Apple Polishing Cloth for Macbook devices 2023

Apple has dropped a bomb last night which is Apple Polishing Cloth. Apple has released new AirPods and redesigned the MacBook Pro laptop, but it’s a $19 “innovation” that makes languages ​​work.

Apple has announced major updates for many of its favorite products at a major launch event.

The tech giant has added power to its MacBook Pro, with a new set of ultra-fast chips that could make it faster than any other laptop in the world.

It also released a controversial 19 fabric, more on that later. What makes the new MacBook Pro so powerful are Apple’s M1 Pro and Max chips. The M1 Pro is a supercharged version of the UltraFast M1 chip developed by Apple as an alternative to Intel processors.

The original M1 received rave reviews, but this new chip will give the MacBook Pro a significant advantage over its rivals.

“This is our next Mac development,” Apple said.

There’s also a more powerful chip option called the M1 Max, which Apple says offers “superior performance at all power levels” compared to rival chips.

The new laptop comes in a new 14-inch size as well as the standard 16-inch size, a screen that stretches from edge to edge, as well as a sign that has a front camera. The new model starts at $ 2,999.

Music fans will be able to enjoy a new sound system with 80% more bass, which supports local audio for a “theater-like” experience.


Local audio will also be available on newer and better AirPods. The new headphones have longer battery life and local audio for a better listening experience. Apple promises more control over your music and phone calls with better sensors.

Third-generation air pods can provide a powerful base and “crisp, clean high frequency,” he said.

Air pods are resistant to sweat and water.

They also have a new contour design that delivers the sound directly to your ears.

The sound should be customized for you in real time so that you can listen to the music as intended. There’s also a touch setup, which will automatically connect your AirPods to other devices. Battery life has been extended to six hours.

The case will give you four additional full charges. Mag Safe and wireless charging are included in the case. You can order the new AirPods today on Apple’s website for 27 279, and they will be available in the store on October 26.

“AirPods have replaced wireless headphones forever with their innovative design, incredible sound and magical experience,” said Greg Josuyak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“We’re excited to introduce the next generation of AirPods, with compatible interaction between Apple devices, local audio with unparalleled voice and dynamic head tracking via Adaptive EQ.”

The latest fabric ever

Apple has been widely criticized for releasing $19 “Apple polishing cloth.”

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The new polishing cloth is a soft white material with an embossed Apple logo.

Apple says the product is “made of soft, non-abrasive material, the polishing cloth cleans any Apple screen, including nano-textured glass, safely and effectively.”

Apple says it is “compatible with all devices”.

Espanol quickly ran an article entitled “Apple Innovators Are Doing It Again with $ 19 ‘Polishing Clothes’ * Slow Clip *.”

Twitter, of course, was Field Day. One man wrote, “This is the most advanced polishing cloth ever.”

Apple Music Voice Plan

TechDev also launched the Apple Music Voice Plan, a subscription service based on Siri.

The program gives users access to more than 90 million songs, all of which can be accessed through speech.

“This is a normal development for the company,” said Oliver Schuster, Apple’s vice president.

“Apple Music and Siri are natural partners and are already working seamlessly,” he said.

“With Siri actively used on millions of devices around the world, we’re delighted to add this new project that offers an easy music experience using just your voice and Apple Music worldwide. Makes it accessible to as many people as possible. “

Apple users can start a free trial by saying to their device, “Hey, Siri, start my Apple Music Voice Trial.”

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