DigiSkills Latest Batch Courses List

Currently, DigiSkills is offering almost ten courses. All of them are for non-technical individuals. Even you have no prior knowledge of the topic; still, you can learn them quickly. Its course structure is simple and understandable for all age groups.

Since 2018 more than 2 million students learned demanding skills and providing their services in the online marketplace. Each trainee claimed that the faculty is cooperative. Meanwhile, the teaching style of mentors is exceptional. That’s the reason DigiSkills got so much popularity in such a short time.

Here is the Skills training list by DigiSkills:


Fiverr, UpWork and Freelancer. You may hear the names of these freelancing platforms before. Freelancer on these marketplaces provides their services. DigiSkills Freelancing course teaches the trainees: how to earn money online with the art of communication. Even if you don’t have any skills, you can still attract buyers and provide their services by outsourcing them.


This course provides exposure to Electronic Commerce and the opportunities in the Global Marketplace. The participant will learn how to set up their online business by selecting their brand name and hosting to launching their store on open source platforms like Magento.

Also, setting up online payments method on the stores. However, the trainee will understand the concept of doing business on various marketplaces. And to turn their small ventures into long term profitable businesses by using wholesale sellers like Alibaba.com.

The course outline doesn’t end here. The trainee will learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to their online shops on the search engines top results and make more conversions. Facebook Ad’s campaign and AdWords is also part of the syllabus. After the sessions, you have a vast knowledge of International Electronic Commerce and utilize that wisdom in the local market.


AutoCAD is a fantastic field that requires creativity from its users. The trainee will give the basic knowledge of Computer Aided Designing. Days are gone when you have to draw on blank paper. As AutoCAD is the top-notch software in its field, you can model anything in entirely new ways. The trainee learns the software from scratch to a professional level. After the training completion, the student will draw Polylines, Chamfering, Gradients, Fillets & Layers etc. However, you are guided to start your freelancing career and approach the best AutoCAD jobs.

Quick Books

Quick Books is a widely used software for accounting purposes. The course ensures the participants understand the concepts of this application. And how to set up, organize and use multiple functions available in the software. Once the trainee gets an entry-level grip, they can maintain customers, vendors, assets, & inventory for their clients. However, they can also use the pre-installed templates and create new ones according to their requirements and sell this skill in the online marketplace.

Digital Marketing

Marketing over the internet is also known as Digital Marketing. It is the most uprising field in recent decades and growing as time passes. The trainee will learn how to run Social Media Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, AdWords and other Social Channels.

The course includes the theory and implementation exercises to have a practical understanding. Additionally, the participant learns the E-Mail Marketing & SMS, Campaigns Designing, Video Advertising and much more…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the number of blogs and online stores increases, the demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services increases day by day. Everyone is trying to Rank on # 1 in search engines.

SEO course gave the knowledge how the search engine works? And how you fulfil their requirements to rank any blog or e-commerce store.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS of all time. According to kinsta, 40% of websites running on WordPress. These huge stats shows the demand for the platform.

In the WordPress course, you’ll learn how to make a website from scratch? How to start a blog? And how to use the entire content management system?

Creative Writing

Creative writing teaches students how to write multiple kinds of writing: reports, blog posts, website content, and copywriting. Creative writing doesn’t require any degree or formal education. It’s a skill that can lean anyone who has a basic understanding of Language.

Moreover, this course also covers the sub-skills, including Grammar, Vocabulary, Parts of Speech etc. In the end, of course, the trainee will write various forms of writing discussed above.

Digital Literacy

In the advancing world, it became essential to learn the Internet Technology. The course covers Microsoft products, including (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), and you will explore the World of Internet things. These software work in any organization, which shows its uprising demand. Even if you have the slightest knowledge of computing and are willing to learn more, Digital Literacy is designed for absolute beginners. After course completion, you’ll make yourself more productive and adapt yourself to any digital environment.

Graphic Designing

The internet is full of Graphics, from Facebook ads to personal portfolios. Eye-catchy, attractive designs grab the viewer attention and increase conversions.

DigiSkills designing course includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other designing skills.

These are the top ten courses list and their brief detail DigiSkills offering in 2021. Suppose you’re looking for other institutes. Read our Best DigiSkills Alternatives. We’ve discussed the five best platforms to learn without paying anything.

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