4*1# Jazz Monthly Call Package

To enjoy the benefits of the *699*4*1# Jazz package, follow these simple steps to subscribe:

  1. Dial *699*4*1# from your Jazz prepaid mobile phone.
  2. Confirm your subscription to activate the package.
  3. Start enjoying 1000 on-net minutes and 1000MB of Facebook data.

Package Details:

  • Voice Calls: The *699*4*1# Jazz package provides 1000 on-net minutes, allowing you to make unlimited calls to any Jazz number.
  • Internet: Enjoy 1000MB of internet data exclusively for Facebook usage. Stay connected, browse newsfeeds, and interact with friends on the popular social media platform.
  • Messages: This package does not include any SMS benefits.
  • Price: The monthly price for the *699*4*1# Jazz package is a budget-friendly Rs.55.
  • Validity: Once subscribed, the package remains valid for 30 days, ensuring you have uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month.


Experience uninterrupted communication and stay connected with the *699*4*1# Jazz package. With its generous offering of 1000 on-net minutes and 1000MB of Facebook data, this package is a perfect choice for Jazz prepaid customers. Subscribe today and enjoy seamless connectivity at an affordable price. Stay in control of your usage with the JazzWorld app and make the most of your Jazz experience.


How can I check the remaining minutes and internet data for the *699*4*1#Jazz Package?

To check your remaining minutes and internet data, simply download the JazzWorld app on your mobile phone. The app provides real-time updates on your package usage and helps you stay in control.

Is the package available for all Jazz prepaid customers?

Yes, the *699*4*1## Jazz package is available for all Jazz prepaid customers. Simply follow the subscription process mentioned above to activate the package and start enjoying its benefits.

Does the package price include tax?

Yes, the package price of Rs.55 includes all applicable taxes, ensuring transparency and hassle-free billing.

Can I use the free internet data for anything other than Facebook?

The 1000MB of internet data provided with this package is exclusively for Facebook usage. Make the most of your time on the platform and stay connected with friends and family.

Are there any call setup fees for Jazz to Jazz calls?

Yes, when making calls to any Jazz to Jazz number, a nominal call setup fee will apply. Please check the Jazz website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date call setup charges.

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