Ufone Monthly Internet Packages | Activation Code

Ufone offers internet packages for people who use the internet for a whole month. These plans are not only inexpensive, but also come with other additional elements like extra minutes, SMS etc. with monthly internet plans, you don’t need to subscribe and unsubscribe from plans over and over again after a day or a whole week, you have to subscribe to the plan once, and it will expire after a month so that you can browse, connect with friends and family with Ufone monthly plan, these Ufone monthly internet plans are reliable and worth buying.

List of Ufone monthly internet plans:

Just go to your nearest store and get your monthly internet with Ufone Tum hi to Ho! Because ufone cares about its customers, Ufone knows the needs of its users, therefore all the packages provided by Ufone are suitable for the needs of young people, because internet is a basic need of young people, especially they have to connect with their friends social with the help of the social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc., they have to maintain their social circle in one way or another. They can do this through the Ufone monthly net packages. Some of Ufone’s popular monthly internet plans are shown below:


Package namePriceVolumeGiftsDurationActivation codeDeactivation code
Ufone monthly light390 rupees1 GB2 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter30 daysDial * 7807 #automatically expires after one month
Heavy monthly ufone780 rupees3 GB2 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter30 daysDial * 803 #automatically expires after one month
Max Monthly UfoneRs 156010 GB2 GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter30 daysDial * 5100 #automatically expires after one month
Ufone Social Monthly BucketRs 60Use Facebook, WhatsApp and TwitterN / A30 daysDial * 5858 #automatically expires after one month
Ufone Sim Lagao OfferRs 06000 MB (2G 3G)6000 SMS, 6000 minutes UU & PTCL30 daysDial * 5000 #automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Nayi Sim Offer50 rupees1 GB of Internet data25 minutes off-grid, 500 SMS, 500 UU and PTCL minutes30 daysDila * 1000 #automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Super Card550 rupees1200 MB4000 SMS, 150 minutes off-grid, 1000 UU and PTCL minutes30 daysDial * 240 # (You can also buy super card from Ufone retailer)automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Super Card Plus599 rupees1500 MB180 minutes off-grid, 4,200 SMS, 1,200 UU and PTCL minutes30 daysDial * 250 # (You can buy Super Card from Ufone dealer)automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Pakistan Monthly OfferRs 418 + taxes400 MB4000 UU, PTCL and Vfone30 daysDial * 8888 #automatically expires after 30 days

Ufone monthly light:

From this cheap Ufone monthly plan, you will get 1 GB of internet data and 2 GB for Facebook, What’s App-line and Twitter when you get 1 GB of internet and freebies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and a line for one the whole month. So what are you waiting for? Go subscribe to this offer and take advantage of these freebies. From the Ufone monthly plan. Simply dial * 7807 # to activate this offer on your Ufone number. This offer will automatically expire after one month, so until then enjoy browsing Ufone net pkge

Details of this offer:

Price: 1 GB

Gifts : 2 Go for Facebook, What’s App, Line and Twitter

Validity: 1 month.

Heavy monthly ufone:

You will get 3 GB of internet data from the Ufone heavy monthly plan and 2 GB for What’s App, Line, Facebook and Twitter. On the one hand you get 3GB of internet data and on the other hand you get 2GB of free data for your social apps like WhatsApp, Line and Facebook. What else do you want You can enjoy these freebies for a whole month, so subscribe to this offer. Dial * 803 # to activate this package on your Ufone network. This plan will automatically expire after one month, so by then enjoy it with Ufone.

Details of this offer:

Price: Rs 780

Free MB: 3 GB

Gifts : 2 Go for What’s App, Line, Facebook and Twitter.

Validity: 1 month

Max Monthly Ufone:

You will get 10 GB and 2 GB for Facebook, Twitter, Line and Twitter for one month from this offer. You will get it all in just RS 1500 for a month. When you get 10GB for a whole month, and on the other hand, you also get 2GB free with Ufone for 30 days from which you can use some social apps like Facebook, whats app and line etc. . because these applications are used daily by young people.

So for this they need to get a package so that they can connect with their friends and family so that Ufone can give them the best affordable packages because especially students don’t have much money they have to spend money for their Ufone internet packages every month, so specially for them Ufone offers cheap packages so that they don’t worry about using pocket money on their packages.

How to activate and deactivate this Ufone monthly net plan:

Dial * 5100 # to activate this offer on your Ufone number and enjoy browsing for a whole month. This offer will automatically deactivate after a month, so until then, take advantage of it.

Price: Rs 1560

Free data: 10 GB

Gifts: 2 GB for Facebook, What’s App, line and Twitter.

Validity: a month.

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Q: How can we share a load?

Rep. You can also share your load easily by dialing * 143 # from your phone, then choose the amount you want to share. This will send the amount of credit you selected to your friends and family.

Q: Is the Whats App offer free on Ufone?

Rep. Yes, Ufone provides free WhatsApp internet, but only to prepaid users.

Q: How do we charge a U card?

Responnse : Simply dial * 123 * (your 14 digit PIN code) #. Here the 14 digit pin code is the number revealed when you scratch the Ufone balance card. The procedure for loading your card to your phone is also written behind the Ufone card. You can also call their hotline if you need help with a problem.

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