Dual sim phones UK gives you the facility to use the two Sims at the same time by using the two mobile networks by using the single mobile.

In the past usage of dual sim smartphones in the UK, was very rare in the market of UK mobile. But the usage of dual sim smartphones in the UK became very popular in the last few years.

A dual sim smartphone gives you the facility of using the two different sim cards at the same time in a single mobile. Different mobiles require different sim card sizes. Normally there are three sim card sizes are using in mobiles. Standard size, micro size, and nano size.

It means that at the same time you are enjoying the services of two networks. Now we will explain the answer to the question of how do dual sim phones work. Many people use the SIM card of a particular network for their personal use.

And many feel the particular network better for their business needs. It means that two sims for the different requirements in the single mobile.

Different mobile companies have been introduced dual sim phones in the UK. But Samsung dual sim phones in the UK are the most popular and reliable. as Samsung is the oldest company in the market of smartphones.

Therefore a huge population in the UK is using Samsung dual sim phones in the UK

In this blog, we will tell you about the dual sim in the UK. We will explain you to how do dual sim phones work by giving double benefits at the same time.

There are three main reasons why people use dual sim cards in a single mobile device. Following are these reasons.

Usage for the personal and business or work purposes

Many people feel that a particular sim is fit for their personal use. And they feel that another network sim is very much beneficial for their business needs or other work purposes.

In the past, people have to use two mobiles for the usage of two different SIM cards. And now due to these two reasons they put the two sim cards in a single mobile device. This is called dual sim usage in a single smartphone.


How To combine the benefits of two different networks.

It is commonly seen that two different mobile networks have the defendant benefits. For example, one network has very good performance in the internet coverage or signals. It provides strong internet signals.

People, who are mostly connected with internet-related jobs, feel comfort in these sim cards.

But on the other hand, some people feel that a particular network has good network coverage for calling purposes. Some people are doing businesses that are related to phone calls to their clients.

These types of people are interested in that particular network which is good in calling services.

Some networks are popular for their low rates. Many people of low budget always prefer these networks. Low rates may be related to phone calls, text messages, internet data plans, etc.

While traveling to foreign countries.

When any person moved to another country. And that person has a dual sim mobile phones UK. He can insert another sim of that country in dual sim mobile phones UK. Because now he is not in his homeland. The sim cards of his homeland are useless in the new country.

At the same time, you can also use your normal sim of UK in your dual sim card mobile. You can avail the benefit of phone calls or text messages as normally as you were in the UK.

Selecting the dual sim smartphone.

There are two types of dual sim technologies. One is called dual sim dual standby and the second is called the dual sim dual active. There is a difference between these two technologies. The dual sim dual standby technology is commonly available in the market for use.

In this technology, you can just single call from your one network and cannot dial the second call from another network. In short, it means that two networks cannot be active for the call at one time.

The second technology of dual sim card is called the dual sim dual active. It means that this technology allows you to make two calls from two different networks at the same time.

In this case, two different network sim cards remain active for two calls from two different networks at one time.

These types of mobiles having these types of technologies are very rare. In practice, it is hard to find such types of dual sim mobiles.

Sim card slot design for the dual sim.

In a double sim mobile card, there will be a tray of two sim cards in the double sim card mobile. There will be two separate locations for the two different sim cards on that particular tray.

The size of the sim card may be micro-size sim cards or Nano-size sim cards.

But here is a drawback that if you have inserted the two sim cards then there will be no space left for the micro SD card. It means you have to sacrifice the one sim for the SD card.


Proper Information about the best Dual sim smartphones.

If you are willing to buy a dual sim smartphone you should buy it on an unlocked basis from the retailer. Following are some recommended best mobiles of double Sims.

  • Moto G6 with the price of(£219)

This particular mobile is available with the facility of the double sim to purchase from the website named “john Lewis”. If you are purchasing it from any other source then you should be careful. Because there may the mobile but with the single sim. And its price will be the same as a double sim.


  • Honor view 10 with the price of(£380)

The price of this double sim mobile is £380. This mobile has the facility of the double sim with the 4G network coverage. The mobile set belongs to Huawei Company of mobiles. This mobile set nearly belongs to Huawei mate 10 pros. The mobile is the only online brand of Huawei Company that is available online.


