How to Connect Gaming Chair to Xbox One

How to connect gaming chair to Xbox one. Having fun while gaming is a wonderful experience, provided you know how to set up a decent gaming environment. For those of you who use a wireless gaming chair, such as the X rocker, you should be familiar with the process of connecting it to a gaming console such as the Xbox One. However, how do you connect the X rocker to your Xbox One?

Firstly, we’d like to discuss the significant difficulty of connecting the X rocker to the Xbox One before answering this topic.

The majority of gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, utilize HDMI ports for transmission, whereas gaming chairs, such as the X rocker, have RCA connectors for transmission.

Consequently, we will describe several strategies in today’s article that will be necessary for connecting the gaming chair to the Xbox One console.

If you are a newbie, this may appear to be a challenging task at first, but with the guidance provided in this article, you will be able to connect your gaming chair to the console without exerting too much effort in a relatively short length of time. So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

How to connect Gaming Chair to Xbox One. 

1. Turn on the GAMING CHAIR

To connect the X rocker gaming chair, you must first turn it on. Why doesn’t it work? It’s simple: just plug one end of the power wire into the gaming chair’s control panel and the other into the power source.

Using the gaming chair’s control panel switch now assures sufficient power supply. If you’re still unsure, you can refer to the x-rocker gaming chair instruction booklet, which outlines each step. After that, we can link it to the Xbox One.

2. Connect the chair XBOX ONE

As you know, these two systems cannot be directly connected due to differences in basic characteristics like HDMI ports in Xbox One and RCA connectors in X rocker gaming chairs.

To solve this issue, you will need an HDMI to audio converter and two HDMI cables. Connect one of these cords to the TV and the other to the audio converter’s input jack. Connect the other cable to the audio converter’s output jack.

After that, just connect the X Rocker gaming chair’s red and white wires to the audio converter’s red and white ports. Yes. You have now completed the connecting procedure and may fully enjoy your gaming experience.

Other ways to link Gaming Chair to Xbox One

Previously, we explored utilizing an audio converter to link the X rocker to Xbox One. There are alternative ways to connect these two systems, such as using an AUX cord or an x rocker wireless transmitter. How? Let’s dig into the answer to find some other fun ways to connect.


First, connect the Xbox One gaming system to the TV using the HDMI cable that comes with it. Remember that both the gaming console and the TV must be turned on while doing this. Then connect the gaming chair to the TV.

Connect X Rocker to TV but how?

It comes with two little wires to connect the x rocker wireless transmitter to the TV. The green end goes into the transmitter and the other into the TV’s audio port.

Audio connectors include conventional audio, headphone jack, analogue audio, and optical audio. Most gaming chairs come with a cable that works with these audio ports.

If you have optical audio output, you may have issues. In that situation, an adapter can connect the cable to the audio port.

It’s now time to use the x rocker wireless transmitter and the gaming chair together, but first make sure the wireless transmitter has batteries and the gaming chair has electricity. So, once the transmitter is on, the X rocker gaming chair may connect to Xbox One.

To ensure a good connection, make sure the chair and transmitter are on the same frequency range. There are only three frequency bands to focus on, making your job considerably easier.

After that, you may hear your gaming chair’s amazing performance through the audio signals sent from the transmitter to the chair speakers.


You can easily link any wireless gaming chair like the X rocker with Xbox one using this way.

First, connect the Xbox One gaming system to the TV using the included HDMI connections, then turn on the TV.

Then connect the controller to the gaming chair using the AUX cord by inserting one end into the AUX input on the chair’s control panel and the other into the controller. Isn’t it simple?

Unlike other techniques, it requires the least amount of effort to link the two systems quickly, so you can use it if you don’t want to put in much effort.


Bluetooth is the most convenient connection method. For example, a Bluetooth-enabled wireless gaming chair may be effortlessly connected to your smartphone or tablet. However, because the Xbox One does not come with built-in Bluetooth, it is difficult to link it to the x rocker gaming chair Bluetooth configuration.

Also, the x rocker Bluetooth not working properly can be a huge hindrance in linking these two sets over Bluetooth.

But don’t panic, you can acquire specialist Bluetooth transmitters here. However, while purchasing this Bluetooth device, keep in mind that it will be connected to the TV’s headphone jack, therefore it must be compatible with the jack.

Finally, if you get the most compatible device, you can easily connect the gaming chair to the Xbox One and begin your trip into the world of gaming.


Now that you have a lot of useful information about How to connect gaming chair to Xbox one. Connecting X rocker to Xbox One, you can use it to set up your gaming system.

Also, if you are a newcomer, this article will help you understand everything from the very beginning.

For you and most other aspiring gamers, this is the ultimate guide to overcoming obstacles while connecting your gaming chair to your console. Don’t hesitate to send them this link. What if they need help with this as well?

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