Jazz Internet Packages | Daily | Weekly | Monthly (Prepaid & Postpaid)

Jazz has been a growing network all around Pakistan. Their coverage is everywhere whether it’s rural areas or big cities. In this article, I’ll cover Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Jazz internet packages offered by the network. 

All the jazz customers are satisfied with their service and their internet as well. PTA Pakistan telecommunication authority is also giving awards to jazz network teams in the past 2017. They are constantly trying to provide robust signal services to their users.

In addition, there are lots of benefits of having a Jazz sim in Pakistan. Because it offers cheap service and signal issues are reducing now. Sometimes we face these kinds of problems but now they are coming to an end.

Nowadays, everyone tries to be active on social media through the internet. There are many people who can use the internet on a daily basis and they don’t have enough pocket money. So they choose cost-effective daily offers which are less in amount and stay every day active across social platforms.

Offer NamePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeDe-activation CodeStatus / Info Code
Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp PackageRs. 9.6 Incl Taxes1800 SMS, 10MB for WhatsApp1 Day*334#*334*4#*334*2#
Jazz Daily BrowserRs. 20 Incl Taxes50MB1 Day*117*11#Automatically expires on the same day at midnight*117*11*2#
Jazz Sindh OfferRs.12 Incl Tax250MB, Unlimited On-Net Mins1 Day*522#Automatically expires on the same day at midnight*522*2#
Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid LBCRs.13 Incl Tax250MB, Unlimited On-Net Mins, 1500 SMS1 Day*400#Automatically expires on the same day at midnight*400*2#
Jazz Free FacebookRs 0Unlimited data(Basic Facebook)365 DaysGo to Free mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free”N / AN / A
Jazz Daily YouTube & SocialRs. 27 Incl Taxes1.5 GB Data, YouTube, WA, FB1 Day*968#Automatically expires on the same day at midnight*968*3#
KPK DailyRs.13 Incl Taxes250MB, Unlimited On-Net Mins, 1500 SMS1 Day*291#Dial *291*4#*291*2#

Note: Terms and Conditions are applied for every Package including region-based taxes.

3 Days Internet Packages

Yet, Jazz also offers minimal internet offers to their customers. It includes the 72 hours subscriptions and expires automatically after three days. If any user is interested in half-week bundles then 3-day packages are the best options.


Internet Data: 1000 MB

Validity: 3 days

Cost of Package: Rs.60 (Incl. Tax)

Activate Method: Dial *631#

Status Info: Dial *631#

Weekly Packages

If you are a person who doesn’t want to subscribe to daily bundles as they have a short time?

For those people who don’t want to use the internet on a daily basis, they can use these offers and enjoy the whole week with the 3G and 4G fastest internet. There are many cheap and expensive options available. So, you can choose the best bundle according to your needs.


Package NamePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeDe-activation Code

Status Code

Jazz New SIM OfferRs. 01000 SMS, 1000 On-Net Minutes, 3 GB3 Days*191#N/A*990*2#
Jazz Weekly PremiumRs. 230 Incl Taxes50 off-minutes, 4GB7 Days*117*47#Dial *117*47*4#Dial *117*47*2#
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs.369 (Incl. Tax)6000 on-net, 150 off-net, 6000 SMS, 30GB7 Days*506#*506*4#*506*2#
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs.304 (Incl. Tax)5000 on-net, 100 off-net, 6000 SMS, 30GB7 Days*505#*505*4#*505*2#
Jazz Mega Super Duper WeeklyRs.304 (Incl. Tax)5000 on-net, 100 off-net, 6000 SMS, 30GB7 Days*505#*505*4#*505*2#
WEEKLY WHATSAPP BUNDLERs.30 (Incl. Tax)30 MB for WhatsApp, 1500 SMS7 Days*101*1*07#*101*4*07#.*101*2*07#
Jazz Weekly SocialRs. 215 (Incl Tax)8GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO7 Days*668#N/A*668*2#
Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder OfferRs.120 (Incl. Tax)1 GB DATA, 1000 Jazz Mins, 50 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMS​7 Days*747#Automatically expires*747*2#
Jazz Karachi Haftawar Data OfferRs.108 (Incl. Tax)4 GB Data, Free WhatsApp, 500 Jazz Mins7 Days*545#Automatically expiresN/A
Jazz 4G SIM Lagao OfferGet a New SIM6 GB DATA (Including 3 GB for WhatsApp), 3000 Jazz Mins, 3000 SMS7 Days*551#Automatically expires*553*2#
Jazz Weekly Extreme OfferRs. 130 (Incl. Tax)50 GB (12 AM-9 AM)7 Days*117*1#Automatically expires*117*1*2#
LAJAWAB HAFTAWAR OFFERRs.75 (Incl. Tax)2.5 GB ​DATA, 2500 Jazz Mins, 25 Other Network Mins, 2500 SMS7 Days*565#Automatically expires*565*2#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid OfferRs.150 (Incl. Tax)1000 on-net, 60 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1 GB7 Days*407#*407*4#*407*2#
Jazz PESHAWAR HAFTAWAR OFFERRs.195 (Incl. Tax)10 GB Data, 100 All Network Mins, FREE Tamasha App7 Days*109#Automatically expiresN/A
Jazz weekly All networkRs.210 (Incl. Tax)3 GB DATA, 1000 Jazz Mins, 90 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMS7 Days*700#Dial *700*4#*700*2#

Note: Jazz’s new sim offer is only for one-time use. You cannot use this offer multiple times. The sms and other free minutes cannot be used from 9 pm to 9 am.

