How to do Vodafone top-up Online?

Do you know about Vodafone top up online facility? If you are a Vodafone customer and you need to top up your Vodafone SIM card with balance or data. Then you will have to choose an easy method among many ways of topping up of Vodafone SIM card for Vodafone balance or Vodafone credit.

If you have a very low Vodafone balance or finished almost your Vodafone credit. You can adopt the same procedure for both, and Vodafone top-up online method is the remedy for this.

Vodafone top up PayPal is a new facility in toping up. PayPal is an American company. Which is providing international payment facilities in most countries of the world in different types of businesses and online payments.

Vodafone top up PayPal is also a product of PayPal which provide online payment method on the behalf of Vodafone network.

You will be thinking about what way is the best way to top up your Vodafone SIM card with internet data and Vodafone credit. There are two main categories of Vodafone top-up.

One method is called the online method and the name of the second method is the Vodafone top-up offline method. Vodafone’s top-up online is mainly related to the internet.

Without an internet connection, Vodafone top-up online is impossible. Top-up online includes Vodafone app, top-up portal, etc. Now we will discuss in detail all these options of online and offline with some detailed explanation.

Following are the different methods of toping up a Vodafone SIM card.

  • Vodafone top-up online. by using the app, named “my Vodafone App”.
  • By using the portal of  Top-up.
  • Automatic top-up by using the sim of pay as you go.
  • By using the method of toping up by phone call.
  • By using the method of text message to top up.
  • By using the method of top-up vouchers.
  • By using the option of Vodafone stores.
  • By topping up someone else’s phone by allo by nonisnap.

Now we will discuss all these methods of topping up with a detailed explanation and procedure.

Top up by using “my Vodafone app”

This option is considered the first option to top up your Vodafone SIM with Vodafone’s app called my Vodafone app. You should download this particular app from the google play store or also can download it from the apple play store.

After this, go to the main menu, select the top-up option and then follow the options for the registration purpose or use the credit or debit card for the payment.


Usage of the portal of “Vodafone top-up”

This option gives you the facility of topping up by directly top-up from the Vodafone website. You will need to go to the homepage of Vodafone’s website you will hover your mouse on the option of my Vodafone.

Click on the option of top-up and select it and you will find the option of top-up “a portal” on the red color banner.

Then the website will ask you to write your UK mobile phone number and choose. The amount which you want to top up. after this step you will type in the option of “your debit or credit card” details. Then click on the option of review your order and pay the amount.

Automatic top-up by “pay as you go phones”

This top-up method is also called the “automatic top-ups”.pay as you go mobile phones are used in this top-up. For this method open “my Vodafone app”.

Select the option of top-up from the menu, click the option of auto top-up, then select the options of recurring weekly or monthly payment.

Toping up by the “phone call” method

This is the method of top-up other than online. In this method, you need to make a call on 2345. And then you should follow the computerized instructions and press the buttons accordingly. The phone call procedure is also called an offline top-up procedure.

Top up through a text message.

By text message we can top up our Vodafone is an easy procedure of offline top-up method. Vodafone’s top-up card method is a topping method with the help of a debit card or credit card. Which is already registered previously with Vodafone.

 This is done by a text message. In Vodafone, the top-up card case just writes “TOP-UP” in the write message option then space and write the exact amount you want to top up.

Then make another space and type the code of 14 digits written on your credit card and then send it on 2345.


Top-up vouchers method

You can find the top-up voucher in Vodafone stores and also available in other stores having the sign of top-up. Top-up vouchers can be activated online with the help of my Vodafone portal or with the help of my Vodafone app.

Visit the Vodafone website’s home page for the activation of your voucher by my Vodafone portal.

After this, hover your mouse on my Vodafone then click on the option of top-up and see the button of activate your voucher

Vodafone stores are another option for a top-up. Vodafone has the facility of a top-up kiosk through which you can top up your Vodafone account.

  • Methods of checking your remaining balance in the Vodafone network.
  • We can check our remaining balance with the help of my Vodafone app. this facility of balance inquiry is also called the online facility of balance checking.
  • If you have a Vodafone account. Then you can check your remaining balance by logging in to this account.
  • Using the method of code sending which is the mixture of numbers, stars, and a hash sign. You will dial this code *#1345#.
  • You can make a call on 1345 for the remaining balance inquiry.
  • A credit line of pay as you go is also another facility of balance inquiry. The number for dialling is 03333 048048
  • Important terms and conditions for “Vodafone top-up”

All these conditions will apply to all Vodafone customers regarding Vodafone top-up. these terms and conditions apply from December 2019 to onward.

Top Up Companies

There are 4 types of companies that manage the top-up services of the Vodafone customers on the behalf of the Vodafone network. These 4 companies are the agent of the Vodafone network working on behalf of the Vodafone network. Their names are

1. Vesta Payment Solutions of Vesta Payment Solutions Ltd.

2. Finnabair Business Park,

3.Dundalk co.Louth, and

4.Republic of Ireland.

Some major services which are provided by Vodafone about top-up. These services are top-up by your phone, automatic top-up service, top-up by the website of Vodafone, and top up by payment through text message.

These terms and conditions are the agreement that starts with the acceptance of terms and conditions during the registration phase. Following are the terms and conditions of the Vodafone top-up.

  • Vodafone can refuse your registration without giving you the reason why Vodafone has declined the registration.
  • Vodafone will allocate you a personal account with the name of “top-up account”, for this account you have to give some of your basics information about yourself to Vodafone. This is your duty to secure your account, associated top-up codes, and PIN code number which you created for yourself for the top-up service.
  • If you want to become a registered user then you should have to use a debit card or credit card. People will have to give certain information about themselves to activate these cards. Give them information about that person to whom you have given authorization of using these cards, instead of yourself.
  • You will have to give the information about your postal address and information about the Pay as you go plan if you want to register yourself with the pay as you go plan.
  • Provide the exact information at this stage which should also match with your previous information which you have given to Vodafone already. it should match with the information related to your debit and credit card, information about “pay as you go mobile” or should match with the information which the Vodafone has collected from third parties about you or should match with information that any third party already maintained for you.
  • In case you fail to provide all this information then Vodafone has the authority to not allow you the registration.
  • By joining the top-up services you should make sure that you are providing the 1.true, exact, latest and complete information about yourself that you have provided in the online registration form. 2. update the registration data over time, if some changes have occurred in real. if you have failed to provide the current, updated, and latest data then Vodafone has the legal right to cancel your registration or deny the new registration.
  • Vodafone has the right to suspend the top-up services for some time for some technical working in a network, but by doing so Vodafone will give you a notice regarding the suspension of services as soon as possible.
  • If you are not happy with the Vodafone services or there are some faults in services then the helpline number is 191. if you are using the monthly plan or pay-as-you-go plan then this call will be free of cost.
  • If you want to make some changes to your Vodafone top-up account or to update your personal information then the helpline number is 2345. if you want to close your top-up account you can do this by calling on 2345.this call also will be free of cost.
  • Vodafone will close your account but your information will remain with Vodafone for some time.
  • From the security point of view, your PIN code is an important item in this must make sure that your PIN code is not accessable to any other person without your authorization.this PIN code is like a security code. but you may give authorization to any third party or person to use your PIN code under the terms and conditions already mentioned by Vodafone.
  • If you disclose the information to anyone about your PIN code and there is any loss to you regarding your top-up account the Vodafone is not responsible for this will bear this loss by yourself because it is your fault.
  • If you are suspected that your PIN code information is leaked then you should immediately change your PIN code to make surety the security of your top-up account.

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