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Telenor, one of the leading telecommunication companies, offers a diverse range of internet packages designed to cater to the unique needs of its vast user base. Whether you’re an occasional surfer, a social media enthusiast, or someone who relies on the internet for work, Telenor has got you covered. Here, we’ll dive deep into their daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages to help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

1. Daily Internet Packages

Perfect for users who need short-term internet access:

  • Daily Lite Bundle: Ideal for those who want quick access to the internet for checking emails or sending messages.
    • Data: 50MB
    • Price: PKR 12
    • Activation: Dial *12#
  • Daily Social Pack: Perfect for social media lovers who want to stay connected on Facebook and WhatsApp.
    • Data: 70MB for Facebook & WhatsApp
    • Price: PKR 8
    • Activation: Dial *311#

(Note: Prices and activation codes might change. Always refer to Telenor’s official site for the latest information.)

2. Weekly Internet Packages

Great for users who want a longer duration package without the monthly commitment:

  • Weekly Internet All in One: Best for those who enjoy both internet browsing and making calls.
    • Data: 3GB Internet, 500MB for Social
    • 150 Telenor minutes
    • Price: PKR 120
    • Activation: Dial 34588#
  • Weekly Ultra: Suitable for users who consume more data through video streaming or large downloads.
    • Data: 7GB Internet, 1GB Goonj
    • Price: PKR 170
    • Activation: Dial *336#

3. Monthly Internet Packages

Designed for those who want uninterrupted internet connectivity for the entire month:

  • Monthly Starter Bundle: A budget-friendly option for moderate users.
    • Data: 3GB Internet, 1GB Social
    • Price: PKR 300
    • Activation: Dial *302#
  • Monthly Ultra: For heavy internet users and professionals.
    • Data: 10GB Internet, 2GB Social
    • Price: PKR 450
    • Activation: Dial *335#

Bonus Tip: Always make sure to check the remaining MBs on your package. For most Telenor internet packages, you can dial a specific code to check the remaining data. This way, you can manage your usage and avoid unexpected charges.


With Telenor’s diverse range of internet packages, every user can find a plan tailored to their needs. Always consider your usage pattern, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, before selecting a package. It’s also essential to stay updated with their offers, as Telenor frequently introduces new bundles and promotional rates.

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