Jazz Free Music Bundle

Jazz Free Music Bundle Jazz offers free mobile internet and Saavn streaming for just Rs. 20 per day including taxes!

How to subscribe Jazz Free Music

  • Activation code: Dial * 502 * 1 * 1 #
  • Valid until: 24 hours

Terms and conditions

  • All prices already include applicable taxes.
  • These plans work on any network speed, but will always be downloaded at the best possible speeds within each respective network type (2g / 3g).
  • If you exceed your data limit for a particular plan, an overage fee per MB is charged with Rs 0.30 added to your total bill amount per additional kilobyte used during the billing cycle after reaching the allocated quota as well. only additional costs depending on the package has been previously selected by the user. To check the remaining minutes and status codes of the validity dial plan for FREE
  • Actual internet speed depends on several external factors, including devices used simultaneously


With the growing demand for internet connectivity on the go, JAZZ gives you 50MB of mobile data and Saavn Streaming to help you enjoy your favorite music. A daily charge of Rs. 20 (tax included) will net you 100MB.

Khizer Tariq

Khizer Tariq

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