How to remove gas lift from gaming chair 2023

How to remove gas lift from gaming chair. Computer chairs have been used exclusively as office furniture for quite some time. The diversity of the design, ergonomics, and durability of these products has led to an increasing number of purchases in apartments and homes today. Although they are generally reliable items, even the most reliable equipment can experience malfunctions, the most common of which is gas spring failure. You must first figure out how to remove the gas lift from the office chair so that it can be fixed completely before you can estimate the extent of wear and strain on this component. You can complete the process without the assistance of a professional; the most important thing is to be familiar with the procedure’s characteristics and operating principles, as well as to carefully follow the instructions provided in this article.

What is a gas lift in an office chair and how does it work?

In order to properly repair office chairs, it is necessary to first understand their “filling.” Because the design of this type of furniture is diverse and sophisticated, it is not suggested to repair office chairs with your own hands without first understanding their “filling.” Consequently, the primary role of the back is to maintain the spinal column of the individual who is seated. Its size and shape may vary, but the angle between it and the seat is always approximately 90 degrees, allowing you to relax your back when lying down.

The arms operate as a support for the elbows, and it is through this support that the load is taken from a person’s spine and neck. These elements might be either customizable or uneven in their shape. It is a metal platform that has been installed on which a lever can be operated. Changing the height of the seat is its responsibility. A steel cylinder filled with inert gas serves as the gas lift itself, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Adjust the product to your height; it is available in three lengths: long, medium, and short. In addition, there is a cross, which serves as an auxiliary component of the framework. It has a huge diameter base with beams, and the optimal number of parts is five. That which symbolizes the primary charge is found in the cross.

The seat can be of several types

The computer chair is moved with the use of rollers. Polymer, polyurethane, and nylon are the materials used to make them. All of these elements are critical to the success of a design. Additionally, manufacturers incorporate extra mechanisms into their goods to improve the overall performance of office furniture.

Following a thorough comprehension of construction principles, it is critical to comprehend what a gas lift in an office chair is. In this style of furniture, the hydraulic cylinder is a flexible spring filled with compressed and pumped air that is specially built for it. When the piston is under high pressure, the texture is low; when the piston is under low pressure, the texture is high. The gadget is positioned on the crossbar and is configured in accordance with the set.

Understanding the functions of a gas lift will assist you in performing self-repairs on a computer chair:

  1. Suppresses the occurrence of spinal cord shock. Whenever a person is seated, its design acts as a shock absorber for them. This function releases the system set, thereby reducing the pressure on the spine.
  2. Make a change to your seating position. A person can effortlessly modify the height of their chair with the use of a gas lift. Quickly raising or lowering the frame can be accomplished by pressing an unique lever that is positioned under the seat.
  3. Rotate the furniture along its axis to see how it looks. A sitting individual can swivel around and obtain what he or she requires without having to get out of their chair.

Because the gas cartridge mechanism is straightforward, installing an office chair with a gas lift is not a tough endeavor. It is based on the following principles that the gadget operates:

  1. The product consists of a valve as well as two tanks. Pressurized air goes from one tank to another through the bypass channel when the first element is closed or opened in either direction.
  2. It is necessary to press the lever in order for the chair to be raised. The valve will open, the air will begin to press against the piston, the piston will fall, and the seat will raise as a result of this.
  3. To make repairs to computer furniture, you must first release the lever. The valve closes, the piston comes to a complete halt, and the frame is locked in this position.
  4. To lower the product, you must press the lever a second time; the seat will then fall below the weight of the person sitting in the chair.


Computer seats, if maintained properly, can last for many years in the workplace. It is possible to switch furniture if a manufacturing defect occurs in the gas fountain, especially if the furniture is warrantied by the manufacturer. It may, however, be required to replace the gas lift, either with your own hands or with the assistance of professionals, if the product has been mistreated. The following are the primary causes of malfunction:

  1. Create a competitive advantage. Rather than sitting on the side of the seat, it is recommended that you sit in the center of your seat cushion.
  2. Furniture upkeep on an as-needed basis. Recommended lubrication intervals are as mentioned in the instructions for the items to be greased.
  3. There are frequently two people in the same chair. The design can sustain a weight of up to 120 kg, but not more than that.


We strongly discourage jumping or taking off because it is quite likely that the gas source may become damaged. If this occurs, you will be required to replace the gas lift in your office chair, which will incur additional financial expenses.

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