How to get EE PAC Code?

If you are going to join the “EE network” or want to move from the EE network to join any other network and also want to keep the “original number” the same, then there is an easy way to do that task.  In this process, your original number will remain the same and just your mobile network will change. EE PAC code will be needed to come to the Network. But a question comes to mind that how can we get this Code. EE Code is also called “EE number”. How to get an EE pac number? has a detailed procedure and different methods.

people who are curious about the code, also search by the words “how to get PAC”, some people search by the words “getting a code from EE”. And some people search by the words “PAC code” but all these words have the same meaning. The “PAC code text” consists of 9 digits including the text and numbers in it.

Some people want to get “EE code without calling”. It means they want “getting a code from EE”. In the way, they just achieve this code by SMS in a short time. As compared to call the procedure, “EE PAC code without calling” is a time-saving method. However, the answer to the question of “EE how to get code” concerning save time and get code in less time is an SMS method.

How to get EE PAC Code?

If you want to get your code for the porting procedure from another network to “EE Network” then it is free of cost and easy. Just one working day is required for this entire task.

Three types of situations exist in this procedure. The following are the three situations.

  1. Join any other network and leave the “current EE network”.
  2. Come from another network to “join EE network”.
  3. To simple up-grade the EE mobile or up-grade the SIM.

Now we will discuss in detail all these three situations. Pac code is needed in case of transferring from another network to this network. Following is the “detail discussion” for these situations but have a glimpse of “some precautions” before details of these “three situations”

Important precautions” before EE PAC Code

  • Use all your remaining balance in your mobile phone SIM before move on to the new network. Sometimes people remember about their remaining balance even after porting on to the new network, but it is useless because you will not be able to retrieve it at any cost after the changed network. If there was any remaining balance in your SIM then it will “automatically expire” after moving on to the new network and you will not “retrieve it at any cost”.
  • Use your “internet DATA balance” properly and completely in your “old SIM network”, otherwise after “porting to the new network” you will lose it automatically and will not be able to retrieve it again in your “changed SIM”.
  • Always apply for the PAC code when you have ‘no remaining balance” and internet DATA, otherwise, in case of remaining data and balance or credit both will waste after the porting procedure. Some people donate their remaining balance by texting to any “charity institution”

To join any other network and leave the current “EE network”.

If you are a customer of the “EE network” currently and want to “join EE network”. You can get the code from the “EE network”. For the request of EE PAC code you will follow the following three ways. Any way you want to choose is totally upon you.

  1. Online. To get “EE code”, you should log in to “my EE account”. After login, go to menu then click on account setting there then click on “leave EE”
  2. With the help of text messages. In this method, you can receive your “PAC Code” by SMS. Write PAC in the write message option, and send it on 65075 to receive the code of PAC from the ”network”.
  3. The option of Phone Calling. By calling to “EE network” you can get your code. Call on 150 from your EE mobile handset. The alternate method is to dial “07953 966 250” for those who are using any other phone. You should call them during the working hours of the “EE network”; otherwise your call will not be entertained.


The following are the working hours of the “EE network”.

  • Monday to Friday= from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Saturday= from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Sunday= from 8 am to 6 pm.

If any cancellation charges apply to your contract, then they will also tell you that thing at the time of sending of “PAC code”. The cancellation charges mean that you are using a contract deal of the network and during the “mid of contract” you want to move on to the new network and want to get the PAC code, then these charges apply.

After receiving this “PAC code”, you will give it to your “new mobile network provider” to port on to the new network.

To come from another network to join the “EE network”.

If currently, you are using another network but to move on to this network. You will need to request your “old mobile network” to provide you with the “PAC code” to port on to the network.

This code will enable you to join the “EE network”.

If you are satisfied with your new transfer, and then you will submit your PAC code with EE’S online form. Otherwise use the “alternate method” and Give your code to your network by making the call on 150 by your EE mobile handset. If you are using any other phone then alternatively call on 07953 966 250.

If you receive your “PAC code before “5:30 pm” then on the next working day your network transfer procedure will take place. Working day means just from “Monday to Friday”. But if you submit your “PAC code” after “5:30 pm” then you will have to wait for another working day for the “network transfer”.

In some cases, you are given the “PAC code” at the time when you order your new SIM card or new phone


Upgradation of the plan on the “EE network”.

If you simply want to upgrade your new mobile handset or tariff then there is no need for “EE PAC code”. In this case the “EE network website” is helpful. The up-gradation is very simple through this website.

After joining the “EE network”, the next and “important step” is to select a suitable “package or deal” for your network, so let’s move on to the stage of selecting any suitable package for our network. After porting to another network and not selecting any deal is considered an “incomplete attempt” of the “SIM activation” on “changed network”. The words “Deal and package” have the same meaning.

There are two main “heads of deals” under which different deals exist.” one head” is called “pay as you go” and the name of “second head” is “contract”. The following tables are showing the deals under these two heads. “5G” service available in “EE Network”.

Deals for “PAY AS YOU GO

Monthly ChargesDataLocal MinutesAbroad Minutes
10 pounds4 GB100None
15 pounds8 GBUnlimitedNone
20 pounds15 GBunlimitedNone

Deals for “contract

Monthly ChargesDataLocal MinutesAbroad Minutes
22 pounds20 GBUnlimitedNone
25 pounds40 GBUnlimitedNone
35 poundsunlimitedUnlimitedNone

IMPORTANT NOTE: all networks providing companies keep change their deals over time. So it is highly recommended for our readers that “keep visited” the official website of “EE network” frequently so that you can get updated information regarding all deals of the “EE network”. with time interest of the people, the demand of people and living style of the people keep the change, therefore network providing companies also change their deals according to the customer needs and interests.


Information about EE Network & providing company

The old name of “EE Network Company” is “everything everywhere”.it is the largest mobile “network operator” of the “united kingdom”. It is the no.1 mobile network operator of the “United Kingdom” concerning the customers. Till “October 2020” the number of its customers was reached up to “27.5 million” subscribers. It is also providing internet services.EE is the brand of “BT group”

EE was established in 2010 as a joint business between “Deutsche” and “France Telecom” (its name now day is “orange S.A”). It was purchased by the “BT Company”

According to a “survey” in “November 2016,” the joint coverage of 4G and 2G services reached 99% of the whole “UK population”.


We are suggesting the best and time-saving method for “EE PAC code” is the SMS method. This method is a time-saving method as well as an easy method. Before apply for the PAC code read the precautions which have discussed earlier for our readers is very important and helpful

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