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iTravel2000 used to be a good place to book trips, but now it’s not keeping up with the times. Its website isn’t working well, it doesn’t offer many choices, and its technology is old. Even experienced travelers might feel stuck using it.

But don’t worry if you love traveling! I’ve looked all over the internet to find you the 10 best alternatives to itravel2000 to book trips. These alternatives make booking easy, offer more options, and give you exciting travel experiences.

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But first, why the switch?

Why Think About Alternatives to iTravel2000?

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The common reason is mentioned below:

  • Limited selection: iTravel2000 might not offer the expansive range of flights, hotels, and activities you crave, especially for unique destinations or specialized travel styles.
  • Outdated tech: The platform might feel clunky and unintuitive, making the booking process a chore instead of a breeze.
  • Hidden fees: Watch out for surprise charges that can bump up your travel budget unexpectedly.
  • Lack of innovation: No loyalty programs, travel hacks, or personalized recommendations? Time to explore platforms that cater to the modern traveler.

Top Ten Alternatives to iTravel2000

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1. Skyscanner: The Flight Maestro

Think extensive flight options, flexible search filters, and budget-friendly deals. Skyscanner’s magic lies in its ability to compare prices across airlines and travel agents, ensuring you snag the best fare for your journey. Plus, its “Everywhere” search function is perfect for spontaneous adventurers with open itineraries.

2. Kayak: The Multi-talented Marvel

Kayak goes beyond flights, offering deals on hotels, car rentals, and even cruises. Its user-friendly interface and price alerts make trip planning a breeze. Plus, the “Trip Bundles” feature helps you score amazing deals on combined flight and hotel packages.

3. Google Flights: The Data-Driven Dynamo

Leveraging Google’s powerful search algorithms, Google Flights offers a clean interface, intuitive search options, and price prediction tools. See estimated fare changes and set price alerts to ensure you book at the optimal time. It’s perfect for tech-savvy travelers who value clear data and smart predictions.

4. Expedia: The One-Stop Shop

Expedia is a travel giant offering flights, hotels, activities, and holiday packages, all in one convenient platform. Its user reviews and loyalty program (Expedia Rewards) add value, while its mobile app keeps your travel plans accessible on the go. Ideal for travelers seeking a comprehensive solution with trusted reviews.

5. Priceline: The Negotiator extraordinaire

Priceline is known for its “Name Your Own Price” feature, allowing you to negotiate hotel rates and potentially score stunning deals. It also offers car rentals and holiday packages. Be prepared to be flexible with your choices, but if you enjoy the thrill of the bargain hunt, Priceline is your game.

6. The Accommodation Ace

With an extensive hotel inventory, excels in finding you the perfect place to stay, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts. Its mobile app is handy, and its “Genius” loyalty program unlocks exclusive deals and perks for frequent users. Ideal for accommodation-focused travelers seeking variety and rewards.

7. TripAdvisor: The Community-Driven Compass

TripAdvisor is more than just a booking platform; it’s a travel community offering reviews, recommendations, and insights from fellow globetrotters. Use it to research destinations, find hidden gems, and book hotels, activities, and even tours based on trusted reviews. Ideal for travelers who value community insights and authentic experiences.

8. Hostelworld: The Backpacker’s Best Friend

For budget-conscious adventurers, Hostelworld is a haven. It offers a wide range of hostels, from party dorms to private rooms, in destinations worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and social features connect you with like-minded travelers, making solo adventures more fulfilling.

9. Airbnb: The Home Away from Home

Experience local living with Airbnb, offering unique homestays, flats, and even entire houses for rent. It’s perfect for those seeking authentic experiences, spacious accommodations, and a chance to connect with local hosts. Ideal for travelers who value unique stays and cultural immersion.

10. Agoda: The Asia Specialist

Agoda shines in Southeast Asia, offering a vast selection of hotels, resorts, and activities at competitive prices. Its user-friendly interface and loyalty program (“Agoda Cash”) are attractive, making it a top choice for Asia-bound explorers.

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iTravel2000 - Your Ultimate Travel Companion

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How to Pick the Right Alternatives to iTravel2000?

Choosing the best travel planning website can be tricky with so many options. But don’t worry! Here are some easy tips to help you find the perfect one for you.

1. Know What You Want

First, think about what kind of trip you want. Do you want to save money or go all out on luxury? Do you prefer relaxing on a beach or going on exciting adventures? Knowing this helps you find the right website.

2. Think About Your Money

Consider how much you want to spend. Some websites have great deals for people on a budget, while others focus on luxury. Pick one that matches what you can afford.

3. Look at What They Offer

Different websites offer different things. Some cover everything from flights to hotels to car rentals, while others specialize. Make sure the website has what you need.

4. See if It’s Easy to Use

Make sure the website is easy to understand and use. Can you find what you need easily? Does it make planning your trip simpler or more confusing?

5. Get Help When You Need It

Good customer service is important, especially if something goes wrong. Make sure the website has people who can help you quickly if you have questions or problems.

6. Check for Extra Goodies

Some websites offer special things like easy cancellations, rewards programs, or special deals. These can make your trip planning even better.


Why should I Switch from iTravel2000?

iTravel2000 might have limited options, outdated tech, and hidden fees. Newer platforms offer wider selection, user-friendly interfaces, better deals, and innovative features like flexible searches and loyalty programs.

Which Platform is Best for Me?

It depends! Consider your needs:

  • Budget-friendly: Skyscanner, Kayak, Priceline (negotiate!)
  • All-in-one: Expedia,
  • Tech-savvy: Google Flights
  • Community: TripAdvisor
  • Unique stays: Airbnb
  • Asia travel: Agoda

Summing Up

As we finish looking at the best 10 alternatives to itravel2000, it’s obvious that there are lots of choices for booking trips online. Whether you want something easy, cheaper prices, or unexpected adventures, these websites are here to make your travels even better. So, go ahead and travel with confidence!

I hope your trips are full of excitement, discoveries, and lots of happiness. Have a safe journey!

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