How to Check What Motherboard i Have

Do you know how to check what motherboard i have windows 10, 11, etc.. Knowing the hardware on your computer can help you on many occasions, especially the motherboard. One of them is finding the proper drivers to install after installing the operating system, and everything works fine. But this is not the only situation where it would be good to know your motherboard model.

Another situation in which it is good to know the keyboard in your computer is to replace or enhance a hardware element. For example, if you want to increase RAM or CPU, etc. In these cases, knowing the motherboard model will help you determine which devices are compatible and which will not be supported.

Ways how to check what motherboard i have

There are many ways to find out the motherboard and model of motherboard that you have installed in your laptop, desktop, mini PC, or AIO. It’s all very simple …

Software procedures

In these cases, it is not necessary to physically interfere with the hardware to find out; it will be done with the help of some software tools.

How to know the Make and the model of the motherboard in Windows?


If you have a Microsoft Windows operating system, you can follow these steps to find out what makeup and model of motherboard you install on your computer:

Windows Native Device: Without installing anything, you can go to Start, then System Information. You can do this by running msinfo32.exe. The second possibility is to go to Control Panel, then System and Security, and inside it, you will find the Device Manager or Device Manager icon. This will allow you to find a lot of information about your computer’s hardware. It’s commonly called “system builder / system model” or “system builder / system model,” meaning don’t look for the word “motherboard” because that’s how Windows identifies it.

From the command line: Run WindowsCMD.X, and then run the command “WMCCCSP Product Get Name, Identification Number, UUD” without any references. It will show you the data.

CPU-Z: Install the software on your computer, run it, and then go to the Mainboard tab, where you will find all the information about your motherboard.

Other programs: You can use other third-party programs to get hardware information, such as the makeup and model of your motherboard. These programs are:

System Spec: From the central information screen, look in the left column for the “Motherboard” section, and you’ll see brands and models. Chances are, if you have a laptop, AI, or branded equipment, it will show you the brand of your equipment. This is because, in these cases, they usually use particular motherboards. In any case, with this information, you can search the manufacturer’s website for synchronized hardware, instructions for repairing or replacing elements, help, and so on.

IDA: 64: Go to the motherboard or motherboard section on the left. It shows other options. Re-select the one with the same name as the first one, and it will show all the details of your motherboard in the right column.

Physical procedures

One of the easiest ways to find your motherboard model is to open your computer to see the motherboard number. In most cases, the brand will appear on the board itself or the heat sink. If you can’t find the brand, you can easily use the numbers to search Google and find the brand according to this model.

But really, this way of knowing is not very practical in the following cases.

Portable or AIO or Mini PC: It can be challenging to open compact computers. It is complicated and unworkable for you. Not worth it, it is better to use the following non-physical methods.

You do not have the technical knowledge: in this case, it is better not to rush to open the goods, or you may cause trouble.

As for the desktop, you need to remove some of the screws and the cover to see the motherboard, so if you do not want to install anything or the software is not satisfactory, this may be a good option. (As in some cases lesser-known motherboards).


And for Hackintosh?

If you’ve built your computer for Hackintosh, you’ll also be able to see the motherboard model you have. In the original Max, which belongs to the branded ones. As I said, they are motherboards made especially for them. But anyone can be a manufacturer in Hackintosh. To consult:

From the command line: You can run the “system_profiler” command without quotations.

From the app with GUI: The second option is to go to Apps> Utilities> System Information. And from there, you will see information about your hardware. You can also see more details from the Apple icon on your macOS desktop, go to or about this MacMac, and double-click on the version to display your machine’s serial number. It allows you to find more information on the Internet.

Other apps: Other third-party apps similar to Windows and Linux with which hardware information can be retrieved.

How to know the MacMac and model of a motherboard in Linux?

If you are on a GNU / Linux distribution, you can quickly consult your motherboard information by following one of these steps:

The console can run the following commands without reference to “sudo dmidecode -t 2” and “sudo dmidecode -t baseboard.” It will show you a lot of information about the manufacturer and model. Again, if it’s a computer brand, it can show you the same brand like Lenovo, HP, Sony, etc…, because these computers typically use specific motherboards made for their computers. ۔

CPUG: This is a CPUZ alternative to Linux. It’s very similar, and you can check a lot of information about your hardware, including your motherboard. To do this, just run the program once it is installed and go to the Motherboard tab.

Harden: This is a program similar to Microsoft Windows Ada64. Its graphical interface is identical to it. Just search the Devices or Devices section, and the DMI says you access it. There you will find information about your motherboard.


I hope this article on how to check what motherboard i have will help you to check your motherboard configuration in multiple ways. If you think I miss out on anything do let me know in the comments below. So i can update this article in more ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what motherboard I have?

Well, i have described everything in detail above. Please go and check out how you can check your motherboard statistics in multiple ways or you can say in easy ways with just one click.



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