Jazz Monthly 3G /4G Package Latest Package

Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Package Pakistan’s newest 4G network, Jazz is fast becoming Pakistan’s best and fastest. The PTA declared it as such with its recent Ookla award for having incredible internet speeds of over 50 Mbps on average among all users! As the competition between plans increases every day, there are now many different options available such as daily or weekly plans to perfectly meet your needs at all times.

How to subscribe Jazz Monthly Package 3G / 4G

  • Activation code: Dial * 117 * 31 #
  • Valid up to: 30 days

Terms and conditions

  • Internet speed will depend on several factors such as SIM card, device, web pages viewed, time of day, number of concurrent users, distance from the primary location of a site (i.e. nearest cell phone tower) or the fact that it can be accessed via Wi-Fi by entering your browser IP address in the Google Location Services settings menu Maps; Additionally, web page load times can also affect speeds depending on their size – large files may take longer than tiny files because downloading all data requires some processing before returning responses. .


If you are looking for a new 4G network, look no further than Jazz. With recent Ookla prices and incredible internet speeds of over 50 Mbps on average among all users, it has turned out to be one of the best plans available in Pakistan. All plans come with free Airtel-Jazz calls which is an added bonus!

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