Warid Monthly Call Package | Activation Codes

Jazz / Warid is aware of the needs of its customers. The packages presented by Warid according to their needs to connect with their friends and family do not break. Since network calling is the best communication option when you want to convey important messages. So from Warid’s monthly calling plan, you will get what you want.

List of Warid Monthly Call Packages:

Jazz offers very inexpensive packages for their users that connect them with their loved ones. Just forget about your phone credit and call your friends and family nonstop for hours and hours. The details of the Warid monthly calling plan are as follows:

Package namePriceVolumeDurationActivation codeStatus / Deactivation code
Jazz Monthly Super Duper OfferRs.780 (Incl. Tax)12 GB DATA, 3000 Jazz Mins, 300 Other Network Mins, 3000 SMS30 daysDial * 706 #Dial * 706 * 2 # to check status
MONTHLY MAXRs.1040 (Incl. Tax)30 GB Data, 10000 Jazz Mins, 500 Other Network Mins, 10000 SMS30 daysDial * 708 #Dial * 708 * 4 # to deactivate, Dial * 708 * 2 # for Status, Dial * 708 * 3 # for Info
Jazz DG Khan monthly offerRs.330 (Incl. Tax)2 GB Data​, 2000 Jazz Mins, 200 Other Network Mins, 4000 SMS30 daysDial * 705 #Dial * 705* 2 #, automatically expires
SUPER SIM OFFERRs.60 (Incl. Tax)6 GB DATA, 600 Jazz Mins, 30 Other Network Mins, 600 SMS7 DaysDial * 476 #Offer Eligibility Offer available for 3 months after purchase of new sim

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer:

From this Warid monthly plan, you will get 3,000 network minutes (without any daily limits), 12 GB 4G LTE internet data, 3,000 text messages, and 300 off-network minutes. This offer is valid for one month so stay connected with jazz. To subscribe to this inexpensive monthly calling plan, dial Dial * 706 #. And to check the remaining status from this affordable plan, dial * 706 * 2 #.

  • On-net minutes: 3000
  • Off-grid minutes: 300
  • SMS: 3000
  • MBs: 12 GB
  • Price: Rs.780 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe to the Jazz / Warid Monthly Super Duper:

To subscribe to this inexpensive monthly calling plan, dial * 706 #.

And to check the status of this cheap plan, dial * 706 * 2 #..

Monthly Max:

From this all-in-one deal, Jazz is giving you 10, 000 network minutes, 10,000 SMS, 500 off-network minutes and 30GB internet data for just Rs.1040 (Incl. Tax). This offer is valid for one month, so stay tuned. To take advantage of this all-in-one offer, dial * 708 #.

  • In net minutes: 10,000
  • Off-grid minutes: 500
  • SMS: 10,000
  • Data : 30 GB
  • Price: Rs.1040 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe to the Warid Monthly Max offer:

To take advantage of this all-in-one offer, dial * 708 #.

Yet, to unsubscribe from this offer, dial * 708 * 4 # and to check the status dial * 708 * 2 #

Jazz DG Khan Monthly offer:

The offer is specially for DG Khan citizens. It gives you 2000 Jazz / Warid on-net minutes, 4000 SMS, 200 minutes off-net, 2 GB of internet data. All this at Rs.330 (Incl. Tax).

This offer is valid for one month. Stay connected with friends and family with having the same and other network sims. To subscribe to this offer, dial Dial * 705 # from your phone’s dialpad 📲. This offer expires automatically after the duration is endedIf you want to save your money then consider doing warid weekly call packages or daily package.

  • On-net minutes: 2000
  • Off-grid minutes: 200
  • SMS: 4000
  • Internet MBs: 2000
  • Price: Rs.330 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe Jazz DG Khan Monthly offer:

To subscribe to this offer, dial Dial * 705 # from your phone. And Dial * 705 * 2 # to check its status.

Super Sim Offer:

Got a new sim, you should know what company offer to you as a welcome gift. This package gives you 600 minutes of jazz / warid, 30 minutes off-grid, 600 SMS and 6 GB of lighting internet data. You can get this fantastic deal for just Rs.60/-.

Note: Super Sim offer is valid only for new network users. Also, one can get its benefits within the first three months of the sim purchase.

  • In net minutes: 600
  • Off-grid minutes: 30
  • Free SMS: 600
  • Internet / MBs: 6000 MB
  • Price: Rs.60 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe Super Sim Offer:

To subscribe to this offer, dial Dial * 476 # from your telephone keypad. This offer expires within 7 days after subscription.

Prepaid Conference

Want to make calls with more than one attendants? Here’s what Jazz offers. You can allow your colleagues to have a meeting on one phone call. For this service one user can talk up-to 4 individuals at a time.

  • To Activate: Prepaid Conference Dial *188#
  • To Deactivate: Dial *188*1#
  • Subscription Charges: Free of Cost


How can I contact Jazz Customer Care Department or Mobilink Customer service

You can contact them on the helpline 111, Email: [email protected] or fax: (042) 111-301-301.

Who owns Warid in Pakistan?

Bashir Tahir, the former CEO of the Abu Dhabi group, the Warid company.

Are Mobilink and Jazz the same network?

Yes, Mobilink and jazz, it’s the same. Mobilink has relaunched its “jazz” brand.

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