SadaPay Complete Charges Schedule | Transactions, Debit Card & Foreign Remittances Fee

The SadaPay is simple and has a minimized charge structure to provide a cost-effective banking experience. For most of its services are free, including:

  • Account Opening
  • Monthly Charges
  • Annual Charges
  • Mobile Banking
  • SMS Alerts
  • Minimum Balance Requirement
  • First Time Debit Card Issuance
  • Local Bank Funds Transfer

Meanwhile, it only charges a bit for international financial transactions. See the schedule below:

ServiceCharges (PKR)
Account Opening0
Monthly Charges0
Annual Charges0
Mobile Banking0
SMS Alerts0
Minimum Balance Requirement0
First Time Debit Card Issuance0
Debit Card Replacement500
PayPak Card700 (annual)
1st 3 ATM Withdrawls0
Subsequent Withdrawls (4th)23.44
Local Bank Transfer0
Foreign Transcation0.015
Foreign Transcation POS0.015
International ATM1.50%+Rs.250/-
Foregin Remittances0


If SadaPay doesn’t charge, then how does it earns?

An intelligent question. They don’t have branches like traditional banks, which cuts most of their expenditures. Therefore, very few staff is required to handle the operations. Ultimately, the benefit to the users informs of free services.

What are the charges for foreign transaction?

It depends upon the funds transfer amount. And calculated as 1.50% per transaction.

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