SadaPay vs NayaPay? Detailed Comparison of Digital Wallets

If you are confused which wallet to register or you need clarification on NayaPay and SadaPay?

Which is best for transactions?

Their customer support, schedule of charges, and much more. Here in this article, I compared both micro fin-tech services.

Features Comparison

ApprovalLong Waiting ListInstant after sign up
Card FeeFreeFree
Debit Card TypeMasterCardVisa
Cash Withdrawal (daily)Rs.10,000/-Rs.10,000/-
Wallet FeeNoneNone
Available forAndroid / iOSAndroid / iOS
Biometric VerificationRs.120/- (refundable)Free via App
Initial Account LimitRs.50,000/- (monthly)Rs.50,000/- (monthly)
Upgraded Account LimitRs.200k or Rs.500k (for freelancers)Rs.200,000/- (monthly)
AccessLocked (Fingerprint/PIN)Open UI (PIN/Fingerprint at transaction)
Bill Payments
Card Freeze
Mobile Top-Up
Spending Control
Chat Feature
Split Bills
Gift Transactions

User Interface of SadaPay

It’s simple; even if you haven’t used any online banking application before, you can perform transactions with clicks.

When you open the app its UI looks like showing:

  • Current Balance

Your current balance of a wallet. Tap it to view your MasterCard Debit cards virtual or physical.

  • Load Money

Your account number is shown here to receive local and international payments.

  • Send & Request

Recently, a request feature is add to the app to remind the borrower to give their money back. To send money enter the amount type number of the receiver and confirm.

  • Transactions History

A list of recent transactions is displayed on the home page along with the date.

  • Account Info

To check about the related information go to the “More”  section and explore the contents there.

How to increase the limit of the SadaPay account?

By default, SadaPay offers a 50,000/- deposit limit per month. But the users can upgrade up to 200,000/- by biometric verification. Follow the steps below to enjoy extended limits:

  1. First, visit any nearest Nadra e-Sahulat Agent..
  2. Tell the agent to perform biometric verification with a fingerprint.
  3. A receipt will be generated, costing you Rs.120/- (Sadapay will refund this cost)
  4. Send the bar code receipt to sadapay chat support.
  5. They’ll upgrade the account limits soon.

UI of NayaPay

In contrast to SadaPay, the user interface of NayaPay is more detailed and has various features. Some are described below:

  • Quick Pay

When you tap on Quick Pay, a QR code is shown, which can be scanned by the sender, or you can scan the other person’s QR. Also, a five-digit code is generated to perform a transaction.

  • Pay Contact

All of your NayaPay contacts will show up here with their unique ID, such as “name@nayapay.” Then, search, define and make your transaction.

  • Discover Merchants

Here you can see the merchant’s ID’s to perform the business or individual payments, which include schools, hospitals, foundations, clubs, etc.

  • Bill Split

Suppose you have a considerable payment pending. By using Bill Split feature, you can request lenders to break the whole amount into small parts.

  • Gift Envelope

Nayapay evolved the gift-sending culture to digital. Send gift envelopes to your loved ones on special occasions of Eid, Birthdays, and Best Wishes. (min amount: Rs. 1/-)

  • Mobile Top-Up

Top-Up your network credit from this option. Luckily all four operators’ balances can be added from here. On the other hand, you can subscribe to bundles with the same feature.

  • Utilities

You can pay your Gas 🔥, Electricity ⚡, and Water 💧 bills under one feature umbrella.

Furthermore, the “Chat” feature allows users to chit-chat with the beneficiaries and update them regarding the fund’s transfer.

Next to chats, the “Card” option can use for freezing the card for suspicious activity or manage the per-day transaction limits at POS merchants & online payments.

Lastly, you can see the history on the “Payments” tab. All bills, funds transfers, mobile recharge, and other data will show up there.

How to increase the limit of the NayaPay?

If you want to extend the limits of debit cards, there are two ways to do it. First, once the limit is upgraded, you can receive up to 500,000/- instead of 200,000/- per month.

Method # 01 — Through ATM Machine

In order to upgrade your monthly transaction limits through the ATM, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit any Meezan Bank ATM
  2. Select Biometric Services
  3. Choose NayaPay option
  4. Click on “Biometric Verification”
  5. Now Type your CNIC number, & registered mobile number
  6. Follow the instructions and place your finger on the biometric sensor
  7. A confirmation message will appear on the screen “Limits are upgraded.”

Method # 02 — Through Mobile App

In case there is no ATM nearby, NayaPay allows upgrading the limit using the mobile app. Here’s how:

  1. Open your NayaPay app & click on the “Upgrade” option
  2. Tap on “Upgrade through the app” to proceed
  3. Follow the instruction on the screen.
  4. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor & face in front of the camera.
  5. That’s all you need to do. Congratulations account is upgraded.


To sum up the above, NayaPay is more feature oriented than SadaPay. Despite this, both are gaining popularity. Which one do you prefer?

Or if you have a question regarding any of these micro-money institutions. Ask in the comment section below.

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