  • Oneplus 6 with the price of (£250)

This mobile has the facility of the double sim with the price of £250. This mobile set has 64 GB storage with a 6 GB RAM facility. The slot for the memory card is not available on this mobile.


The Best Dual Sim Phones in 2021

Ulefone note 7p.

This mobile has two sim facilities at a time. Following are its main feature and facilities available on this mobile.

  • Dual sim cards
  • 4G Global LTE facility
  • 3GB RAM capacity
  • Three cameras of 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP
  • OTG, GPS, and 5G wife facility
  • Available in green color
  • The storage capacity of 32 GB.
  • 1-inch display screen with HD quality.
  • Fingerprint reader facility.
  • Face reader lock available.


Ulefone Note 9P

This mobile has two sim cards facility at one time. The mobile has a 4.5 rating which is a good rating. This mobile has the following features and facilities.

  • 4 GB ram has available on this mobile.
  • 64 GB memory is available on this mobile.
  • With a 6.52 inch large screen.
  • The powerful camera of 16MP Triple Rear
  • Three card slots facility.one slot for memory card and two for double sims
  • Fingerprint lock facility
  • Face recognition or face ID facility.
  • Its color has Blue
  • Octa-core processor facility.it means that it has 8 processors
  • It can accept the 256 GB memory card as external storage. and its slot is available.
  • The power of its battery is “4500mAh”

For the complete and further details of this mobile plz visit this site.


Ulefone Note 7 (2019).

This mobile has a double sim facility. The mobile has a rating of 3.5 which is not a  bad rating. This mobile has the following features and facilities.

  • Triple rear camera facility.
  • Three card slots facility.
  • 1-inch full screen.
  • Battery power has 3500mAh.
  • Face recognition lock and unlock facility.
  • Its color has black.
  • 8MP main camera.
  • 1 GB ram facility
  • 16 GB ROM memory available

For the complete details plz visit the following link




OUKITEL C21(2020)Android 10.

This mobile has a double sim facility. This mobile had a 4.5 rating on Amazon. Which Is a very good rating. this mobile has the following features and facilities.

  • This mobile has 4 inches screen
  • 4GB RAM is available in this mobile
  • 64 GB internal memory space is available in this mobile
  • This mobile can accept a 256 GB SD card except for internal storage.
  • You can take a selfie with the 20MP front camera.
  • Its battery power has 4000Mah
  • This mobile is in the market in black color.
  • This mobile has the android mobile operating system.
  • Oukitel is the company name which manufactures this mobile.
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth technologies available on this mobile.
  • This mobile has 8 processors. It means this mobile has Octa-core
  • Fingerprint screen lock and face reading screen lock facility are available on this mobile.


Oppo A5 2020 snapdragon:

This mobile has the capacity of two sims at the same time. This mobile has a good rating on Amazon. Its rating is 5 which Is a good one. This two-sim mobile has the following features and facilities.

  • This mobile has a 12 MP Ultra-wide quad camera.
  • This mobile is available in black color in the market.
  • This is the brand of oppo mobile
  • This mobile has an internal memory capacity of 64 GB.
  • The screen size of this mobile has 5 inches.
  • This mobile supports 4G
  • This mobile has a RAM capacity of 3GB.
  • Good video quality performance even during running or driving.
  • This mobile has a battery power of
  • Oppo mobile is very famous for its camera result. Therefore this mobile has good camera results.


Oneplus N100:

This mobile has also the facility of two SIMs at the same time. This mobile has a good rating on Amazon. Which is 4.5. This rating is considered a good rating.

This mobile has the following features and facilities.

  • Mobile has a 4GB RAM
  • Mobile has 64GB of internal storage.
  • This mobile has triple cameras.
  • The battery power of this mobile has 5000 mAH.
  • This mobile has a big screen which is 52 inches.
  • This mobile has dual stereo speakers.
  • 8 MP front camera is available on this mobile.


Popular Questions People Asked

Do dual SIM phones work in the UK?

Yes! in this new technology Era, if you are not living an intelligent life, you waste your existence as we all know that the purpose of the dual phone is to use two sims or, say, two network connection in the same mobile phone.

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