Monthly Packages

People who are stressed about recharging their internet packages on a daily & weekly basis can go for big offers in monthly packs. It is suitable for most busy individuals and saves time and mental energy to perform the subscription task.

All prepaid customers can buy these offers and bundles and enjoy the whole month without issue. There are multiple Jazz monthly internet packages details are given below. Go can go through step by step and choose the one that suits your browsing needs.


Package NamePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeDe-activation Code

Status Code

Jazz Monthly Browser PackageRs. 330 (Incl Tax)6 GB (3GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*77#*117*77*4#*117*77*2#
JazzMonthly WhatsApp & SMSRs. 174 (Incl Tax)7 GB (WA, IMO, FB, SC, BIP)30 Days*101*1*02#*101*4*02#*101*1*02#
Jazz Monthly Supreme PackageRs. 699 (Incl Tax)24 GB, (10GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*32#*117*32*4#*117*32*2#
Jazz Monthly Extreme PackageRs. 220 (Incl Tax)10 GB (from 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*34#*117*34*4#*117*34*2#
Monthly Mega PlusRs. 520 (Incl Tax)12 GB, (6 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*30#*117*30*4#*117*30*2#
Prepaid Monthly Super DuperRs. 780 (Incl Tax)12 GB, 3000 SMS, 3000 On-Net Minutes & 100 Off-Net Minutes30 Days*706#*706*4#*706*2#
MONTHLY MAXRs. 1040 (Incl Tax)30 GB, 10000 On-Net Minutes, 500 Off-Net Minutes, 10000 SMS30 Days*708#*708*4#*708*2#
Sim Lagao OfferRs. 0.01 (Incl Tax)3000 On-Net Minutes, 3000 SMS, 6 GB (3 GB WA only), except 9 PM – 1 AM30 Days*553#*553*4#*553*2#
Monthly Hybrid BundleRs. 780 (Incl Tax)12 GB, 3000 On-Net Minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS30 Days*430#*430*4#*430*2#
All Rounder PackageRs. 780 (Incl Tax)25 GB, 400 On-Net Minutes + Off-net30 Days*2000#*2000*4#*2000*2#
Monthly Basic (Device Only)Rs. 1500 (Incl Tax)30 GB30 Days*117*71#*117*71*4#*117*71*2#

Prepaid Bundles Summary

  • All the Bundles above Described are only for Prepaid Users.
  • Meanwhile, a Postpaid user cannot use any of these bundles.
  • In order to successfully subscribe to a package make sure your account has enough balance.
  • If your account has not had enough balance then your packages expire then you need to top up your balance and then activate it again.
  • If you want to upgrade your packages to another bundle then tax will be deducted for this process because bundle changing is not free. It takes some amount and converts your packages.
  • There is no charge for checking your remaining SMS, Internet, or minutes.
  • You can get the latest info by reading the policy of Jazz.

Jazz Internet Packages for Postpaid

These are all internet packages that are not for prepaid users, all these packages only have postpaid users. There is a lot of bundle jazz already giving to their postpaid user in very fewer amounts and giving him high data volume. So there is also some package for postpaid users. If they want to use these packages they can do this according to the instructions.

NameInternet VolumeSocial DataCost (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
Monthly WhatsApp6 GB*Rs.1491-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Browser1 GBRs.2301-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Streamer4 GBRs.4601-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Premium10 GBRs.9101-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Supreme20 GBRs.1,6301-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Super28 GBRs.1,7001-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Ultimate55 GBRs.3,4001-month*446*1*1#

In case the bundle’s data is consumed 100%, one can add some extra GBs into his/her actual bundle. Here are the details for additional internet:

ExtendInternet VolumeCost (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
Add On # 11 GBRs.3451-month*446*1*2#
Add On # 22 GBRs.5151-month*446*1*2#
Add On # 34 GBRs.6901-month*446*1*2#

Terms & Conditions

  • All the above postpaid monthly packages are Including tax.
  • These are only for postpaid users.
  • The above monthly packages are automatically renewed if your balance is available in the billing sim.
  • You should pay all your monthly bills for using this service otherwise this service can be stopped at any time.

According to the time when the new bundle will be introduced from the jazz network, we will update it in the same article just keep visiting our website for regular checks for the latest offers. Also, let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below.


What are free on-net minutes?

The terms ‘On-Net’ and ‘Off-Net’ are used to describe call or messaging types. ‘Off-Net’ applies when the call is made on a different network, e.g. whilst you are roaming, or if you are using your home network and making a call or sending a message to a number that resides with a different network provider.

What is the tax percentage on monthly packages?

Whether you’re subscribing to a daily, weekly, or monthly package. The percentage % of tax depends upon the reason you are active. For instance, Punjab province users have different tax tariffs as compared to other provinces (Balochistan, KPK, Sindh).

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