Moto E5 Play is a solution for entry-level users. Moto E5 Plus First Android Go: Motorola G6 and E5 Review Launch Line

Oh, the input limit! Most tech “reporters” run away like a plague. The new Moto E5 Play runs in the same category, which makes the so-called “experts” of this group look like hives. And this is utterly stupid and paranoid. What, if someone asked you which car to buy, would you say “Ferrari”? Cell phones, like any type of consumer, have options for all budgets. There are a number of options that are adjusted for all users, depending on how much and for what they will use their equipment. That’s where the beauty of the Motorola Moto E5 Play lies. This is a great option for the input user.

Motorola Moto E5 Play: Moto’s first Android Go

Go: The thinnest version of Android

Let’s start by talking about the first great success of this team: Using Android Go. Google has created this version of Android to improve the performance of its operating system on entry level phones. Capable of running on computers with 512 MB of RAM, Android Go was considered a system from the beginning that offers all the basics of its “big brother”. Fortunately, the Moto E5 Play has more memory than that (1 GB RAM); So you can run this OS without much trouble.

In addition to running with less RAM, it also has one advantage that is key in this range of equipment: it takes up less space than main storage. Thus, the Moto E5 is about 12 to 12 GB free compared to the 16 GB in it. In general, the operating system will take up a lot of space, thus limiting the scope of your computer to the front.

In addition to storage issues, this includes less complex versions of all Google services. It is designed to reduce (re) used MB and run with very basic features. Cherry YouTube Go is on this software pie: it is basically capable of downloading videos for offline viewing in YouTube. You don’t need a YouTube Red subscription to download videos, but not all videos are available for download. Still, it’s an amazing option for those who want to view their data plans and take their downloaded videos on the road using Wi-Fi at home.

All of this helps eliminate one of the biggest entry-level issues: losing all your storage before downloading applications. Or use too much data if you’re on prepaid. Or “freeze” your phone after just a few weeks of use. All these features are left behind with Android Go. The last thing I want to say is that it’s still Android. So you can install any application from the Google Play Store. Of course, there may be requests that require high clarity. Therefore, the experience may not be as great in extreme graphic challenges. But that’s what the Moto E5 Play is all about. Focus on users who don’t need too much on their equipment and who can get the best experience at the lowest cost.

Specifications: The basics are working together

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Moto E5 Play Specs. But work in unison to bring the best experience of them and their operating system, Android, to such a simple device. Let’s take a look:

  1. SNAPDRAGON 425 processor, 4 cores at 1.4 GHz
  2. Screen 5.34 “480 X 960 FW +, 201PPI
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. 16 GB room
  5. Android (Go) Oreo 8.1
  6. 8MP camera / 5MP front
  7. 2100 mAh battery

These glasses look like the simplest and most interesting things in the world, but their combination works wonders. For example, The screen is not full HD but it means that the processor can handle it without any difficulty, while the battery is stable. Using YouTube Go with downloaded videos also does not use your LTE and does not protect the battery (and data). The battery seems to be very small, but without having to carry a lot of things to run at maximum capacity. It stays up all night without any hassle. But best of all, there are the little things that add to the input range. Things that were previously reserved for the middle ground:

  1. Fingerprint reader
  2. Images with HDR
  3. Slow-motion video
  4. Front camera flash

Who is this phone for?

This is the most important thing when recommending a team: knowing whose purpose it is. And Moto E5 Play for students, professionals who stay out all day (medical agents, transporters, promoters). People with a limited budget, young and old who don’t want to use social networks and messaging anymore. Is a great option. All of these people need equipment that is not too expensive and to meet the basics. And today, there is no offering that offers as much as the Motorola Moto E5 Play in this category.

Like high-end equipment, it is not able to self-classify every specification. Because the combination of all its parts is of great importance to its user.

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