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Fallout 5 news release date. It’s been 5 years since the release of Fallout 4 (the last game with at least some RPG elements), and the flawed Fallout 76 was released 2 years ago. After the last game, doubts about the release of the new episode have been automatically cast. But since this game is being played by Bethesda Softworks, let the continuation be one day. It’s about continuity and this will be the post.

I’m sure that until the next part, Bethesda just needs to fix a normal game with good facets and factions. Can there be some factions? After all, in the fourth part, there were both Minutes (with their own settlement protection) and a strange subway and a technical institute (such an enclave) as well as the steel of our “beloved” Brotherhood. I adapt, which is sometimes considered good, and sometimes bad. In fact, most sides are not as boring and thought-provoking as they were in the same fallout: New Vegas, where all sides had their own ideas for which they fought. We must believe that now is the time for developers to take over the enclave, which was Fallout 3 and destroyed. But who said that Unlaw is no more?

Return of the old faction

Of course, the US Secret Service is very well developed and its parts can be in very different places, which removes the 100% guarantee of the complete destruction of the organization. The developer may well open the enclave completely, as it may have good intentions for its own country, and no. The barbaric annihilation of the entire population. The government may no longer have an army to deal with the situation completely, but no one has stopped spying, as conflicts between other groups could escalate, causing someone to suffer and the enclave will use it to her advantage to come out later. Hide them all in their place.

Proper dialogue system

After Bethesda’s acknowledgment that their dialog box is a complete failure, we should expect the same window to work again, and since they do not wish to experiment beforehand, it is likely that the old system will fallout. 3 will return.


One of the weaknesses of Fallout 4 is its side-costs, most of which are based on the “go, kill, return” principle. Hopefully, in the next section, the developers will come to their senses and ask really interesting questions. For example, you can find out from the result out: New Vegas “How Little We Know”: Courier to Gomorrah Casino I should know about the illegal cases and the involvement of the Olmert Mafia family in it. And there are more than 10 options to get through this work. And it’s not the biggest struggle, but the variety of actions that make you think Q: What was Bethesda doing during Fallout 4, and if developers try to learn from mistakes, they don’t Somehow we will improve the side costs.


But not everything is as straightforward as it seems at first glance. Could it be San Diego? Maybe this city will become a good barren land in the ruins of buildings. But it will be more reminiscent of Washington than Fallout 3. It’s hard to imagine where the company will choose, but it will probably be something common.


Start of game

Traditionally, all Bethesda fallout games start with us playing like people of different volts. A good start for Fallout 5.


The plot in the game should definitely be brand new and not like the previous ones, because in Fallout 3 we were forced to find the missing father, and in Fallout 4 the company made “huge” progress in the plot, and … We were forced to find our son.

New graphics

Many people did not like the graphics of the fourth part and probably because of its cartoonist. Developers will provide a new engine with the latest realistic graphics.

In short, Fallout 5 should be somewhat more revolutionary than the previous installments, and if Bethesda doesn’t try hard, then maybe. The game will lose its name.

As the game became known as Bam. r, the new game Fallout: Cult Series Fallout 5 news in Miami, which has more than 6 major projects, has received a fresh trailer that explores all of the game’s features and characteristics. Shown. Thanks to the unusual arrangement of tropical tactics in Miami after the nuclear war, the new result. Miami is different from other games in the series. On the beach, under the sun’s rays, the remains of mutated sharks can be seen wandering in black glass. And fish that change into dwarfs are found in the bushes. In general, the mood of the palette and fallout: Miami turned out to be very popular against the backdrop of sports such as Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and even reminded gamers of the Dead Island Project.

Fallout 5 release date: In the Miami trailer

They show the adventures of a new immigrant who will visit several large settlements, get drunk, and fight in a bar. Take part in a hurricane exchange with zombies and gulls. Ga, and will participate in other memorable events. It’s worth noting that Fallout: Miami is a fan-made work based on Fallout 4, and includes the full original layout, storyline, and many other features. Thus, the release version of Fallout: Miami should be a complete plan without compromise. It will give you a chance to sink into acquaintances, and at the same time the fresh atmosphere of Fallout 5 news.

According to Blogshour, while Game Fallout. Miami doesn’t have a final release date, the project is almost ready in terms of trailer frames. The game will be available on PC. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The opinion of Top User

As for conversations, the order of transcripts in any column is basically no better than a wheel. Only in F3 did the communication system make some sense. Because it was related to skill and was a percentage of the ability to trigger or describe a particular situation (e.g., some kind of black widow ability). And in Fallout 5 news it seems that this element has been humiliated. And so perhaps dialogue is a kind of conservative part of sports and Aa sports are quite conservative in terms of definition.

But from the dialogues, I would probably like to see a couple of things – that they are dynamic. That they are limited over time, that they separate with the character’s abilities. And that they represent a kind of complex mini-game Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. And the dialogues themselves are non-local. Fallout 4 had such an interesting and wonderful feature that it was possible to get rid of the conversation. But it was not much advanced and better in terms of character reactions and letters.

If the dialogue lasts for a while, there is a sense of some general emotional message about it. So that the player can read it quickly and correctly. Such as the kind of thinking that comes into the character’s (player’s) head. Some can blow up such a system when there is a radial slope. There are very few directions and simpler radical options remain. The best feature would be a separate selection of verbal and non-verbal messages. But somehow technically it is not possible without a cool machine simulation of speech and how to cut it into the interface. So that it is easy and cinematic clean and 2 sticks. Don’t have 3 wheels on the floor screen.

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