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Jazz monthly calling plans are for customers who don’t want to be bothered every now and then by the call activation process. You don’t need to think about your phone’s low or zero balance until you trigger a 30-day calling plan. You can activate a monthly plan just once and stay in touch with all your family members through the one-month call. The Jazz monthly calling plans for the year 2023 are as follows:

List of Jazz monthly calling plans

Package / OfferOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSData (in MBs)Activation CodeStatus CodeCost
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer3004020004000*614#*614*2#Rs.174/-
Jazz Monthly Social Plus3005030010000*617#*617*2#Rs.215/-
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer5000150500010000*529#Via Jazz World AppRs.454/-
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle3000300300012000*430#*430*2#Rs.780/-
Jazz Monthly Premium Package40025000*2000#*2000*2#Rs.780/-
Jazz Monthly Super Duper3000300300012000*706#*706*2#Rs.780/-
Jazz Super Duper Card200015020002000*601#*601*2#Rs.868/-
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer100005001000030000*707#*707*2#Rs.1040/-
Jazz Monthly Max100005001000030000*708#*708*2#Rs.1040/-

Monthly Hybrid Jazz Pack:

The Jazz monthly calling plan offers a multi plan to its customers so that they can take advantage of this offer by using 3000 minutes on the network (valid for 200 minutes per day), 3,000 SMS and 12 Gb Internet at Rs.780/- (Tax incl.). ) valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to the monthly jazz calling package, dial * 430 # and if you just don’t like the package and you don’t need it anymore so you don’t have to worry, here is the code for unsubscribe * 430 * 4 #. Yes, you can check the remaining information by dialing * 430 * 3 #

Super Duper Plus Jazz Monthly Offer:

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus has 10,000 SMS and online minutes to all networks. This monthly jazz calling package also has 500 minutes off-grid and 30 GB of internet for one month in just Rs.1040/- (incl. VAT). Dial *707*2# to activate this offer.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper

Jazz’s monthly calling plans offer its customers a multi-plan to encourage them to take advantage of this offer by using 3000 SMS, 12 GB internet, and 3000 on-net, 300 off-net minutes reduction in Rs.780/- (TTC) for 30 days.

To subscribe to this Jazz monthly calling package, dial *706#, to unsubscribe dial * 706*4# and for the news channel dial * 706* 2 #

Shahdadkot Monthly Offer:

Jazz has a special offer for residents of Shahdadkot district in Sindh. This monthly jazz call offer includes 2000 minutes on the network, 200 minutes off the network, 4000 SMS and 2 GB of Internet data in Rs.319 (Incl. Tax). This offer is valid for one month, to subscribe to this offer, dial * 873 # and the offer will automatically expire.

DG Khan Monthly Offer:

The DG Khan monthly offer includes 2,000 network minutes, 200 off-network minutes, 4,000 SMS and 2 GB Internet for one month at Rs 330 (tax included). To subscribe to this monthly jazz message package, dial * 705 #, this offer will automatically expire after 30 days.

Jazz Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer:

The Jazz Mahna hybrid package offers 300 free minutes on the network, 40 minutes off the network, 2000 free SMS to all networks and 4GB MB of WhatsApp internet data at Rs.174/-.

To subscribe to this monthly jazz call offer, dial *614#.


  • The offer is subject to change at any time.
  • These offers are for a limited time.
  • A call charge of 15 paisa is applicable on all jazz calls
  • If you have a sufficient balance, the plan will renew automatically.
  • Free Mbs is for 2G / 3G / 4G
  • The package will expire at 11:59 p.m. on the 30th calendar day.
  • A service charge of 50 and an operating charge of 50 applies for resuscitation, and 19.5% is encouraged for use in Punjab, Balochistan and KPK
  • 5.06% service charge and 5.06% operating expense apply for power-up, and eighteen DEFs apply for use in Sindh.
  • There is a 5.04% service charge and 5.04% service charge for recharging and 18.5% for use in the rest of Pakistan.


To sum up the above content, I hope you get the best monthly calling package to meet your current needs. Let us know what’s your favorite bundle and why you prefer monthly packages over weekly.

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How many minutes does the Monthly Jazz Hybrid Pack have?

Jazz monthly hybrid pack using 3,000 minutes on the network (valid for a limit of 200 minutes per day).

What are the details of the Jazz Monthly Super Duper package?

Jazz Monthly Super Duper has 3000 SMS and online minutes to all networks. This monthly jazz calling plan also has 300 off-net minutes and 12 GB of internet for one month. In Rs.780/- only. To subscribe to this Mobilink monthly calling plan dial * 706 #.

How do I subscribe to the Shahdadkot monthly offer?

To subscribe to the Shahdadkot monthly offer, dial * 873 #.

Which cities Jazz Supreme Hybrid package is available?

The Jazz Supreme Hybrid pack is for Quetta, Mandi Bahauddin, Pishin, Phalia and Dinga.

How do I subscribe and unsubscribe from the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus offer?

To subscribe to this monthly calling plan, dial * 707 #, to unsubscribe, dial * 707 * 4 # and for the news channel dial * 707 * 2 #.

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