What gaming chair does Valkyrie use in 2023

What gaming chair does valkyrie use? When you collaborate with someone like Mavix, it’s a sure sign that you’ve made it in the gaming world. Given that they describe themselves as “the future of gaming,” it makes natural that they would join with one of the most popular streamers on the internet.

Valkyrae, co-owner of 100 Thieves and the most-watched female streamer on the internet, is the streamer in question. She has collaborated with Mavix to design a chair that is uniquely Rae – but it will only be available for a limited time.

You can find out all you need to know about the Valkyrae X Mavix special edition gaming chair right here, including how much it will cost and when it will be available.

Valkyrae X Mavix chair

The chair, which is available in two hues (black and white), is infused with Valkyrae’s spirit to its very core. The ‘Mavix’ logo has been changed to read Raevix, which is embossed with her characteristic winged dagger marking.

Valkyrae would want to assist a Twitch broadcaster who reminds her of Corpse Writing. Because it is “inspired by Rae’s love for daggers and her white Mavix M9,” it would be a fantastic addition to any Rae fan’s gaming setup.

“My work with Mavix has been fantastic so far, and I was thrilled when they reached out to collaborate on a bespoke chair!” Rae added. “This is my first personalised chair, and I’m hoping the rest of the community will enjoy it as much as I do.”

Raevix’s technical specifications

We’ve included all of the pertinent information about the chair’s specifications in the section below:

  • Seat with a wide cool gel M-Foam cushion 5-star rating as a starting point
  • M-Wheels with locking capability
  • M-Breeze/ATR is a combination of M-Breeze and ATR (DVL)
  • Arms that can be adjusted in four directions
  • “REVOLVE” – Technology that allows you to recline further.
  • Dynamic Support for the Variable Lumbar (DVL)
  • Back angle can be adjusted separately.
  • Recline with adjustable tension
  • Head and neck support that can be adjusted

What is the retail price of the Rae X Mavix chair?

The chair will be available for purchase on Mavix’s official website for a starting price of $1059.99.

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Additionally, everybody who acquires a piece from Rae will receive a certificate of ownership signed by the artist herself.

Release date for the Valkyrae X Mavix chair.

The Rae X Mavix chair will be available for purchase on July 21st, but it will only be available for purchase for a total of 10 days, making it extremely restricted in supply.

Raevix will be removed from the shelves on July 31.

Product information

The DXRacer Valkyrie series is our newest addition to a brand new series that is evocative of a racing model, but with a slightly broader body and a brand new wheelbase design, the aluminium spider, that is reminiscent of a racing model. The chair is designed for maximum comfort, with a fully adjustable backrest (within a range of 90-135 degrees) and three-dimensional armrests that allow for additional customization based on your individual tastes.

The maximum load capacity is 150 kg*, and the suggested height ranges from 165 to 195 cm. Sitting erect and maintaining good posture for an extended period of time is made easier by the use of high density cold foam padding in the seat, headrest, and lumber cushion. Despite the fact that I was upfront. In a horizontal position, the computer’s control unit permits it to move back and forth or shut down completely. What are three wheels? They are constructed of PU plastic and are easy to roll about on smooth surfaces. – Characteristics Cover for the armrests made of 3D synthetic leather.

PVC Cover with Perforations Carbon Luck PVC Cover Class 4 Conventional Control Units are used in a variety of applications. Cylinder for lifting with gas Base of the Aluminum Spider Wheels 90-135 mm Recline 3 “PU is an abbreviation for Public Utility (PU). 2 lbs. 3 oz “The recommended length is 165-195cm, and the recommended weight range is 150kg. [Yes] There is a headrest cushion. Cushion made of PU leather [Yes] PU Leather is a type of leather that is synthetically produced. Warranty is for two years.


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