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Halo 5 pc. The fact that the unreal universe has acquired the status of a sect can be better understood when further work on its development is entrusted to an outside person/company. Not to the author of the original material.
“George Lucas would have gone back to his grave to see the main character in the seventh episode!” – Angry fans showered with insufficient “Star Wars” who managed to bury Lucas – otherwise, would he have given Disney the responsibility to shoot the seventh part of the legendary movie story? With the game universe, such dramas are played every few years.

An Important Explanation

This is a preliminary review, the evaluation is not final and will be reviewed or modified based on the results of the multiplayer mode research.

In the development of Halo 4, 343 industries faced a difficult task. On the one hand, Trinity fans had to like the new game, which meant that the authors were permanently forced to look at the original material at God forbid they make a mistake with a date or a name – it’s a guaranteed execution. Is!

On the other hand, already in Halo: Arrive (anyway, one of the favorite parts of the story, though not included in the main trilogy), someone felt the intense heat of their once favorite mechanics.

The new generation of players was no longer attracted to the classic “Pew Pew, but the world and the characters are the best.”

New developers had to consider these two points.

In terms of plot, the authors chose the only correct way, in fact, to resume the story: Halo 4 became the first game in the “Restorer Saga”, the fifth part continues and prepares the line.


The problem was that artistically the fourth part looked incredible

The authors of the dialogues tried so hard to match the bungee that they melted easily even when talking normally with any horse.

The same thing happened with game mechanics. The new elements didn’t take root, they seemed foreign to the series, and what was taken from the previous parts was completely rotten. Sure, I’m exaggerating a bit now, but it was obvious to me that it couldn’t work that way, the chain was dying under the pressure of old stuff.

When the first sales figures hit, I knew it was all over: Halo 4 made 200 million dollars on its first day, and Microsoft eventually became one of the most successful games in the series. Was recognized. After that, I was ready to leave the show. “Who will solve the problem if the mass audience just doesn’t pay attention to them?” – That’s what I was arguing at the time. And I was willing to admit that I was morally outdated, and not a game. Otherwise, why didn’t I feel anything after passing, nothing at all?

Halo 5 forge pc

The Guardians convinced me otherwise. I felt like everything was fine, I just had to play a fifth to pay for it. Against this background, Halo 4 looks like a teenager with Mike Tyson, literally “no way”.

With the approval of the first Guardian mission, developers seem to have some corridors and other underground bases in mind.

The game offers new tools, such as a complete target system or the ability to jump from one sign to another with a Spartan suit, but it doesn’t provide a place where it all makes sense. Targeting the corridors and halls of the next station is a good innovation, but meaningless, because it is quite comfortable to shoot enemies in the old fashioned way. And there is no place to jump: everything is linear and understandable, there is no room for imagination. I was sad.

But it turned out that this was just the beginning (15% of the story campaign). Maybe the developers created these levels first and decided not to just remove them from the final version, because otherwise, they would have to completely redesign the plot. This theory is confirmed by the fact that the first level appears to be a command of greater intensity than the second – both in terms of graphics and in terms of card architecture. That is, you need to survive to achieve the important things that make Halo 5 pc a great shooter.

Halo 5 on pc large open spaces

I am talking now about the large open spaces of new planets. I think it is wrong to tell in this review where you will visit and what you will see. (I will only say that you will play the game as part of two teams – red and blue, one for John, the other for Lock), because Guardians have such a cool storyline campaign that any spoiler can spoil your personal playthrough. But I can calmly talk about the structure and mechanics of the passage.

The new suit and its capabilities are a real bomb and a breakthrough for the series. Heroes have finally become fast and agile: jumping from ledge to ledge. They hover in the air for a few seconds and shoot confused enemies from above – now this is what a standard firefight in Halo looks like.

Bursting into the crowd at full speed. You can kill small things with a forceful technique in one fell swoop, or even better – jump on them from above, scattering along the sides with a powerful shock wave. But be careful: after landing on an ally, you can finish him off (which, of course, causes a malevolent grin, which disappears when a reply flies from the side of the offended friend).

