Jazz Day Bundle Latest Package

Be one of the first 300 customers to purchase this Jazz Day Bundle deal and get 300 minutes, SMS, 20MB internet data for just Rs. 14.

How to subscribe to the Jazz Day pack

  • Activation code: Dial * 340 #
  • Valid until: 24 hours
  • Remaining credits: Dial * 340 * 2 #
  • More information: Dial * 340 * 3 #

Terms and conditions

  • Now you can get faster 4G internet connection at an affordable price!
  • Your actual speed will depend on several factors such as the device you are using; time of day when you surf online; number of devices connected to Wi-Fi, etc.
  • You will also have to pay Rs 5 / MB if you are not subscribed to a base plan rate which equates to one charge pulse every 512 kilobytes. Jazz Mega Super Duper Weekly.


The Jazz Day team gives you the opportunity to be one of the first 300 customers and take advantage of this unbeatable offer. There is no better time than now!


How to subscribe to the Jazz Day bundle?

Take charge of your day with the Jazz Day Pack. Enjoy 300 minutes, 300 SMS & 20 MB at a special price! Dial * 444 # to learn more about our other great offers today.

How to subscribe to the Jazz 24h offer?

Subscribers can dial * 117 * 4 # to purchase this daily plan.

How to subscribe to the monthly jazz offer?

To subscribe, simply dial * 706 #

How can I benefit from the Jazz Daily Internet offer?

Customers can subscribe to this daily rate by dialing * 117 * 4 # on their mobile device.

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