Orange Line Metro Train System Lahore Latest Fare Structure

We’ve seen some of the modifications in the OLMT system. But the latest updated fare policy is to provide the maximum benefits for daily travelers. So here I’m going to talk about the ticket rates for Orange Train.

In the city of Lahore, commutation has a significant impact on the life of the citizens. No one wants to get late from his/her office or school. Therefore, a majority of locals utilize the service of the Metro Train for traveling.

Revised Fares

OLMT updated fare

Punjab Mass Transit Authority finally changed the fare structure of ticketing on Orange Line. The new fare is based on the kilometers you traveled. Yet, it’s beneficial for those who have to pay the whole (Rs.40/-) even if they travel to the very next station they boarded.

However, the implementation of new rates starts within a day or two as the approval will be issued on the 18th of November, 2022.

According to Muneeb Sultan Cheema (Provincial Transport Minister), in 1st phase, the reduced-fare area is introduced. Meanwhile, the 2nd phase offers free cards & traveling discounts to students and senior citizens (up to 30% off).

Rate List of New Fares

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the new ticket/token price for the Orange Line Metro Train?
The end-to-end fare is Rs.40/-. But if you travel fewer kilometers, the reduced fares will be applied.
What if I travel within 5 km on the train?
You only have to pay Rs.25/- for the journey.
How can I get a Train Prepaid Card?
You can purchase a card from the ticketing booth.