Ufone Internet Packages | Daily | Weekly | Monthly

Ufone, a prominent telecommunication operator in Pakistan, understands the varying needs of its users when it comes to internet connectivity. Whether you need a short-term daily package or something that lasts you a month, Ufone has got you covered. Let’s explore their range of internet packages to help you make the right choice.

1. Daily Internet Packages

For users seeking short-term internet access:

  • Daily Light:
    • Data: 40MB + 500MB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 12
    • Activation: Dial *2256#
  • Daily Heavy:
    • Data: 75MB + 500MB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 18
    • Activation: Dial *2258#

2. Weekly Internet Packages

For users who want internet access spanning a week:

  • Super Internet:
    • Data: 1.2GB
    • Price: PKR 130
    • Activation: Dial *220#
  • Weekly Light:
    • Data: 250MB + 2GB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 50
    • Activation: Dial *7811#

3. Monthly Internet Packages

For users desiring uninterrupted internet connectivity for a whole month:

  • Monthly Light:
    • Data: 1GB + 2GB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 390
    • Activation: Dial *7807#
  • Monthly Heavy:
    • Data: 3GB + 2GB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 780
    • Activation: Dial *803#
  • Monthly Max:
    • Data: 10GB + 2GB (Social Media)
    • Price: PKR 1,560
    • Activation: Dial *5100#

Checking Remaining Data: It’s a good practice to keep track of your data usage. Most Ufone internet packages come with a specific code to check the remaining data. For instance, to check the remaining data for the Monthly Light package, dial *707#.


Ufone’s diverse range of internet packages ensures that every user can find a plan tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re browsing daily, weekly, or monthly, Ufone has got a package for you. Always stay updated with the latest offers by periodically checking Ufone’s official website or reaching out to their customer service.

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