GPU Fans Not Spinning (9 Solutions)

A non-rotating GPU fan can be very annoying for PC gamers, if you know that the GPU is getting hotter because the GPU Fans Not Spinning then this article is for you.

The GPU is necessary for the configuration of each game, and if there is a problem with the fans, it should be fixed immediately. Excessive heat in the long run is harmful to any component, even if the card is closed to prevent damage.

Don’t worry, every GPU fan’s non-rotating situation is different. We’ve compiled several lists and you can reset it to zero to detect real issues, just follow the GPU fan repair method.

How to fix a problem that will not rotate the GPU fan.

You can try the simpler method first and then continue using the lower method. Make sure to restart the PC once to see if the problem is resolved. Keep reading

Our method will help you solve the problem.

  • The GPU fan does not rotate on startup.
  • One GPU fan does not rotate and the rest rotates.
  • GPU does not work under fan load.

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Method 1: Press GPU.

Some GPUs will turn on the fan until it reaches a certain temperature. Dust when GPU is not needed.

To confirm if this is a problem, you just need to put some pressure on the GPU and then see if the fan starts spinning. Can install it to set the punk speed manually. If the fan starts to rotate, your GPU is in a state of semi-inactive cooling. Bundled software that comes with a GPU.

After all, the GPU fan is not rotating, you still have other issues, but read on to fix it.


Method 2: If the GPU fan does not rotate, check the PCIe power connection.

If you recently built a system, you may have forgotten to connect the PCIe power connector to the GPU, if you previously had something like the GTX 1050 Ti, this is usually because it has a power cord Is not required and you can get it. Power through the slot.

Also, check the rest of the ingredients. Make sure everything is connected properly. It seems to have nothing to do with the GPU, but doing so has fixed some GPU fans.

Method 3: Clean the fan.

One of the most common problems affecting GPUs is fan dusting. If your card is old, this may cause the fan to stop. The above inactive semi-cooling will help remove dust, but you still need to clean up any debris that may get stuck inside. Use a compressed air can to clean the GPU fan. It can also be used to remove dust from other systems. Try not to get too close to compressed air from the GPU to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Make sure the fan cable attached to the graphics card is also firmly inserted.

Still, GPU Fans Not Spinning issue Resolved? 

Let’s Move further…

Method 4: Use an updated driver.

If your graphics card driver is out of date or out of date, you may be in trouble. Please update them to see if the GPU fan starts working. It can also improve the performance of the card.

To update the driver, just use the Geforce Experience for Nvidia GPU and the automatic detection tool for AMD drivers for AMD products.

Also, make sure you have the latest bundled software that comes with the GPU.

Method 5: Make sure the power supply is adequate.

A problem will arise if your power supply cannot provide enough power for the GPU, the GPU is consuming too much power. If you accidentally shut down your computer, it may be time to purchase a new power supply. Get some tools that are more than just your electricity needs but not too much, so as not to incur high electricity bills. You can calculate the required power here. Always remember to use the recommended wattage, but never less than the calculated load wattage of the power supply.

Method 6: Use oil

If your old reliable GPU no longer rotates but is a fan, you may need to consider mechanical wear. Remember to use only machine oil or sewing machine oil. Do not use cooking oil or WD-40.

Remove the sticker in the middle of the fan, and then remove the plastic cover. Use 2-3 drops of oil carefully on the bearing. Note that nothing will happen on the card.

Method 7: GPU Flash BIOS.

Now, this is one of the rare cases, but if all of the above methods fail, try this method. Bad VGA BIOS will destroy GPU settings. The best way is to use Nvidia NVFlash AMD ATIFlash Instruments.

Remember, this problem is really weird – try all the other methods first.

Method 8: Check the other ingredients.

If the motherboard fails, the other components of the PC may perform strangely. First, make sure that the PCIe slot is not a responsive slot. Connect your GPU to another slot and see if it makes a difference. Your GPU on another computer. If so, it may be time to buy a new motherboard.

Method 9: Replace the fan.

If all else fails, it’s time to replace the fan. You can get cheap Cooler Master and Corser fans. This problem can be found on old cards after prolonged use. If there is a manufacturing defect, it can also be shown on a new card


So here you go, you can try the following 9 ways to solve GPU Fans Not Spinning issue. I hope your GPU can be fixed with the help of this article and now you can play your favorite games.

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