Ufone Sim Lagao Offer Latest Package Customers who subscribe

The Ufone Sim Lagao offer now offers a free bonus for the next 60 days to all prepaid customers who have not used their SIM card for more than 30 days This offer includes incentives such as unlimited SMS and data, as well as priority customer service if you need that!

How to subscribe Ufone Sim Lagao Offer

  • Activation code: Dial * 5000 #
  • Valid until: 30 DAYS

Terms and conditions

Customers who subscribe to the U Fiber SLO offer will benefit from 50 minutes per day for 60 days.

After that it goes up to 100 daily uses of the phone at no cost, but only if you sign up before that date!

There is also an Internet option where all data used is charged 0.12 + tax per minute only in 2G / 3G / 4Gs network areas; However, this must be taken out and consumed in these same areas as well (so not international!).


Ufone offers the bonuses for 60 days to all of its customers, so if you haven’t used your SIM card for more than 30 days and are looking for a new service provider or something like that, now is the time! The offer includes unlimited texting and data as well as priority customer service if you need it. If that’s okay with you, don’t hesitate and call them today, it will be worth it!

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