Ufone Weekly Sms Packages | Activation Code

Unlike Ufone day plans, you don’t have to repeatedly subscribe and unsubscribe to daily plans. You must subscribe to this weekly deal once and enjoy texting your friends and family. Thanks to Ufone’s weekly SMS plans, stay connected with your loved ones. Ufone has all the packages to suit your needs so don’t wait and check them out and subscribe to these offers at reasonable prices.

List of Ufone weekly SMS packages:

Ufone says “TUM HI TO HO” and keeps its promise that Ufone cares about its users and their needs, so all packages are tailored to the needs of the users so that they stay connected with their loved ones for a week after that. The details of all Ufone cheap sms packages are as follows. Take a look:


Package namePriceVolumeGiftsDurationActivation codeDeactivation code
Ufone weekly SMS packageRs 11.951250 SMSN / A1 weekType “sub” and send it to 608Type “unsub” and send it to 8066
Ufone Asli Chaper Phar OfferRs 120100 SMS100 minutes on the network, 1000 MB1 weekType * 5050 # to subscribeCall 333

Ufone Uth Weekly Package:

From this package, you will receive 1250 sms at just Rs 11.95 for a week. These free sms are enough for a week to chat, so don’t wait and subscribe to this offer. Type “sub” and send a message to 608 to activate this offer on your Ufone number. Type “unsub” and send it to 8066 to unsubscribe from this cheap Ufone weekly plan on your Ufone number.

Details of these packages:

Price: Rs 11.95

Free SMS: 1250

Validity: 1 week

Ufone Fortnight Package:

You will receive 10,000 text messages in just 35.85 rupees for a week. This amount of free SMS is enough for a chatty person, and you get it for a very low price. Type “sub” and send it to 603 to subscribe to this offer on your Ufone number. Dial * 506 # to deactivate this offer from your Ufone network

Details of this package:

Price: 35.85 rupees

Free SMS: 10,000 sms.

Validity: 1 week.

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer:

In the Ufone Asli Chappar phaar offer, you will get 1000 free MBS, 100 free sms, 100 minutes online in just 80 rs for one week. To activate this offer * 5050 # on your Ufone number. To deactivate this offer, call 333 from your Ufone number

Details of this offer:

Price: Rs 80

Free SMS: 100

Free Online MinTs: 100

Free MB: 1000

Validity: 1 week

Ufone Mini Super Card:

From this Ufone weekly SMS package deal you will get 3,500 free SMS, 600MB free, 500mins on network, 75mins off network. This offer is valid for 15 days. To activate this offer, dial * 230 # from your telephone keypad. This offer will automatically expire. After 15 days

Details of this offer:

Free SMS: 3500

Free MB: 600

Free minutes on the net: 500

Free off-grid minutes: 75

Validity: 15 days


Q: How can we check the Ufone balance on our number?

Responnse : You can check the Ufone balance by dialing * 124 # from your phone.

Q: How can we get a Ufone SMS loan?

Responnse : You can get a Ufone loan by dialing * 456 # from your telephone keypad, and you will get a loan of Rs 20 on the spot.

Q: How can we get Ufone advance SMS?

Responnse : The Ufone advance is easy to obtain. You must dial * 456 #, and Rs 4.40 including tax will be deducted with your advance.

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