Let’s consider How To Find The Publisher of a Website that uses domain.com as an example (instead of domain.com, it could be any domain you’re interested in).

The need to know about the domain owner (contact information) is often necessary in the following cases.

  • You’ve found an interesting site to offer support, but it doesn’t have contact details.
  • We saw a great domain for a website and wanted to buy it.
  • If you want to notify the domain owner of this infringement by copying the content of your site or notify the copyright holder of this infringement.

The latter option is the most common way to find the domain owner. This is because there are so many tools out there that we will consider.

The principle of use is simple:

  1. We visit any of the sites mentioned above
  2. In the search field, specify the domain owner you want to find
  3. Press the “Show” / Find “or similar button

As a result, we get the same result (for example, using the .com domain):
We are interested in the “Registrant” section. It contains all the information about the domain owner.


Often, information is provided in blocks and all the necessary information is displayed in the “Register Contact” block, including name, surname, email, telephone.

If you are using Linux OS or Mac OS, you can get information about the domain by opening the console (terminal) and typing the command.

whois domain.com

By default for Windows OS, this is not possible by default (you need to install special utilities), so you need to use the whois database on these resources.

There are situations when contact information for the search domain is hidden (so-called “whois data protection” is enabled).
An example of displaying hidden domain information:


But in this case, you can contact the domain owner. If data protection is enabled for the domain, then in the contact information you need to find the Register Email field in the above screenshot (“Email” line in the “Register” section): Most often it is forced; it Will look safe Domains.

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We write him a letter and await a reply: the owner will receive this letter on the default email during domain registration

How to find the domain owner’s contact email

Whois database

According to the rules of the Internet Corporation ICNN, the WHOIS service is a free public directory that contains contact and technical information about domain name holders. Anyone who wants to know behind a site or domain name can search the WHOIS directory service accordingly.

Therefore, a mandatory rule for domain registration is to identify your contact information, which is stored by the domain name registrars, and which also contains the database (many services provide the ability to view this information). Are open to everyone.

These databases contain a wealth of information about domains and are updated as soon as the information about the domains is updated.
The most famous are:

  1. https://www.whois.net/
  2. https://www.whois.com/whois/
  3. https://whois.icann.org/ru
  4. https://who.is/

These are common databases for all domain zones, but there are also whois databases for some domain zones. For example:

  1. http://nic.xyz/ whois – for domains in the .xyz zone
  2. http://whois.mynic.my – For domains in the .my zone
  3. https://hostmaster.ua/?domadv – We recommend using this service to check domains in the Ukrainian zone. For example: .com.ua, .ua

It is up to you to decide which database to use, but we recommend checking domains together in multiple databases to get reliable information. The data of these resources is updated at different rates.


Search by email

This method does not allow you to know the domain owner’s name and surname but allows you to contact him via email.

Most hosting providers, including HOSTiQ.ua, offer the ability to create mailboxes for your domain name. More details about this are written in our article.

In this regard, you can search the created mailboxes and try to contact the owner through them (one of the popular addresses is the mailbox of the form [email protected]).

In this case, the sequence of actions is as follows.

A list of popular names for mailboxes (sometimes called administrative mailboxes for domains).

After selecting the mailbox, we test its existence using the http://ua.smart-ip.net/check-email service.
If the service detects that the mailbox exists, we write to it and wait for a response.

Through the Archives.org service

This method is most ineffective, but can sometimes help.

The essence of this service is simple: the service stores many cached website pages.

Principles of use:

  1. We visit the site https://archive.org/.
  2. In the search field, enter the desired domain and click the “GO” button: If the service
  3. Contains the desired site, select the date for which you want the page to appear.
    We see cached versions of site pages in search of contact email.

We hope this how to find the publisher of a website helps you find the owner now. Who took your money I guess that’s why you searching for them, LOL! Anyways please tell us in the comments below how you feel about this article.

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