What Gaming Chair Does Nickmercs Use while playing 2023

what gaming chair does nickmercs use. This prominent gamer and Twitch streamer, best known by his stream handle of “NICKMERCS,” has amassed an impressive following on his platform of choice. A former Gears of War Pro, he has also won three MLG events and is well-known for his achievements in the game. As Justin.tv (now Twitch) welcomed NICKMERCS as a new member in 2010, the Gears of War community grew to include many more members.

Steel case: About the brand

As a brand, Steelcase researches how each individual moves and how they move in their work or play environment, measuring a variety of factors, in order to discover and observe which are present in the design and ergonomics of each chair.

When the company was founded in 1912, its goal was to increase office security. However, in the beginning of 1919, it altered its objective and began selling office supplies across the United States, where it has remained for more than a century. It was invented by me.

While the games you may play on NICKMERCS are a throwback to a simpler time, the gaming chair NICKMERCS utilizes is everything but. In fact, according to the manufacturer’s website, the Steel Case suggests “the first chair intended to facilitate our interactions with current technologies.”

NICKMERCS Steel Case Hint – Key Features

One of the best and most advanced characteristics is the gesture’s ability to identify bodily gestures, as its name implies. NICKMERCS is an outstanding chair ambassador built to compete with today’s technologies at a time when technology is changing the way people work, live, and breathe.

Here are the key specifications:

  • Seat Height: 16 “- 20.5”
  • Seat depth: 15.75 ”- 18.75” d
  • Seat width: 19.25 “
  • Arm height: 7.25 “- 11.5”
  • Arm width: 10.25 “- 22.5”
  • Rear height / width: 24.0625 “H / 16.25” W
  • Overall: 24.75 “D x 27” W x 38.5 “- 43.5” H
  • Weight classification: 400 lbs.

It’s crucial to realize that the steel casing gesture can support a substantial amount of weight, even if NICKMERCS isn’t especially tall or large. Seat height and depth may be adjusted instantly, as can 4D armrests and the tilt lock can be adjusted in three positions. The lumber support can also be adjusted, and the backrest area is flexible (which you can walk with).

The only drawback for many is the high cost of this device, which starts at about $1,000 for the most basic variant. NICKMERCS obviously knows how to bring out the brand quality, even if the setting is superb. Many people would not consider paying a thousand dollars on a chair.

The design of the chair is influenced by the human body.

A chair’s design is what we initially consider when purchasing one. This chair has a highly futuristic look, is heavily influenced by technology, and is made of only the finest materials.

To further enhance the chair’s design, Steel Case created a new way for people to sit. Designing a chair around a “human” system is central to his philosophy, which is founded on the idea that posture is the most significant aspect of a person’s seating experience. The body is an example of this.

Consequently, the Steel Case concentrated on three main focuses:

  • Central interface: The backrest and seat area move as a synchronized system, interacting with the user to provide continuous and permanent support. The back swings the user regardless of his currency or the use of game / work tools or consoles.
  • Organ Interface: This interface refers to the parts of the arms. In gestures, the arm moves like a human arm, allowing users to support each other by changing the position of their arms.
  • Seat interface: The gesture set is very comfortable, flexible and allows users to sit in different currencies without any hindrance.

Construction and assembly standards

The indication chair’s manufacturing quality is excellent. It’s ranked highly on a number of lists, making it evident that this is a top-of-the-line ergonomic chair from the steel casing.

There is a noticeable level of quality and consistency in the chair’s construction at first glance. While the chair is made of plastic, it is sturdy and well-balanced. The vast majority of the plastic parts are of high quality and fit together perfectly. The Gesture is a well-built device that performs better than its competitors in several areas. Clean lines and extensive use of materials are evident even when you peek under the chair.

NICKMERCS doesn’t typically talk about how comfortable the seats are in their videos, buy Steel Case Gesture scores really well in this department. The chair’s only drawback is the lack of a thick, robust seat, but otherwise, it should provide adequate support.

All you have to do is remove the goods from the box and detach it from the wrapping to use the seats. Assembling this product is a breeze, and it’s one of the best you can get.

How much is the NICKMERCS steel case indication adjusted?

The NICKMERCS is 5’8 “tall, which is somewhere around the average height of a man. He says that the steel case gesture fits him well in terms of comfort and adjustability. The specialty of this segment. The point is, such gestures have to do with your natural environment.

This is one of the reasons why NICKMERCS and many other athletes choose such chairs, or chairs that enhance natural movement. Thus, there are different ranges of motion of the indicator, including:

  • 15 cm height adjustment range
  • Moving the axis back and forth 10 cm
  • 90 ° rotation

Factors such as head size, neck length, and desired range of motion are taken into account, and the deliberate design makes gestures an excellent gaming chair that provides excellent comfort and support.

In terms of ergonomic settings, it is safe to say that the Gesture is an overall ergonomic chair. The movement in all directions is very natural and has the feature of a seat slide which works to move the seat back and forth. Even if you don’t like what’s on offer, there are plenty of mechanism options, cylinder options, and even two-wheeler / wheel options to choose from.


In the gaming industry, NICKMERCS is a well-known name, and he is also a player who uses one of the greatest gaming seats available on the market today. The Steel Case Gesture is built to high-quality standards, is adaptable to a wide range of users, has a highly flexible armrest, and has an extremely user-friendly layout. With a decent guarantee and the ability to handle up to 400 pounds, this chair should be able to last for at least a decade in most environments.

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