Internet Data and unlimited calls by Vodafone basics SIM-only

Vodafone Basics SIM gives its customers unlimited phone calls and internet data and charges for this plan that’s rates start just from 6 pounds. This plan has different packages but the minimum package starts from  on monthly basis.

Vodafone Basics SIM plan has five types of packages with different characteristics and charges. This deal is called an alternative for the Vodafone plan which is called “Vodafone red and Vodafone unlimited plans”.

This deal is considered a cheaper alternative. in this package, Vodafone includes those facilities which are the requirements of their clients and they use in daily life.

Vodafone Basics SIM-only offer gives unlimited text messages and minutes which is the prominent feature of this plan. These texts and minutes are applicable in the Domain of the UK.

This plan is also termed as the cheapest Vodafone sim only. All different plans in this deal have minutes and texts and these are unlimited with different internet data packages, therefore it is considered as cheapest Vodafone SIM only offer.

4G Service in this Offer

This offer gives just 4G service to its customers therefore sometimes it is called with the name of Vodafone 4G calling service. If you are seeking the 5G service in the Basics 4G calling, then this deal is not compatible with you.

If we talk about Vodafone UK sim card then there is a lot of deals with different charges suitable for the different requirements of Vodafone’s customers. But in the Vodafone UK SIM card, it is considered that this deal is most suitable for the customers due to its cheap rates.

Despite the reality that this plan is most cheaper than others, there are some drawbacks to this is about 4G service. this plane just gives 4G service.

If anyone wants to use the 5G service then that facility is not available in the Vodafone basics SIM-only offer. Another drawback of this package is, international data roaming service is not available in this means that any person cannot use it outside the United Kingdom.

Now we will discuss all these five plans in this deal with the help of a table chart in detail. Following are the different deals of this plan.








Monthly charges


Unlimited minutes


Unlimited texts

3GB6 pounds
Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts10GB8 pounds
Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts15GB10 pounds
Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts30GB15 pounds
Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts100GB20 pounds


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These deals are very cheap and suitable for low-budget customers but there are some limitations also in this plan. Now we will discuss these drawbacks in this article.


Some limitations in this deal

  • Available jus 4 G downloading service but not 5G. in this deal just 4 G service is available. You cannot avail of the 5G service in this deal. this is the main drawback of this deal. there is the modern age and every person needs fast speed for their downloading tasks but 4G has less speed as compared to the 5G if anyone is seeking for 5G service then he can avail of 5G services in Vodafone unlimited plan and Vodafone Red plan with the minimum 5GB data.
  • No international Roaming facility available. No one can use his phone outside the United Kingdom. You cannot make a call or receive any call outside the UK.vodafone’s other plans like red and unlimited has the facility to use in 51 European countries. for the roaming of further 104 countries, you will have to pay  in a day. Also, log in to the Vodafone website for global roaming countries in detail.
  • Wi-Fi calling is not available in this. Customers of Vodafone cannot use the facility of Wi-Fi calling in the Vodafone basics SIM
  • Old customers cannot use this facility. Old customers of Vodafone cannot avail of this facility. This facility is available for just new customers. It is also an important thing that if you are using the Vodafone plane of pay as you go, then you cannot use this Vodafone basics deal.
  • This plan is only available through an online website. This is useful for those customers who sign up on the online website of Vodafone. Sign up through telephone and store in this plan is not possible.
  • Comparison of the “Vodafone 6£” plan in the above table with other networks. Some other networks also give some deals with the price of . Following is the comparison of other networks with the 6£ cost of Vodafone’s deal.
NetworksMinutesTextsDatamonthsMonthly Charges

3 network


Unlimited minutes


Unlimited texts

4GB12 months6 pounds
ID network


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts4GB1 month6 pounds
Virgin media


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts4GB12 months6 pounds
Plusnet NetworkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts5GB1 month7 pounds

Note. Deals of the network companies do not always remain the same. Every network company keeps changing the content of deals over time.

The company follows the necessities of the customers and changes its previous packages or introduces new packages over time.

Therefore it is recommended that keep visit the original websites of the required network to get updated information regarding different deals.

Comparison of “8£ plan” of “Vodafone basics SIM” with other networks through a table.

NetworksMinutesTextsDatamonthsMonthly Charges
3 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB12 months8 pounds
ID network


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB1 month8 pounds
Virgin media


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts10 GB12 months8 pounds
O2 network Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts10 GB12 months8 pounds
Plusnet networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts10 GB1 month8 pounds
Vodafone networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts10 GB12 months8 pounds
Voxi networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB1 month10 pounds
Sky networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts10 GB12 months10 pounds

Note. All mobile networks keep changing their plans and deals of different mobile packages over time.

