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link ocarina of time 3d game. Unlike the original Nintendo 64 game, the remake of The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina of the time did not have any correction issues – therefore, all the locations in it are made in full 3D. However, the old-fashioned “behind-the-scenes” signs of the game are still visible – from design solutions to Easter eggs.

Boundary Break columnist Sheez has published a new issue dedicated to Oqatina’s Time 3D. We chose the most interesting from the video.

To get started, Shesez drew attention to how groats are arranged in the game – secret places where you can find unique items. It turns out that technically all the bullies are in one place – whenever the link comes, the game just calls in the right place.

1998 power of Consoles

In 1998, the power of the consoles was small, so in the original link ocarina of time in many locations, instead of a full study, there were pre-renders that created the illusion of three-dimensional space. It is curious that the geometry of the level itself existed at the same time – you can see it if you move the camera

But in the remaster, all locations are made in full 3D, including the backs of the game cards.

In the forest of koroks, if you move the camera away, part of the head of the Deku tree becomes visible in the distance, despite the fact that it cannot be seen from the original angle.

In the same location on the roof of one of the houses, you can see a deco-shield – both in the remaster and in the original game. There is no way to get there by standard methods. To get it, you need to shoot at it with a slingshot.

By the way, aiming to link ocarina of time comes from the first person. In many other games, at similar angles, only hands and weapons remain worked out, since only they are visible – however, not everything disappears in Zelda. For example, with a slingshot, for some reason, the head and equipment remain, and with a harpoon – only hands and a sheath with a sword.

Locations Of Original Game

As stated earlier, many locations in the original game are represented by pre-renders. The same goes for the city market.

But in the remaster, the location has been worked out so well that from different angles you can see individual alleys or houses.

Near the fountain, you can see people from the back, who are standing near the counter. If in the “vanilla” Ocarina of Time they still had faced (albeit with extremely low details – they simply could not be seen from normal angles), then in the 3D version they disappeared completely.

The same goes for some buildings – they can be viewed from different angles, but there are simply no textures from certain angles.

But the Temple of Time is fully developed, with the exception of the left wall, which the player never sees.

Courtyard Location in link ocarina of time

In the location of the courtyard at the royal castle, there are many more details than there were in the original game – for example, outside the windows you can see a detailed corridor with carpets. Moreover, these corridors are interconnected and lead to different parts of the location, from where it can be seen.

If you try to get out into the courtyard at night, then you are almost instantly caught by the guards. But, surprisingly (and logically), at this moment another location is loaded, which consists only of a piece of the courtyard – the player still cannot get there.

The original game, outside the window, you could see an Easter egg – portraits of Mario. In the remaster of Super Mario Bros. A whole wall is dedicated, on which the level from it is depicted – with the details of most of the objects.

As you can see In the video. Shesez tried to capture the Lost Forests from above, but this was not immediately possible. The fact is that the game immediately deletes from memory those segments of the location in which Link is not at the moment.

However, after some manipulations with the software, it was still possible to shoot the entire map.

The developers of the remaster treated the available resources much more economically than the creators of the original. Which is already noticeable in the segment with the faces of buyers in the market. The same applies to all other characters, in which certain parts are covered by something.

Shiik Face

In the original link ocarina of time, the shiik has a detailed face behind the mask, while in the 3D version the cape is part of the model.

The same with the Iron Prince – in the “vanilla” inside his model, you can see the texture of gerudo. There is nothing like that in the remaster. Shesez drew attention to how the game deals with some bosses – in particular, Phantom Ganon. Even before the player activates a cutscene with him, his model can be found under the map. This is done so that the game loads all the necessary objects when loading the map at once.

During the battle, Ganon can gallop into the picture. Here, the developers have implemented an interesting optical illusion, because the paintings themselves are flat. When the boss gets “inside” the painting, his model literally shrinks so that the effect of depth disappears.

After that, Ganon rises up and gradually decreases. It feels like the horse gallops further and further, deeper into the picture.

The boss of the fire castle is a long kite that flies out from different holes. When it flies back in, it begins to twist strangely under the level.

And in moments when he protrudes only incompletely to strike, his body is very stretched under the ground.

Boss Fight before Ganon

Before the boss fight himself, he, like Ganon, is under the location. But for some reason, his body is, on the contrary, strongly flattened.

Bosses Gemini under the level is in the same place at the same time. Because of the same models, it seems that there is only one character there.

All merchants in the game do not have developed legs. The same is true in the remaster and in the original. This is strange, because in the next part, Majora’s Mask, made on the same engine, they all have their legs.

In the well of Kakariko village, different objects block the passage in different timelines. In the case of Child Link, this is a huge boulder, while with an older hero, it is just a pile of stones.

Ocarina is completely triangular in the game of time logo. Also, it is so clear that there are details like the handle of the shield. From a general angle, of course, you’ll never see it.

There is a level of forest fortress in which space turns along the corridor. As it turned out, the entire surface is now fully rotated.

In the end, the hype link ocarina of time is simple – it seems.


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