Ufone Social Monthly Bucket Latest Package enjoy unlimited social browsi

Ufone Social Monthly Bucket With this one month plan you can enjoy unlimited social browsing (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter) and 10 GB of data! Validity is also extended over previous plans which now last 31 days to ensure there is enough time left at the end of each billing cycle before your next top-up expires.

How to subscribe to Ufone Social Monthly Bucket

  • Activation code: Dial * 5858 #
  • Valid until: 24 hours

Terms and conditions

  • Whatsapp calls in our plans do not count towards your social browsing data.
  • You can see how much internet speed you have left with a single number: * 706 #
  • An important thing about these plans is that they are only available to prepaid customers, and there are two types – one where all WhatsApp chat history is not counted towards the monthly limits (<500 MB), another option allows users to check their daily usage through send SMS alerts.


With the new Monthly Max Internet Bundle, you can enjoy unlimited social browsing and 10GB of data for just Rs. 999! Ufone also gives users 30 days to see how this plan works before they need to top up again, with validity that lasts 31 days now instead of previous plans at just 28. This means there will be enough left over. time during your billing cycle after each monthly renewal so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your internet when it expires in a few weeks.

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