Jazz Bundle Plus Offer Latest Package Jazz For a limited time, customers

For a limited time, customers can get 3 GB of data for free when subscribing to the Jazz 36 GB only device bundle or 7 GB when subscribing to both.

How to subscribe to the Jazz Bundle Plus offer

  • Valid up to: 30 days
  • Remaining credits: * 367 * 2 # for 3 GB.
  • * 368 * 2 # for 7 GB.

Terms and conditions

  • All MBB customers with valid prepaid Jazz / Warid numbers registered as a contact number are eligible for FREE GB.
  • Simply subscribe to one of our plans while the offer is valid and you will get one free gigabyte per month! This promotion is only available on Data SIM cards, so make sure you don’t miss it if your plans change during winter break or after exam season ends to save extra internet time this year. without breaking too many budget constraints.


We want to give you the best deal possible, so if you want to get more data for free, join us on Jazz Mobile. fresh and provide excellent customer service. You can get +3 GB of bonus data when you subscribe to any device plan of 36 GB or more, while subscribers who sign up for 75 GB devices will receive an additional 7 GB bonus in more than their current monthly allowance.

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