How to Get Pac Code From O2 in Seconds [Secret Revealed]

How to get pac code from o2? O2 PAC code stands for “O2 porting authorization code”. It is the name of a process in which you want to O2 keep my number and just change my network while remaining on the same number.

It is the facility for the mobile users of O2 phone numbers to move on to the new network while their numbers will remain the same. The name of this process is called “mobile number portability (MNP)”. For this procedure, you will be required O2 PAC code.

This procedure is done very easily and in very little time. Let’s discuss first the Role of  Ofcom in acquiring a PAC and then the proper procedure offered by the network provider.

Role of com in acquiring a PAC

After July 2019 Ofcom (Office of Communications) which is controlled by the UK government is offering the facility called “text to switch”. This is the name of a website which is providing by the UK government for the public facility.

This website is controlled by Ofcom Established by the UK government. With this facility, you can get your O2 PAC code very easily.

Before this facility customers were facing difficulties from their current network providers in the process of switching on to the new network. Ofcom. Has now solved this issue forever.

By clicking on the “text to switch option” you will be reached on the website, where round about 15 network companies names you will find on that website.

Like BT, EE, giffgaff, VODAFONE, SKY, TalkTalk, TESCO MOBILE, THREE, etc. You can select any network there, to which network you want to transfer your network. These codes are free of cost; there are no charges for these codes.

How to Get Pac Code From O2 in Seconds

For finding your PAC code number there are some phases according to different situations that anyone will have to face. The following are the procedures and methods that you have to tackle with the code.

Three types of situations can be in porting on to the new network

  1. Someone wants to leave the “O2 network” for switching on to the new network.
  2. If someone wants to join O2 from any other network.
  3. When someone needs to upgrade O2 phones or SIM

These three types of situations will be discussed in detail now.

Porting from O2 to any other network

If any person needs to change his network from O2 to any other network then, can do it in three ways. Any way he considers himself easy and comfortable he can choose that one.

Now we will understand these methods with a detailed discussion. The following are the three ways to change our network by requesting o2 PAC code online from our current network.

  1. By going to the website online. We can get the code from O2 by logging in to the website “my O2 website”. After you logged in, use the option of “go to my details”
  2. SMS method. In this method go to the “write message” option. Type there “PAC” send it on 65075. After a text message, you will receive your PAC
  3. By making a call process. You can get a code by calling your current network. Following is the detail of the calling procedure.
  4. For the monthly package of O2, you will call on “2O2” for the O2 network and call on (0344 809O2O2) for any other network.
  5. For the package of “as you go” call on 4445 for the O2 network and dial (0344 809O222) in case of any other phone network.

get pac code from o2


But remember one thing that, you should call in the working hours of the O2 phone network. The following are the Working hours’ timetable of the o2 network.

  • Monday to Friday: from 8 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm

Getting PAC is a free service. And every customer has the right to avail of this free facility. At the time of sending PAC, they will also inform you regarding the cancellation fees of the O2 contract if any in any case.

That particular PAC will be consisting of 9 digits which will be in the form of letters and numbers.

When you receive that PAC, you will give it to the new network operator for switching on to the new network.

If a person wants to join the “O2 network” from another network.

If you are a customer of any other network and you are interested to join the O2 network then you will require your network to provide you with the PAC.

So that you can easily switch on to the new network. By this code, you will transfer to the O2 network from any other network provider.

The website of O2 is the platform for you to enter your PAC there. After getting PAC you will be able to order your new SIM or phone from the O2 website.

After moving on to the new network, the first important and necessary step you have to take is the package plan selection. Because there are different types of packages with different rates and you can choose any one of them according to your requirement. The following are the packages that you have to select.

  • Pay monthly Package
  • Package of SIM-only
  • iPhone Package
  • Samsung galaxy Package
  • Package of Pay as you go
  • Free SIM Package

For information about the latest packages and planes, you are recommended to visit the “O2 website”

Some packages and plans detail of O2 network

After joining the O2 network, some packages according to your requirements and budget are waiting for you to activate them.

There are two main types of packages in O2. One is “pay as you go” and the second is “contract”. But these two types have also sub-categories in them of different packages with different characteristics and prices. The following are the details of the packages of O2.

Pay as you go package plan

Monthly ChargesDataLocal MinutesAbroad Minutes
£ 106 GBUnlimited minutesNone
£ 1515 GBUnlimited minutesNone
£ 2015 GB1000 minutes1000 minutes to 48 destinations
£ 30100 GBUnlimited minutesnone

Contract based package plan

Monthly ChargesDataLocal MinutesAbroad Minutes
£ 155 GBUnlimited minutesnone
£ 1710 GBUnlimited minutesnone
£ 20100 GBUnlimited minutesnone
£ 30Unlimited GBUnlimited minutesnone

NOTE. Always visit the website of “O2 network” for the uploaded new information. Because companies update and change the packages over it is recommended to frequently visit the site to achieve updated information.

Stage of receiving a new SIM OR phone.

After receiving your SIM or phone you should make sure that everything in your SIM or PHONE is working correctly.

There may be some problem with your SIM or phone during checking, so it is the best time to return it to the company or change it before moving on to the new network.

If you feel convenient with a new SIM or phone then your PAC will be submitted through O2’s online form. Otherwise, you can provide your PAC through O2 phone also

But if you are want to join the “O2 monthly packages” then you will submit it by calling on the helping desk number “2O2” from your O2 case of any other network, you can call on 0344 809O2O2.

If you want to join the “pay as you go package” then you should submit your PAC by making the call on 4445, in case you are calling from other networks you should make a call on 0344 809O222

After providing PAC to your new network, the next day your network will transfer to another network. It means one working day will be required for it.

But it will not be done on the “English bank holiday”. 8 specific bank holidays are not considered the working days by the network-providing companies. Normally working days will be “Monday to Friday”

But sometimes the network companies provide you PAC at the time of ordering your new SIM card or phone. so this will save your time for the procedure of acquiring PAC


If you Just need to up-grade your Tariff or your mobile set

There is no need to acquire an O2 PAC code from your network in case of if you just want to move on to a new tariff or up-gradation of your handset.

You can fulfill this requirement through the “website of O2”.  Up-grading your handset or tariff, it is very much very because you can visit the website at any time. The website service is always for 24 hours.

At any time and any date, you can approach that particular website for the upgrading procedure. Any holiday or working hours of normal routine do not matter in online up-gradation.

After approaching that website there you find that 6 types of packages are waiting for you. All these packages we have mentioned earlier in this article.

Some detail about the O2 UK based “ Company” apart from the O2 PAC code topic

O2 UK-based telecom. The company is registered with the name “Telefonica UK limited”. It is a British company engaging in telecommunication services. It is the second large mobile network coverage company in the United Kingdom.

Till February 2O20, this company customer has reached up to 26.4 million people. On the ranking base, the first number is the “EE” named company.

This company was formed with the name of call net in 1985. Cellnet and Vodafone was the first two network’s coverage companies for the mobiles in 2006 “Telefonica” company purchased this network with the same name “O2”



After a thorough discussion about different methods regarding how to get the “O2 PAC code”. The best and easy way to achieve the PAC is by SMS or go to the website directly. But it should be in one’s mind that O2 is one of the old networks in the UK.

It is commonly said that “old network has signals strong network” so if there is not a serious problem regarding network or anything else then leaving O2 network is not recommended.

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