How tall is a Gaming Chair for Long Guys 2023

How tall is a gaming chair. Are you going to buy or make tables and / or chairs and not sure how high they should be to stay comfortable? Here you will find examples of steps and recommendations.

In the market we will find tables and chairs of highly variable heights, however, not all of them are suitable for comfort and ergonomics. In that sense, it is possible to make a poor purchase or manufacturing decision

However, it can cause muscle problems, back problems, etc.

Although there are standard measurements or heights for tables and chairs, we should be aware that they can and should be modified depending on their use and the physical characteristics of the user. A person who is 1.90 meters tall and overweight does not have the same needs as he is 1.60 meters tall and thin.

Therefore, it is always advisable to consult these measurements before buying or manufacturing, and in an ideal situation, check the table and / or chairs on the display.

Obviously, adaptation is possible when it comes to custom or DIY projects.

Chair height

To measure the height of a chair, we need to measure from the point where the chair rests on the floor to the top of the seat. According to one estimate, its height should be between 45 and 50 cm.

When measuring, we should keep in mind that many chairs are padded. That is, if we measure without sitting, we will be estimating more than the actual height of the chair.

As we mentioned, dining chairs are usually not adjustable. However, they often occur without a desktop, and are recommended.

The height of the tables

In the table below you will find the measurements that you consider standard.

Minimum Maximum

Dining Table Height 75 80

Center Table Height 48 52

Desk Height 72 78

In addition to considering its physical properties, you should estimate that there are no elements that could harm the ergonomics of the table.

For example, some tables may contain one or more drawers. They can occupy a space that is usually destined for the feet in such a way as to cause us discomfort or force us to reduce the height of the chair (if this option exists). Although this problem is more common at tables, it is not uncommon at dining tables.

What are the features regarding the height of the dining table?

Dining tables and chairs, usually found in any commercial or furniture store, do not adjust to height. Therefore, the purchase decision should be considered even more here.

In many cases, games that involve both tables and chairs will be of interest. In these cases, a poor combination of heights is less likely, although not impossible.

Most mistakes are made when the dining table and chairs are purchased separately.

That is, if the height of the chair is 45-50 cm, then the table should be between 75-80 cm. These measurements can also be applied to tables, although they are more likely to allow us to adjust the measurements.

Height adjusting Chair

One type of table that is in high demand is height adjusting tables. It has one obvious advantage: we can adjust it to our ideal height, even independently of the chair.

But it goes further:

  • This allows different family members to use it comfortably, regardless of their physical characteristics.
  • The height can be adjusted for use while standing (standing desk). It has recently been suggested that there are some interesting benefits to using tables in many jobs that allow you to work standing up, as long as it is not misused: Allows to achieve a more natural position, tones the muscles …

Raise your hand if you’ve never heard “sit down well” from a teacher or your parents. It is obvious that a straight back is crucial, which should be achieved by placing it near to the chair’s back. It is also convenient to work with your legs bowed, knees bent, and eyes level with the screen. An ergonomic chair would allow us to satisfy these requirements regardless of our physical condition.

Now, ergonomics and comfort are at odds. We once asked physiotherapists what their perfect chair would look like. They startled us by telling us that a comfy chair would keep us still. Something that causes long-term pain Back pain is not reduced by comfort.

In order to minimize numbness in the legs caused by poor blood circulation and muscle overload, one specialist advised getting up and stretching every two hours.

So we say move. If we achieve this goal, we can choose models that are comfortable, allowing us to sit pleasantly without compromising our posture.


If you work in an office, your back will ache. It could be bad posture, lack of breaks and exercises, an inappropriate chair, or all of the above. There are no miracles, but a comfortable chair and skilled advice can help you prevent or minimize this trance. And if you play for long periods of time, more of the same. This shopping guide for work and pleasure chairs includes considerations for selecting a model and examples of chairs of various sorts and prices.

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