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Super Mario Bros Google For most people. March 10 is just another date on the calendar. But for fans of the anxious plumber Mario, who has become a symbol of Nintendo and sports in general, this date is known as Mario Day, because March 10 can also be written as MAR10 (Mario). ۔ Google and Nintendo have worked to keep this tradition alive and make fans happy.

It’s about adding Mario Racing Maps directly to Google Maps from the arcade series Mario Kart. Service users will be able to ride on real roads like Mario. Instead of the usual car display icon on Google Maps, users can choose Mario in their popular mini car.

Google noted: “We recognize real Mario fans as soon as we meet them. They reject the background music of Super Mario Bruce, dreaming of collecting gold coins and 1UP mushrooms, and nothing more.” But besides, they can come back to the Mushroom Kingdom with Lozi, Todd and Yoshi to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Has partnered with Nintendo’s team to run Mario users on their Google Maps adventure this week. “

The user will need the latest version of the Google Maps application on an iOS or Android device. After the update, when you start the application, a question mark will appear in the right corner, when you click on it you will be prompted to activate Mario. This is not a permanent change: the feature will only last one week.

Ubisoft is happy with Mario + Rabbids and plans to make more games for Switch

Ubisoft has announced in its latest financial statement that it is the top publisher of Nintendo Switch’s side projects. Its most successful hybrid console game, the twist-based strategy game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Beetle, is currently the most successful third-party game in the Japanese system.

During the conference call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed further support for the switch: “So yes, our support is growing and we are very happy with what Mario + Robbies has achieved. Don’t forget that Just Dance is also a very salable project on Switch, and this trend will continue as the gaming system continues to grow in popularity. And yes, in the future we are going to do more work for this platform. – We can’t just share details right now.

South Park: Fractured but rumored to be one of Ubisoft’s switch games. This assumption was confirmed last week in the same position on the Mexican site Amazon. However, Ubisoft has not yet confirmed that this version will be released for the Nintendo system.

Ubisoft CFO Elaine Martinez also stressed during the reporting conference that the recent success of the release of Mario + Rabbids in Japan is once again a testament to the company’s strong position on the switch, and in the future, with increased console sales. , This strategic new sales game. Martinez added that Ubisoft will continue its excellent partnership with Nintendo for more than a decade.

Ubisoft Milan working on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Beetle: “Enthusiasm is important”

Development Online journalist Jim Alexander spoke with Ubisoft Milan’s General Manager Dario Maglihawaka and Studio Creative Director David Soliani about the role of the spirit of developing and working with Nintendo on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Beetle.

The battle of Mario + Rabbits Kingdom seems quite extraordinary. Ubisoft has combined two intellectual features to create an unusual tactical game reminiscent of the XCOM series. So when Nintendo went to a French publisher to build a platform on which the heroes of Mario and Ravening Rabbis could come together, the developers had a big responsibility.

“It all started with a very simple message,” Dario began. – We had to come up with a concept with Mario and Rabbits, that’s all. This was only made possible by the excellent relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo over the years. We were faced with a difficult task. Personally, I was sure that only a few people would be able to succeed in this, and I firmly believed in David and his team, because … ”.

“Because I’m a nerd,” interrupted Soliani. “Exactly,” Migliavakka continued. – Because he’s a big fan of Nintendo and knows everything about it. I believed in him. The initial message was really simple. ” He repeated the word “simple”, making the rabbit ears with his hands. “Nobody knew the genre or the plot,” Soliani added. “They just offered to unite the two universes.”

Ubisoft Internal Studio super mario bros google

It is a great honor for Ubisoft’s internal studio to take over the leadership of the new project. For example, Ubisoft Singapore is now working on a pirate-themed game Skull and Bones – they used to be responsible for water and ships in Assassin’s Creed. In the case of Mario + Rabbids, things are different, because the team has not encountered this in the past.

“It was different for us because there was a big question mark in the shape of Nintendo,” said Miliavacca. “Development started with a very small team and prototyping.”

Playing with someone else’s intellectual property is always difficult. “This is a big opportunity,” says Soliani. “But that big opportunity was Mario, who is probably the most famous character in the video game industry. And to be someone who grew up with Nintendo and Miyamoto games … For me, this guy is a legend. It was not easy for me because I had to introduce the game to him and other people at Nintendo, and even if I was confident in my knowledge of Nintendo, even if I used common sense to suggest something, it was not easy. I was under a lot of stress because we were trying to show them something that had a high level of quality and polish, but also something crazy. ”

When your childhood hero asks you to reinvent the very games that led you to your career in the industry …

“Miyamoto told me something. “Show me your color,” he said. “Show me how far you can go. I want to see something different. ” Living with the knowledge that he expects something amazing is not so easy. I would say that I have a lot of respect for this intellectual property, but I strictly intend to show my perspective.

If I learned anything from working with Nintendo, it is that you can never restrain yourself, Soliani continued. “It’s always better to dare. At worst, they would say no. But at the same time, they want to be surprised. Otherwise, they would have to make this game themselves. So they wanted you to try it. Of course, it would be foolish to go to them and offer something that is not in line with the norms and vulgar. But if you offer them something amazing, even if it is something very strange, they will take it into account. As long as there is a good reason or rationale.

So now I never hold back. I have waited twenty years to do the battle with the Ghost, the third boss in the game. The whole idea started with the Phantom trying to piss off Mario and I said, “They will never approve of something like that,” but in the end they did. It’s always better to try. ”

Nintendo franchises super mario bros google

Time and time again, Soliani returns to the fact that his passion for the Nintendo franchises allowed him to succeed in this daunting task. But at Ubisoft Milan, Davide is also surrounded by fans of other games. Those who got into the industry because of their love of games.

“In our brainstorming sessions, we don’t care if you are a designer, animator, or programmer. We want people to participate in the process. We usually mix people. Yes, in the end, I will direct everything, but if a designer says to me: “What about this?” And his idea is better than mine, then I will say: “Yes, let’s use this,” says Davide Soliani.

We are completely open to ideas. Animators themselves offered creative situations such as Luigi’s dubbing that spread across the internet. I think that we provide such a mood when people are not afraid to offer something. It’s a very tough work environment and I pay attention to a lot of people. I don’t tell them, “Take your time.” No-no-no. I want them to really work. That is why we are trying to find people with a lot of passion inside. A sacred flame burns in their chest. I want them to ask more of me. We encourage this.”

With a long development cycle, this flame can be easily lost. But how can this be prevented? “I don’t know,” Soliani admits. – There are goals in my life that I would like to achieve. Even if they sound completely insane, I always work hard to make them possible – and this is one of them. But the first thing a designer, or anyone in the industry has to learn, is to accept criticism. This is the hardest thing. Not studying at the academy, How to use tools, and accept criticism. If you have achieved this, everything else will be much easier. ”

Super Mario bros google + Rabbids Condom Beetle was released on August 29, 2017, on the Nintendo Switch. Turn-based tactics have been well-received by players and critics (the average rating on OpenCritic is 85 points out of 100), and it also won the “Best Strategy” category and the “Best Family Game” at The Game Awards 2017. Was nominated in the category.


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