ASUS Mining Motherboard To Earn More in 2023

Well, Everyone knows the popularity and hype of cryptocurrencies nowadays.  But no one knows the fact that they can also use ASUS Mining Motherboard to earn huge money sitting at home. The fever for bitcoin mining has led manufacturers of electronic components and equipment.

Such as Asus to introduce specific products for this purpose, as evidenced by bitcoin, the new motherboard for other cryptocurrencies that are supported. 19 GPU

This new board is designed for coin mining, and as the first person to coordinate the number of ports, it updates the previous Asus Mining-P106-6G and ASUS Mining Motherboard models. Is.

The main feature of this new B250 Expert Mining Motherboard is its 19 video card (GPU) ports. The rest of its components are also focused on bitcoin-like cryptocurrency mining: three independent ports, automatic detection of GPUs, a BIOS optimized for Mining, and 19 solid capacitors for voltage stabilization, such as a presentation. Was told during—last week’s end.

The new Asus motherboard for mining bitcoins has the support of 19 graphics processing units or GPUs and seeks to simplify the process of encrypting coins for miners. It achieves this bite thanks to the integration of all the tools in one source, not necessarily to acquire new items. That is, the B250 connects all GPUs.

Are these bitcoins profitable for me? How do you do that? What do I need?

The 19 ports are divided into three groups, making it possible to connect three power supplies (independent ports) at the same time. This connection can be monitored by the BOS, which will report any errors in the cards.


Want to mine? You will need ASUS Mining Motherboard.

For mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the B250 Mining motherboard has a B250 chipset with LGA 1151 socket that supports 6th and 7th generation Intel processors, up to 32GB dual-channel DDR4. RAM has a frequency of 2400 MHz and 6 phase DIGI + VRM for maximum CPU stability, and three slots for hard drives, USB 3.0 and 2.0 network, HDMI, and audio.

If you are looking for other alternatives to the Asus 19 CPU motherboard for mining bitcoins, in the market, you will find Gigabyte H110-D3A (with 6), Booster TB250-BTC (12 units), and ASRock H110 Pro BTC + (with 13 units). GPU).

Do you feel sluggish on your computer or mobile?

The mining epidemic has something to do with it. Suppose you have noticed that your PC or your mobile phone works worse in recent weeks, especially when visiting certain web pages (or after downloading an application).

In that case, chances are You’ve deliberately joined the bitcoin mining network. Bitcoin has become a ray of exchange to make the visits of users of some websites profitable, and in many cases, this technique has been misused to see how it will affect the user. , It was not taken into account.

The controversy erupted with Pirate Bay when they hunted down this torrent page, taking advantage of the departure of its users without their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. As an alternative to traditional advertising to monetize the web, Line ran a code in their visitors’ browsers on their Miners (a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin) page to their interests.

The problem is that these types of pages have exploded in recent weeks, and many cases, users are not even aware that they are visiting a website that uses this technique.

asus mining motherboard cables

Bitcoin Gold is how this new cryptocurrency works.

Bitcoin mining is a process that requires the use of specific tools and resources to be profitable. So, this means that PCs (or mobiles) that are already slow in daily use are more likely to do bad things when they go to a website and become part of a mining network. As some agencies have reported, applications have also started appearing on Google Play that their users’ mobile phones were notified before anyone without cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin mining has already begun to be abused in browsers, as is usually the case in these cases. In a report published in Ars Technica, they analyzed the situation. They found the following results: More and more websites are using this technique to monetize their visits, and in most cases, Mining is done without the prior permission of the visitor. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

Statistics are starting to get alarming: Of the 100,000 most-viewed pages on Alexa, more than 200 pages are already known, with millions of users following the code about cryptocurrencies. Will And it has to be included in all the attacks that have been taking advantage of this technique lately.

Cryptocurrency mining apps infiltrate Google

A series of cryptocurrency mining apps have been discovered in the Google Play Store that borrows from the computer’s processing power to perform a process that is strictly prohibited.

Although Google has improved security on Android, it has a severe problem with its app store, where hundreds of apps that are harming the user are hidden every week and the latest stuff from this firm. Have been discovered by Kaspersky Security

Most of those who hide this illegal cryptocurrency mining practice is located in the app store’s sports section, especially in those apps that go live to hide excessive use of resources caused by Mining. Offer games

He said a Portuguese app with more than 100,000 downloads was an essential piece of information. Once the user starts watching live broadcasts, malicious code is executed, making it more difficult for users to detect that CPU usage is expected to increase.

Other code applications such as Discount Search Engine or even claim to use cryptocurrency for a charity when it was a complete lie. “The explanation did not specify where and how the money would be spent, which is always reported by any fundraising organization,” Kaspersky notes.

Google has already been notified of all these applications, and they have already been withdrawn from the store, so users are currently safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any motherboard for mining?

The answer is YES. you can mine with any motherboard. But you also have to be aware that it will not harm your PC. Always buy a good company motherboard if you want to earn good profits.



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