In general, playing in a team of four Spartans is something that you should definitely tr. If we are talking about the fifth part.

Guardians are one of the best co-op locations.

The fact is that the cards in the game have become architecturally much more complex and varied than before.

The battle can take place simultaneously on three to four levels. Snipers are hiding from above, shooting you from afar. A little lower, on the main battlefield, are elites in camouflage who pop out of nowhere and can finish you off with one blow. Around the stairs and descents to the “basement” rooms. In the darkness of which are hidden reinforcements of the Covenants and forerunners, the main enemies of the Spartans.

Playing as a team, you get the opportunity to consistently clear one “level” of the map after another. And to build more complex combat schemes. For example, by placing the sniper higher and “pulling” the monsters from hiding places. And then finishing off the rest of the captured turrets. And at the end of the battle, the sniper can jump on the head of the undead, using a power attack. There are a lot of options on how to build a fight.

Halo 5 for pc basic combat mechanics

It should be understood that the basic combat mechanics have remained unchanged. Halo 5 pc is built on two pillars created by Bungie: fast switching between dozens of weapons. From simple pistols to huge guns and sniper rifles – and a huge variety of opponents with different abilities. And both of these pillars are closely related to each other. Killing an elite warrior armed with a cool bomb launcher, you already figure out in your head against whom to use it – an elite forerunner looming over an ally, or an army of small and nasty Covenants, who alone are not capable of much. but in the form of a large group pose a real threat.

The only slightly annoying thing is the amount of “work” you have to do if you play alone. There are so many enemies here that it seems as if you are fighting an army of cockroaches that have settled under the sink. You cut wave after wave, and they are all rod and rod, rod and rod. AI companions are not so-so helpers, which, of course, is never a surprise. Therefore, immediately tune in to the cooperative passage, in terms of emotions it is much cooler than fussing alone.

The last thing to say in this preliminary review is about the artificial intelligence of enemies. This is probably the most controversial part of the text. I believe (although many disagree with me) that the enemies are too fearful. Most of them prefer to keep their distance even on a high level of difficulty.

To this, of course, they will object to me

if all the Covenants and even more so the forerunners climbed into contact combat. Then nothing would remain of the Spartans. Perhaps that is why I do not lower the rating of the game for this. But I would like, purely for the sake of interest, to see what would happen. If the enemies directly bite into you and did not allow you to retreat. Because at that moment, when one of the forerunners “teleported” directly to the armored vehicle in which I was driving. And threw me to the side of the road, and then tried to run over – that’s what I understand to the AI. Halo 5 PC has enough of those moments, but there could be more.

To summarize, I can confidently say that 343 Industries did an amazing job and was able to reimagine Halo.

Respecting the legacy of Bungie, the developers were not afraid to make the game modern. To remove from it the rotten elements of the 2000s. That is, they did everything that they did not dare to do in Halo 4. Can you raise the quality bar even higher? Probably. But Halo 5 is exemplary work, enough to be praised.

halo 5 forge pc

Halo 5 pc Important clarification

The multiplayer is left out of this review. It will take me and my colleagues a week and a half to study it in detail. After which we will release a separate text. Based on the conclusions that we draw from it, the game’s score will be revised (increased – well, this is unlikely, decreased, left unchanged),

Halo 5 forge pc: Patrons are in danger of a huge disappointment for the fans of the universe. The creators replaced the hero with some kind of agent Luca, which does not cause any emotion. They focused on the cooperative play but forgot about the split-screen format. Which has long been an integral part of the series. At the same time, those who prefer to pursue the campaign alone are forced to follow a slow conspiracy. Fight the same waves of opponents in the arena over and over again, and fight the same boss. For some reason, the developers focused on 60 seconds per second, sacrificing graphics. And seeing Halo 5 really hurts places.

If you buy, definitely not for the sake of campaigning. Multiplayer rumor is good, we haven’t tried it yet. However, there are many games today with good multiplayer. Halo used to be a very individual, now the greatness of this series is a thing of the past. It’s just a good shooter with a lot of reservations, for which it definitely doesn’t make sense to take the Xbox One.

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