Vodafone Big Value Bundles Plan & Details 2023

The prices of Vodafone big value bundles start at 6£ in old days. But now the minimum bundle starts from £10. All these bundles are available in pay as you go. Free minutes and text messages are limitless in this bundle.

Vodafone UK has modernized the pay-as-you-go bundles. It is modernized to the extent of new huge value bundles. The price of these new bundles starts from £10 for the whole month.

You will find limitless free minutes and text messages on large-worth bundles. In Vodafone big value bundles you will also achieve 5GB of Data for the price of £10. You can enjoy 10GB of data for the price of £15 and 20GB of data for £20. Every user can avail the 50GB data for the price of £30 and unlimited internet data for £40

We will analyze Vodafone’s big value bundles in this article. In the analysis of these bundles, mainly pay-as-you-go plans will come under discussion. We will explain the main features and facilities like total rollover, veryMe rewards, and then how can we use them in the absence of a contract.

Sometimes Vodafone offers free sim cards to their customers. These Vodafone free sim cards have unlimited text, minutes, and data.

Vodafone sim-only bundles are also very much renowned. In these bundles, Vodafone offers mainly 30 days, 12 months, and 24 months contracts. Here a question comes to mind that what is the difference between a Vodafone sim-only contract and a pay monthly Plan.

The difference is very simple. If you want to select a pay monthly plan. You will receive a brand new mobile phone or a tablet with this plan.

In pay monthly plans you will have to go through the credit check process. In this plan, you will have to sign an agreement with Vodafone.

But in sim only you will receive just a sim card from the Vodafone. You will have to use your mobile phone. The Vodafone will not give you a mobile phone

Vodafone bundles have different price ranges with features. Now we will explain that how we can achieve these Vodafone bundles. Following are the details of Vodafone’s big value bundles.

Vodafone Big Value Bundles Details.

Vodafone UK gives you pay as you go packages which are also called the name of Vodafone big value bundles. The price of these packages will start from £10. All these bundles have the facility of limitless free minutes and text messages. These minutes and text messages are for 30 days.

Following are the details of Vodafone’s big value bundles that Vodafone offers.

Monthly ChargesInternet DataFree MinutesText Messages

The tenure of all these packages is 30 days. If there is unused data that remain in your balance. You can roll over it into the next coming month’s package. Pay as you go is the main product and a big value bundle is the sub-product of it. In this case, no contract and credit check is necessary to achieve these bundles.

You can avail yourself of the elasticity to change your bundle. The elasticity may be about upgrading the bundle for more data or downgrading to the economical bundle etc. If you do not like to purchase a 30-day pay-as-you-go bundle then you will have to pay rates of  £1 in pay as you go plan. In this £1 you will receive limitless minutes and text messages and 50MB of internet data for one day.

What is Total Rollover in Pay as You go Bundle?

Total rollover is the main facility available in Vodafone pay-as-you-go bundles. This gives you the facility to use your remaining data in next month’s bundle.

For example, a bundle of £10 has a data of 5GB. If there is 1GB of data that is unused in the current month. When you will apply for a new 5GB bundle you will receive 6GB data. Because 1GB data is the remaining data of the previous month.

Vodafone Big Value Bundles

You can avail of the total rollover facility when you subscribe again for the same bundle. Otherwise, if you apply for any other type of bundle you will not take the benefit of total rollover. For example, you change your bundle from a big value bundle of £10 to a big value bundle of £15. Then you cannot avail the benefit of Total Rollover.

Vodafone gives you the facility that in that case, your previous data will be used first.

What is a “VeryMe Rewards” in Pay as You go Plan

A customer who is using the pay-as-you-go plan can avail of the VeryMe rewards program. This program gives you the facility to receive offers and gifts from the brands like costa coffee, Thorntons, Vue, and Greggs.

What are no contracts and no credit checks?

Big value bundles of Vodafone have the main feature of 30-day rolling. Which requires no contract and no check of credit. This management of Vodafone has The characteristic of elasticity. If you want to change your plan you can do it. For example to choose a better bundle or to select a bundle that has less data etc.

There is also a facility for the early renewal of the bundle if you need it. These bundles are the sub-product of pay as you go plan.

Who can avail of the 5G network coverage for these bundles?

A person who has selected the big value bundle of £30 or £40, that person can avail of the 5G Network coverage. This 5G service is available in 100 cities of the UK.

The 5G Service of Vodafone gives you the average speed of download. The speed of download will be from 150 to 200 Mbps. This speed is ten times speedily than the 4G network that has an average download speed of 23-35 Mbps.

Pay as you go Phones.

Vodafone customers have the facility to order free Vodafone SIM cards. In the same way, customers can also order to buy a new pay-as-you-go phone. You can purchase a new pay-as-you-go phone of different brands. These brands are included apple, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and mobiles of some other brands. The minimum cost of these mobiles starts from £35 and the maximum cost is £600 for these mobile phones.

