How to Properly Sit in a Gaming Chair While Playing Game in 2022

how to properly sit in a gaming chair

how to properly sit in a gaming chair. Children under the age of ten are affected by postural difficulties in around 10% of cases. As development progresses toward its conclusion, this percentage rises as high as 70 percent. Sedentary lifestyles and being overweight are two of the most common causes of heart disease. Some habits, such as spending extended periods of time in front of video games, are the primary cause of monetary issues during puberty and the rest of adolescence. For this reason, in this article, we’ll go through how to correctly sit in a gaming chair.

Shoulder blade discomfort can be caused by excessive stress on the shoulder blades, which can radiate to the cervical, thoracic and spinal cord, as well as to the shoulders, sacrum, and shoulder blades. In today’s age, where the world of YouTubers and gamers reigns supreme, it is critical to find ergonomic seats that will assist you in maintaining good posture while enjoying a sports afternoon with your pals. Check out the Gamer Chair website to learn more about how to obtain one of these chairs, whether you are a professional gamer or a casual player.

Chair for the gamers: more than a simple seat

Gaming chairs are a type of ergonomic chair designed specifically for regular video game players, whether professional or amateur.

Like any ergonomic chair, it has features that set it apart from ordinary chairs.

1. Seat height adjustment

The chair has a fully adjustable system, often in the form of a lever, which allows its height to be adjusted according to the height of the gamer. This way you keep your back supported at all times with your backrest, while your legs make an angle of 90 اور and your arms rest on a table parallel to your thighs.

2. Adjustable backrest

It is important to have an adjustable backrest in the gaming chair, because the body does not stop moving while playing the game, even if the feeling is still.

To ensure that the chair allows controlled movement, the backrest should be made of a flexible material that blends with the mesh fabric, so that the backrest adapts to the shape of the body in its various movements.

3. Lumbar support

The only thing that complements spinal flexibility is support in the lumbar area, to avoid that the lumbar and sacrum (the last part of the spine, the middle part with the gluteus) is filled and the pressure is focused on the discus intervertebral. Prevents concentration. , Which can cause herniated discs.

4. Movement and transfer.

Free to move and auto move are some of the new things that some gaming chair brands add to their designs. In both cases, the chairs consist of a set of mechanisms distributed between the seat and the backrest. These mechanisms interact with each other, depending on the player’s movements and postures.

5. Adjustable armrests

Just as the height of the gaming chair and the backrest are adjusted, so are the arms. Being able to adjust the height of the arms according to the shoulders increases comfort, helps to stay upright and avoids excessive loads on the shoulder blades and upper back.

6. Materials of construction and wheels

Clothing and upholstery

The human body easily produces about 0.75 liters of water per day in the form of steam. In search of savings, some players forget to look at the contents of the gaming chairs, which are very important, because the low quality plastic with which some chairs are mounted is not able to breathe much. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid leather and choose chairs made of fabric and mesh type fabrics.


In the case of wheels, it is important to consider the type of soil. If it is a wooden or tiled floor, the wheels should be made of a soft compound to avoid scratches. However, if the floor is covered with carpet or rugs, the wheels should be of hard compound so that the chair can move easily despite the resistance of the mat or carpet.

How to sit in a chair properly?

According to ergonomics

First of all, it is easy to know what ergonomics is. This concept defines the science that relates to the study of the workplace, that is, the design of both the environment in which one is going to work or play (in the case of gamers) and the tools that are going to be used. The goal is to avoid physical and mental problems, which is a guarantee of an environment of physical and mental tranquility.

How to sit properly in a chair?

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your gaming chairs:

  • Feet flat on the ground
  • Knee at the same level or above the hips (never below).
  • Respects the curves of the back.
  • The player sits with his back straight, without a lumbar arch.
  • If run on a computer, it should be 45 cm and under the eyes.
  • The game console or keyboard (depending on whether one or the other is used) is below the shoulder line, so that they are not above and the position is neutral.
  • Wrists and arms around the trunk.
  • The posture should not be forced and in case of heavy load, it is advisable to get up, turn your head and take a short walk to spread your legs.


The advent of gaming chairs has sparked a flurry of activity in the gaming sector, which was previously focused solely on the components of a computer specifically built for gaming and the characteristics of video game consoles.

Gamer chairs are among the first pieces of furniture to become widely popular among those who are most enthusiastic about a certain game. If you already have a gaming chair, make sure you know how to use it properly before you start playing. It’s possible that your seating position is incorrect!