Their plans and deals always do not remain the same all the time but after some months or years, they change or introduce new ones. So we recommend our readers to frequently visit the websites of the different networks for the updated information.

Comparison of Vodafone’s”10£ plan” with other networks through the table.

NetworksMinutesTextsDatamonthsMonthly Charges
ID network


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts 

15 GB

12 months10 pounds
Vodafone networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts15 GB12 months10 pounds


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts15 GB12 months10 pounds
Virgin media


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts15 GB24 months10 pounds
Voxi networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB1 month10 pounds
O2 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB12 months10 pounds
Plusnet networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts15 GB1 month12 pounds
3 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts12 GB24 months12 pounds
Giffgaff networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts15 GB1 month15 pounds

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Comparison of Vodafone’s “15£ plan” with other networks through the table.

NetworksMinutesTextsDatamonthsMonthly Charges
3 network Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts30 GB24 months14 pounds
Vodafone network Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts30 GB12 months15 pounds
O2 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts25 GB18 months15 pounds
Giffgaff networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts25 GB1   month15 pounds
Virgin Media network


Unlimited minutesUnlimited texts30 GB24  months18 pounds


Comparison of Vodafone’s “20£ plan” with other networks through the table.

NetworksMinutesTextsDatamonthsMonthly Charges
3 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited textsUnlimited


12 months20 pounds
ID networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited textsUnlimited


1 month20 pounds
Virgin Media networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited textsUnlimited


24 months20 pounds
EE networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts160 GB24 months20 pounds
O2 networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts120 GB12 months20 pounds
Talkmobile networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts100 GB12 months20 pounds
Vodafone networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts100 GB12 months20 pounds
Giffgaff networkUnlimited minutesUnlimited texts100 GB1 month20 pounds


Some “precautions” before selecting a deal or plan.

  • Is 5G service is available. Before selecting a plan or deal is a very important aspect of any deal that “is 5G service available” in that particular package or not. As in the case of the Vodafone basic SIM deal, we notice that the 5G service is not available. this plan is limited to the 4G coverage facility. as in the modern age, every person needs the fast speed of the internet as well as strong signals of the network. So, fast internet speed and the strong network has the main characteristic that it has the 5G service coverage.5G Service is compatible with the modern requirements of the network users.
  • International data roaming facility. Some deals have no facility for international data roaming. The data roaming facility option is very much familiar among mobile users around the globe but still, the majority of the users are unaware of this magical setting tool. roaming is that kind of facility in your mobile network that if, for example, you have left the United Kingdom and entered the border of a new country then you should switch on your data roaming option in your mobile setting. by switching on this option you can call or use the internet in another country with the same SIM card, otherwise, in case of switching off this option, you would have to pay extra charges for calls or internet get this option on your mobile just go to the setting option then click on the SIM card and mobile networks option, then click on the data roaming option and click on the always option. now you have allowed mobile data roaming service for your mobile network forever.
  • Internet Data for just social media. Be aware of the deal of social media data of the internet. sometimes network providers introduce internet deals just for the use of social media. If any deal has just social media data like 10GB, 15GB, it means that you can use that data just for the social media platforms like Facebook but not for google search or youtube, etc. Even you cannot use social media internet plan for Facebook messenger. Some people use social media internet for the Facebook messenger also, but this is wrong and will finish your remaining balance in a little time.
  • Data plans of Vodafone Basics for the specific hours. Some network providers give internet data or free calls facility just for the specific hours of the day or night. For example, unlimited internet data from 12 am to 9 am. This is a specified period. After 9 am or before midnight you cannot use this deal. So always choose that type of data package which is available throughout the day. Sometimes you need internet data for the working hours of the day but the data is for some hours of the night. In this case, the Data is useless. because the person needs it in the day but the offer is for the neighbor careful of the time of need and the time of offer.

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Popular Questions People Asked

What is a Vodafone Basics plan?

As per the Official statement from Vodafone. The most demanded Vodafone basics sim is a daily use sim, which has things common just like in our everyday life. The price of a Vodafone sim is £6/month, in which you can get unlimited text, unlimited minutes, and internet data between 4GB to 100GB per month.

Is Vodafone basic 5G?

Vodafone is a growing network and 5g is available. But you can’t use it on your basic sim even if you have a 5G smartphone.

Is Vodafone expensive?

Yes! Vodafone basics is a bit expensive if you compare it with EE networks, O2 networks and others.. But you can buy it when they have on going campaigns available.

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