National Horse & Cattle Show 2024 | Event Hourly Schedule, Location and Special Activities

The month of March is bliss for the citizens, especially for the Lahoris, who always enjoy the national events. The government of Punjab arranged this mega event in the Heart of Punjab, “Lahore,” and approved the budget of 677.790 Million to host this event.

In addition, the Livestock Department is the organizer of many animal activities, including the presentation of more than 34 breeds of cattle. Also, there are tons of activities planned. It is most likely the Horse & Camel dances and animals competition that dominate the event.

Special Performance

  • Free Fall by SSG Commandos
  • Prade of Army Band
  • Tent-Pegging
  • Tattoo Show
  • Musical Concert
  • Fire Works at Night


  • Horse Dances
  • Camel Dances
  • Dog Races
  • Polo
  • Equestrian Jumping
  • Milk-Producing Competition of Different Breeds of Cattles

Sports at Gaddafi Stadium

  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Squash
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Wrestling

At Race Course (Jilani Park)

  • Shopping Stalls
  • Food Courts (Desi, Traditional)
  • Sponsors Outlets
  • Games for Kids
  • Different Shows

History of the Event

The event was first back in 1964; it continued for several years. But due to security issues, it was no more paused. As we remember, the last time this event was celebrated in 2015. Since then, it is again planned in 2022 the deliver an enjoyable event for the public.

Dates of the Event

The event will remain functional in the 2nd week of March from 10, 11 till 12.


Horse & Cattle Show Entry

These people can enter:

  • After 04:30 pm only Family can access the Stadium.
  • Schools, Colleges invited Students.
  • Individual with Invitation Passes.
  • Sponsors can enjoy the Live Shows
  • Guests including VIPs

Requirements to Enter

  • Must be Fully Vaccinated.
  • Wear Face Mask.
  • Show Covid-19 Certificate or CNIC.

The Minister of Local Government and Community Development (LGCD), Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed attended the Full Dress Rehearsal at Fortress Stadium on Tuesday at National Horse and Cattle Show. In his speech, he said that:

The promotion of livestock ensures not only economic progress of a country but also the prosperity of farmers.


Who is hosting the Horse & Cattle Show of 2022?
The Government of Punjab supervises the event, with other departments, including Live Stock Punjab and sponsors.
What are the dates of the Horse and Cattle Show?
The event is scheduled for March 10 till 12.
Can we buy the entry tickets for the show?
No, it would be best to have invitation passes or security cards to watch the live performances.
What is the timing of free fall by SSG Commandos?
Have a look at the schedule above; the timing is mentioned in detail.
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