Emporium Mall Timings, Location, and Important Things You Should Know

Are you a native Lahori? Or it’s your first visit to the city of Malls. Then you should know some essential things to create memorable moments throughout the journey. In this article, I’ll cover everything about Emporium Mall Lahore.

Location of Emporium Mall

The Mall is situated on 16M Abdul Haque Rd, Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town. Opposite to the EXPO Center Lahore. You can also spot its giant buildings from distant colonies. Whether you’re traveling on Multan Road or from the Canal, its address is easily accessible.

Things to Do

The home of 300+ international and local brands offers a diversified shopping experience for all ages. Whether you want a new casual dress for the next meeting or a tracksuit for a workout. There are more than enough options available to fulfill your need.

In addition, a food court is a must-visit area for every visitor. Either you like traditional, Chinese or fast food. The brands deliver all tastes under one rooftop. Here are some of the other amenities at this indoor park:

  • Toddlers & Kids Playing Area
  • Nishat Hotel
  • Carrefour Grocery
  • Peaceful Coffee Areas
  • Universal Cinema (9 Screens)
  • Vast 3 Floor Basement Parking (Cars and 4 wheel-vehicles only)

Entrance Criteria

One can enter the Mall without any hassle. But make sure you don’t carry any product or tool that isn’t allowed in the territory (such as a weapon). Meanwhile, there are no restrictions for strangers to enter from Monday to Thursday. But no male person can enter on weekends without a family or female counterpart.

How to enter without family on the family day?

Well, many people ask the same kind of question whenever they hear about the family day SOP. So, here are some ways to enter without wasting time with security guards:

  1. If you have a movie ticket, you can go.
  2. Or to exchange any product from the shop/carrefour (keep the bill receipts with you).
  3. Persons with a special invitation from brands.

Emporium Mall Timings

Knowing the mall timings is crucial to get the most out of your shopping plan. Below is the whole week’s schedule as per the latest updates:


Time (Open/Close)

Family Day


11 am–11 pmNo
Tuesday11 am–11 pm


Wednesday11 am–11 pm


Thursday11 am–11 pmNo
Friday10 am–12 amYes
Saturday10 am–12 amYes

10 am–12 am



What is the entry fee at Emporium Mall Lahore?

There is no entry fee at Emporium Mall Lahore. But if you purchase anything, it will cost separately.

What is the car parking fee at Emporium Mall?

A regular car parking fee is Rs.100/-. For bikes and Auto-Rickshaw, there is no official parking.

Who is the owner of Emporium Mall?

The project came under the Nishat Group and was built in 2016.

Can I advertise on Emporium Mall billboards?

Yes, they offer multiple advertising opportunities for businesses. You can check out the rates on their official website.

What if I lost my purse/bag in the Mall?

In case you lose your personal things, immediately contact the help desk to get help from the security staff.

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