Some Details of Big Value Bundles

When a new customer has chosen the pay-as-you-go plan. He can place an order for the free sim card. After receiving the sim card he has to choose a network bundle. Following are these different bundles with different prices.

Monthly chargesInternet dataFree minutesFree text messages

If currently, you are using the pay-as-you-go plan of Vodafone. You can select your required bundle by calling on 2345. But the text message method is an easy way to select your favorite bundle. You can avail of the big value bundles by text message in the following method and procedure.

Your Selected Big value BundleHow to Purchase Through Text Message
Bundle of £10Write the text “BIGVALUE10” and send to2345

Form your PAYG Vodafone mobile.

Bundle of £15Write the text “BIGVALUE15” and send to2345

Form your PAYG Vodafone mobile.

Bundle of £20Write the text “BIGVALUE20” and send to2345

Form your PAYG Vodafone mobile.

Bundle of £30Write the text “BIGVALUE30” and send to2345

Form your PAYG Vodafone mobile.

Bundle of £40Write the text “BIGVALUE40” and send to2345

Form your PAYG Vodafone mobile.

After subscribing to these big value bundles, these will automatically renew after every 30 days. But it will happen so, you have enough credit on your account. If you are not willing for automatic renewal of bundles then you may call 2345 for the automatic cancellation.

International Roaming Facility.

An international roaming facility is available in these bundles. If someone is traveling abroad, he can avail this roaming facility.51 roaming-free countries are available for the users of these bundles. This roaming facility will also be available for your text messages and free minutes.

All the big value bundles in this plan have the opportunity to avail of the 5G coverage.in this case; a roaming facility will be available in 150 towns and cities. These 150 cities will belong to the following countries. The Republic of Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

If someone needs detailed information about the roaming facility. He should write in the google search “Vodafone global roaming”. All the Vodafone roaming details he will meet there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:    What Pay As You Go bundles are available from Vodafone?

Answer: we have managed all these pay-as-you-go bundles in the shape of the table. These bundles have a starting price of £10 with 5GB of data.  Vodafone is offering the following bundles.

Internet Data Price Tenure
5GB£10Monthly Package
10GB£15Monthly Package
20GB£20Monthly Package
50GB£30Monthly Package
Unlimited Data£40Monthly Package

Question: Does Vodafone offer a £5 Big Value Bundle?

Answer: Vodafone is not offering a £5 big value bundle nowadays. Currently, Vodafone’s big value bundle has a starting price of £10. 5GB data is offering in this bundle for the whole month. Unlimited minutes and texts are available in this bundle. But in the past, Vodafone had been offering the £5 big value bundle. But this facility was retired from the sale in November for the year 2019.

Question: How does Total Rollover work on Vodafone Pay As You Go?

Answer: When you renew your bundle and you have some remaining data in the previous bundle. The data of your previous bundle will automatically add to the new bundle. This process is called automatic rollover.

For example, if there is unused data of 1 GB from the bundle of 5GB. When you will renew your 5G bundle again, then your new bundle will have a total data of 6GB. 1GB of previous data has been included in this new bundle.

Question: How do Big Value Bundles compare to Pay As You Go 1?

Answer: The main difference is that a big value bundle has an automatic system for the renewal of the bundle. In big value bundles, your credit balance changed into an allowance of 30-days automatically. This allowance will include minutes, text, and data.

But if any user is not satisfied with the monthly automatic renewal. Then that person should select the Vodafone pay-as-you-go plan. This is a comfortable alternative for that user.

In this plan, one pound will be charged from you. It will give limitless minutes and texts and internet data of 50MB for one pound.

Question: What coverage will I get on Vodafone Pay As You Go?

Answer: The network coverage which Vodafone is offering in pay as you go plan is 4G,3G, and 2G. This coverage is used by 99% of the UK population. But if any user is interested in 5G network coverage. He should purchase the big bundle of £30 and £40. 5G coverage is available in these bundles.


Vodafone big value bundles have prices start from £10. All these bundles are the Sub-Product of pay as you go. Unlimited minutes and text are part of these bundles. The maximum price of these bundles is £40 offering unlimited data. These plans are for the whole month.

Pay as you go offers you a total rollover facility.it means If unused data is remaining in your previous bundle. You can use it automatically in the new bundle.

There is a slight difference between pay-as-you-go plans and big-value bundles. Automatic renewal of bundle is the main feature of big value bundles. The tenure of these bundles will be 30 days. it also offers unlimited text and minutes.

While pay, as you go, is the alternative plan for it. In this plan, you have to pay a one-pound charge. unlimited text messages and free minutes will be available to you for this one-pound charge. You will also enjoy 50MB of data with minutes and texts.

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