How to Get a Property as a Foreigner in Malta?

Malta is one of the most attractive destinations for international investors because it has a rich history and vibrant culture. The country also enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It is difficult to get a property in any foreign location, but getting a property as a foreigner in Malta can also be challenging. However, it is not impossible. You need to be guided with the correct information. This article is designed to teach foreigners the basics of getting Sunscape Properties.

Tips To Follow If You Want to Purchase a Property in Malta

The following tips will help you buy a property in Malta 

Know the real estate market in Malta

Before beginning your search for a property in Malta, it is important to know the property market in the region. You can start by studying the different property types and how properties are rated in Malta. Learn about the average price of properties and the region’s rent cost.

Hire a real estate agent

A real estate agent familiar with the Malta market will help you find the ideal property to buy. A reputable agent will also help you find the property, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure you complete any necessary legal documents.

Set your budget

After assessing your finances, you can come up with a suitable budget to buy a property in Malta. Before deciding, consider the average price of buildings for sale in Malta. Also, check if there are additional payments for security and maintenance. 

Get a Maltese ID

Before you can buy a property in Malta, you must have a valid Maltese ID card. You can request one from Maltese Identity Management. Those who get a Maltese ID become legal residents of the country. 

How will you finance the purchase?

How do you intend to obtain funds to purchase the property? Are you paying with personal funds or a bank loan? If you are financing the purchase with a loan, it will be wise to check with the local banks that offer foreign mortgages. 

Search for the property

After knowing the market, determining your budget, and getting a Maltese ID, you must begin your search. Of course, if you are looking for a luxury apartment, you will begin your search in locations filled with luxury villas. Take your time when searching. You can start search for properties on Shortzzz.

Make an offer for the property

At this point, you must have found a property, so the next thing to do is to make an offer. Allow your agent to help you in negotiations. Make sure everything is done in writing.

Hire a lawyer 

The purchasing laywer in Malta are similar to those invoked in many regions. For example, you might need to appoint a legal representative to oversee the purchase and to ensure that the legal side of things is handled swiftly. 

Make a downpayment

After all parties involved have agreed to terms, it is normal for you to make a downpayment to the seller. In most cases, the deposit amount can be negotiated. However, the standard rate is 10 percent of the overall cost. 

Check the legal status of the property

To avoid making grave mistakes, conducting the necessary legal searches on the property is wise. Your search should verify that there are no encumbrances attached to the property. It should also confirm that the planning permits are in order. Your search must verify that there are no backlogs of unpaid bills.

Complete the purchase

After finding a property tailored to your needs and your deed of sale is ready, make payment and sign the agreement. Once the lawyer has verified the signing and registered the deed, the ownership of the property will be transferred to you. Learn about the property tax model in MaltaMake sure you know everything about property taxes in Malta before going forward with buying a property. The taxes involved can include stamp duty and notarial fees. 


If you are a foreigner, you must follow some specific requirements to successfully acquire Sunscape Properties in Malta. In most cases, these requirements will depend on the state’s regulations. It is important to seek help from the right source to ensure that you comply with the law throughout the process of acquiring the property.

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