Ramadan Weight Loss Workout day 1 

Ramadan Weight Loss. Ramzan comes in the 9th month in Muslim Calender. Sturdy grown-up Muslims brief in Ramadan from the first slight until sundown. That contains retaining off drinking, eating, unethical acts, and outrage. Super demonstrations of love, as an instance, supplication, perusing the Quran, and top purpose empowers throughout the holy month.

Muslims likewise take shipping of the Quran became exposed in Ramadan.

Inside the direction of the blessed month, Muslims rise correctly on time to eat a pre-dawn feast known as suhoor, and they destroy their brief with a dinner alluded to as iftar.

It’s miles ordinary for mosques to have large iftars, particularly for poor people and penniless. Day by day, petitions referred to as Tarawih are moreover in mosques after iftar.

Several societies have various customs in the route of Ramadan, irrespective of whether or not it is super nourishment they need to prepare dinner or eating iftar with the extra remote own family. Islamic ideas, as an instance, liberality motivated the vast majority of these customs, collectively with sharing nourishment and welcoming visitors over for iftar.

ramadan weight loss exercise


• Skipping rope for 10-15rnins to get your body warmed up, if you don’t have any skipping rope then do imaginary jumps same as you would have done with rope 


  1. Plyo pushups- little jump from hands while doing pushups 
  2. Squat thrusters- pushup position then squat position 
  3. Reverse lung with knee up 
  4. Sumo squat jump 
  5. Long jump with backward drills- jump as far as you can with backward exercises to the start position 

Each exercise will have five sets and 20 reps, and for lunges, it will be per leg 20. 


  • 1) the stance for plyo pushup will have kneeled for those who can’t do it in a regular pushup stance 
  • 2) you don’t have to perform squat or pushup in second ex (thrusters), you have to switch between positions 
  • 3) for the third one, balance is critical, do a reverse lung, come forward and knee up while being on a single leg and then repeat it from the second leg 
  • 4) wide stance squat jumps 
  • 5) in the last ex backward drills means you have to jog back to the start position and then again jump as far as you can and then repeat 
  • 6) if you want to work out more than add up the no.of sets and reps 


  • 1) Leg raises (50reps) 
  • 2) Flutter kicks/scissors (50reps per leg) 
  • 3) Crunches (100reps) 
  • 4) Situps (40reps) 
  • 5) planks (4 sets of max hold) 

Note: denominations are up to you, you have to complete all the reps 

By Certified Trainer : Haider Ali Khan