Ufone Monthly Call Package | Activation Code

Communicate with your friends and family, forget about your credit and activate the Ufone monthly calling plan that is right for you, especially students, because they need to keep in touch with their classmates for homework. They can start any Ufone monthly calling plans that suit them and call their fellow students for a month at no additional cost.

List of Ufone monthly calling plans:

Ufone provides the best monthly calling plans for their users, so that they connect with their loved ones, calling him the best option if you have to gossip with your friends and can’t talk to your friends face to face. face, so you can easily call them on their numbers. Still, calling isn’t a cheap thing, so to that end, we’ve got a few plans for you that will make your life easier. The details of these packages are as follows:


PackagePriceVolumeGiftsDurationActivation codeDeactivation code
Ufone Mini Super CardRs 330500 minutes UU and PTCL3,500 SMS, 600 MB, 75 minutes off-grid15 daysDial * 230 #automatically expires after 15 days
Ufone Super Card550 rupees1000 minutes UU & PTCL4000 SMS, 1200 MB, 150 minutes off-grid30 daysDial * 240 # (You can also buy super card from Ufone retailer)automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Super Card Plus599 rupees1200 minutes UU & PTCL180 minutes off-grid, 4,200 SMS, 1,500 MB30 daysDial * 250 # (You can buy Super Card from Ufone dealer)automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Pakistan Monthly OfferRs 418 + taxes4000 UU, PTCL and Vfone400 MB30 daysDial * 8888 #Dial * 8880 #
Ufone Sim Lagao OfferRs 06000 minutes UU & PTCL6000 SMS, 6000 MB (2G 3G)30 daysDial * 5000 #automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Nayi Sim Offer50 rupees500 minutes UU and PTCL25 minutes off-grid, 500 SMS, 1 GB internet data30 daysDila * 1000 #automatically expires after 30 days

Ufone Mini Super Card:

From this offer you will get 500 Ufone to Ufone and ptcl mints, 3500 free SMS, 600MB of internet and 75 mints off network. Just in Rs 330 for 15 days. A 15 day package is enough for you, and when you get 500 Ufone to Ufone min and ptcl min, 3500 sms for 15 days. To subscribe to this package and take advantage of these gifts. To activate this offer, dial * 230 #. This offer automatically expires after 15 days.

Price: Rs 330

Free sweets online: 500

Free SMS: 3500

Free MB: 600

Free Net Mints: 75

Validity: 15 days

Super Ufone Card:

You will get 1000 u2u and ptcl minutes from this Ufone monthly calling plan, 4000 SMS, 1200 MBS and 150 minutes off network. These gifts are enough for you for 1 month. You can easily take advantage of it by subscribing to this offer. To activate this offer, dial * 240 #. This offer expires after one month.

Price: Rs 550

Free coins online: 1000

Free SMS: 4000

Free MB: 1200

Free off-grid currencies: 150

Validity: 1 month.

Ufone Super plus card:

From this offer, you will get 1200 u2u and ptcl minutes, 180 minutes for all other networks, 4200 free sms and 1500 MBS free for 1 month. To activate this offer, dial * 250 #, and you can also purchase a card from a retailer. This offer automatically expires after one month.

Price: Rs 599

Free coins online: 1200

Free off-grid currencies: 180

Free SMS: 4200

Free MB: 1500

Validity: 1 month

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer:

From this Ufone Monthly Pakistan offer you will get 4000 on network mints, 400 Mbs for internet packages in just Rs 418 and valid for 30 days. To activate this offer, dial * 8888 #. To deactivate this offer, dial * 8880 #

Price: Rs 418 + taxes

Free minutes on the net: 4000

Free MB: 400

Validity: 30 days


Q: Does the Ufone network have 4G?

Some parts of the country provide Ufone 4G internet. Depending on your area, you can dial * 4 # to check if your SIM is 4G compatible or not.

Q: How can we subscribe in Ufone Great Internet?

Dial * 220 # to subscribe to Ufone Super Internet.

Q: How do we check our balance?

Simply dial * 124 # to check your balance.

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