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The Nintendo The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild 2 franchise is no stranger to contemporary Chinese. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is considered a masterpiece by many. But the idea of ​​its time travel forces fans and Nintendo to adopt a complex The Legend of Zelda timeline. Breath of the Wild reportedly merged these threads in 2017 to create a new layout that refers to all of its predecessors. And heroic warriors: the ability to prequel this version of the horrowell in Disasters of Immortality. Was present However, this is not what the audience received. Spoilers Ahmed.

Despite being the second entry in the future trilogy, centered around the breath of the wilderness of Harrowall, Disaster of Disaster quickly abandons the pretext of being a true pursuit. Instead, the story presented by Nintendo and Koi Tekmo is similar to the myth of how Link and its allies could have defeated Disaster Ganun with foresight. Some people argue that the game was misrepresented, and it’s not entirely out of place, but it ignores some other interesting aspects of dealing with the story.

The idea of ​​turning the sad and anxious air of Breath of Wild into another classic Zelda story is appealing to itself. Many characters look more attractive in this new timeline due to better conditions and extra screen time. Additionally, Hierowall Warriors: Off-Timeline of Salesmity does not prevent launching its own timeline from affecting future titles. Its theoretical implications offer an interesting insight into Breath of the Wild 2.

What kind of disaster changes the story?

Wild 2 breath of future Outlook features

In the first timeline set by Breath of the Wild, Link wakes up in the mausoleum 100 years after the catastrophe because he and his allies failed to seal off this ineffective force. The keepers of the ancient clock, which is considered a blessing, are in the midst of a catastrophe and are the cause of the death of Herowall. The same is true of the four heavenly beasts. Supervision led by Champions Mepha, Daruk, Rivali and Arubosa Which are infiltrated by byte songs.

The new Warrior Timeline, established by the Age of Celsius, begins when a small guardian, later renamed Terco, wakes up in Hearwell Castle as Princess Zelda awakens the power of the goddess. The players are witnesses because of this scene. A Memoir in the Breath of the Wild. Terco has the ability to travel over time, starting from the beginning of the conflict. He also accidentally lets Ganon’s malice return.

In an interstellar message that appears during the Age of Destruction loading screens, the game describes the moment when a “new world was born”, a “separate” world. Fans will notice small things become unworkable, for example the Swimming Tackle technology makes it easy to use quickly. The first major change comes when disaster strikes at the hands of a new adversary, who can see the future through the malicious influence of Ganon.

However, the biggest turning point came when Terraco opened four portals to the children of the champions. Sedan, Yonobo, Taiba and Rajo. Through time and space to save them from a brown disappearance. From now on, four of them became role-players, and Link and his allies defeated and sealed the initial incarnation of Destruction Ganon, happily ending the Warriors’ timeline.

Children in the Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

Wild 2 breath of future Outlook features

Surprising to discover the unique breaths of combat characters returning with combat style is a treat in itself, but the way they interact with the older cast makes this turn special. All four champions are considered great heroes of their kind in a failed timeline, and an important part of Link’s journey is to free their souls and shut people down.

There are leaders coming down who have to deal with the legacy of their counterparts. For Chief Giroudo Rajo, this means that the people living in the desert, despite their young age, have to be guided against the Yaga clan, a task he inherited from Aruba. For Prince Zora Sedan, this means dealing with the loss of his older sister, Mepha, whom he personally knew by considering the long life of his race.

Hierowall Warriors: Disasters of Enlightenment allows these characters to meet and get to know each other. With Rajo and Syden having the most emotional impact due to the most direct family ties. Numerous lines of conversation indicate that the offspring had already fought the link to stop the claustrophobia. Which means that they probably came after Breath of the Wild. During the battles. The champions comment that they feel comfortable knowing the future in good hands. While the children choose the qualities offered by their counterparts.

Another interesting point of these conversations is that each couple has an established mission in the divine animal kingdom. There are good moments of individual character. Such as Teba realizing that the Great Reto Champion can be more arrogant than a story show. But the biggest common thread is that all four children are learning to pilot machines. . In Breath of the Wild, the lost champions have done the only thing. And their spirits sing every single animal attack during the final battle of Link.

The last scene of the Omar catastrophe sees all four generations returning to their timelines. With Zelda commenting that she hopes the light will spread to her future highwall. It’s not clear exactly where the offspring were drawn from in the first timeline. But their experiences in the Warriors’ timeline can change individually how Breath Wild 2 plays. Wild director Heidmaru Fujibiashi’s breath released the Age of Salem, so the effects of this spin should be deliberately considered.

In the E3 2019 trailer for Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. A shot of Harold Castle rising from the ground shows that the game takes place after the actual game. As the landscaped settlements are uninhabited. However, the disasters of age may be more significant than one might expect from the fact that if Link. And Zelda Syden, Yonobo, Tiba, and Rajo can be trusted, they will gather on their adventure. Bonds and trust will be able to trust. Worldly place. For those who are wondering how God’s Beasts will play a role in its sequel. Tekmo would have given Nintendo an easy shot.


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